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Our Focus: Real Solutions That Improve Student Learning

Florida Citizens Alliance's 3 Pillars

Legislative Action

We advocate for parental choice and solutions that fuel student success with 100% of donations going directly to educating the public and supporting legislative action.

Community Involvement

We engage with community leaders to help them understand current issues in our public education system how each of them can help to improve it...putting the kids first.

Education Solutions

We provide parents and grandparents with alternative education resources, such as scholarship information, so that you can easily choose the best education for your family.

Our Mission

To improve Florida’s K-12 education by uniting and empowering teachers, students, and parents.

Our Achievements

Replaced Common Core​

Florida Citizens Alliance played an influential role in getting rid of the failed Common Core Standards in Florida!

New Civics Standards

FLCA successfully influenced Gov. DeSantis' statewide civics announcement that all high school students must take the same civics exam that new immigrants must pass.

Hope Scholarship

FLCA implemented an awareness program for the Hope Scholarship. Find out if you are eligible for the Hope Scholarship!

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By FLCAadmin | September 23, 2021

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Development Assistant

By FLCAadmin | September 23, 2021

Summary: The Development Assistant serves as the backbone of the operation by overseeing all administrative processes in place to manage FLCA’s donor relationships. Additionally, the Development Assistant conducts research, coordinates development […]

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A Deeper Look at Critical Gender Theory

A Deeper Look at Critical Gender Theory

By FLCAadmin | September 3, 2021

We’ve all heard of critical race theory, but what about critical gender theory? Critical gender theory is political doctrine that reduces social interactions to a gender-based oppressor class vs. victim class […]

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Should Cameras Be In Classrooms?

Should Cameras Be In Classrooms?

By FLCAadmin | September 3, 2021

It is not uncommon for citizens and public servants to be recorded at work, and it is not even uncommon for schools to use webcams to surveil its own students, so […]

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