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Invitation to make a difference- We proved it when Gov. Scott signed our HB989. But this is only the beginning!

This is your invitation to get certified in k-12 Textbook adoption assessment hosted by Truth in Textbooks ( previously Truth in Texas Textbooks).

Sign up for this certification on-line training starting August 1, 2017. To be accepted, YOU must complete  the survey below



Florida Citizens Alliance is a leader in Florida Curriculum assessment. However, we need to up our game and are very impressed with Truth in Textbooks (TNT) process.

Here in Florida we have two near term objectives:

1)      Assess current Social Studies textbooks on the FL Dept. of Education Approved list.

2)      Train folks to use the TNT PROCESS for Florida 2018 adoption of Math and Science books.

Truth in Textbooks (TNT), previously known as Truth in Texas Textbooks Coalition (TTT) is the social studies textbooks review process with proven result.  The goal of TNT is to be the source for parents, school officials and educational professions for unbiased reviews of social studies textbooks, instructional material and supplemental assignments for students at grade K-12 in the areas of US History, World Geography, World History, World Cultures and US Government.

If after reading this overview you wish to volunteer to be a reviewer, please complete this “survey”.  You can always change your mind but we hope that after you learn more you will find time to be part of this unique experience.

Please send www.floricacitizenalliance.com an email when you have completed your survey to TNT so we can keep track of Florida volunteers!

Remember, the TNT process is focused on Social Studies, so your training will be social studies, but we plan to use this process for both FL DOE currently approved social Studies Materials and adapt it for Science/Math, which are the focus of the next adoption cycle here in Florida.


Learn the process and get certified so you have credibility when your school board tries to discredit you.


Final details of the class will be available July 25th but for now complete this survey


Keith Flaugh on behalf of Florida Citizens Alliance