Video Clips from June 1, 2017 CCPS Special Hearing

These video clips from the Collier County Public Schools “Special Hearing” meeting on June 1, 2017 show clearly that CCPS is NOT interested in community and parental input, nor are they interested in following Florida law.

Clip 1

Chairman Terry violates 1st amendment Freedom of speech rights of Collier citizens–Changes rules  to “limit public comment only to the 6 objectionable materials” (i.e. this means  process challenges, or review of relevant state laws were not be allowed!)

Clip 2

Member Erika Donalds-Motion to expand time for presenters to have more time than allowed 10 minutes. Voted down 3-2

Clip 3

Public Comment–Kathy Ryan, member of multiple adoption sub-committees. Verifies committees were only allowed to review books submitted by publishers (this is not consistent with Policy 2520) and her comments confirm that these committees were acting as an agency of the school board, making choices for the School Board Members without their input or consent- a clear violation of FL Sunshine Law.

Clip 4

Public Comment–Jerry Rutherford highlights blatant examples from McGraw Hills “United States Government our Democracy” of revisionist history to omit religious references from founders quotes.

Clip 5

Public Comment–Dr. Joseph Doyle – freedom of speech violated because not allowed to comment on the flawed textbook adoption process. His comments do reflect issues with  McGraw Hill “Understanding of Economics”.

Clip 6

Public Comment–College Student Kristen Jarvis attempted to read Fl Statute 1003.42 into record so parents and home viewers understand legal responsibilities of School Board members. Her testimony was not allowed- a clear 1st Amendment freedom of speech violation.

Clip 7

Public Comment–Sandy Doyle’s freedom of speech violated because not allowed to address other relevant Fl Statues. Presentation stopped by CCPS.

Clip 8

Public Speaker Keith Flaugh – Each School Board Member agreed individually prior to the Special Hearing that it was their  Constitutional responsibility to follow FL Law.

Clip 9

Public Speaker Mike Mogil – reviews issues with Pearson United States History.

Clip 10

Public Speaker Louise Penta – highlights extreme difficulty of doing on-line text book reviews- no page numbers and very user unfriendly

Clip 10a

Public Speaker Rocky Scofield – Difficulty of doing on-line text book reviews.

Clip 11

Public Speaker Joseph Cofield – We are a Constitutional Republic. Jospeh is a veteran and retired history teacher 15 years in Collier and Lee County

Clip 12

Public Speaker Thomas Hughes – tries to give school board examples of efforts in Texas and Palm Beach, FL to successfully get some publishers to fix the errors and omissions in their materials.

Clip 13

Public Speaker Carol Hughes- presents quality alternatives from Freedom Project, Hillsdale and Core Knowledge to flawed history books under consideration.

Clip 14

Public Speaker Pastor Rick Stevens – The importance to students of a quality education based on factual, unbiased material.

Clip 15

Material Objection: David Bolduc – Pearson: By the People, A History of the US

Clip 16

Material Objection: Jim Kelly – McGraw Hill: Understanding of Economics

Clip 17

Material Objection: Steve Bracci – McGraw Hill, Street Law- A Course in Practical Law  (first half of the book)

Clip 18

Material Objection: Brantley Oakey – McGraw Hill, Street Law- A Course in Practical Law (second half of the book)

Clip 19

Material Objection: Eric Konuk – McGraw Hill: United States Government – Our Democracy

Clip 20

Material Objection: Doug Lewis – Pearson: United States History Honors

Clip 21

Chairman  Terry, along with Members Lucarelli and Carter, and Attorney Fishbane, race to control the motion process . It is very evident the “Fix is in”. Member Lucarelli is prompted to make a motion but has no idea what to say. This was all pre-arranged!

Clip 22

Member Donalds effort to decide one by one on each of the 6 objectionable textbooks.

Clip 23

Member Lichter states position to rescind objectionable materials.

Clip 24

Member Lucarelli reads from a prepared script for over 10 minutes, clearly having made up her mind before the mtg.  She falsely claims that the committee process was open to all reviewers; she refers to the objections “as arguing over discrepancies”;  and she throws all teachers  under the bus by saying  “teachers are responsible for teaching Fl Standards and following Florida Law” .  She talks at length as to how the committee process was done – all hearsay and we don’t know because it was done out of the Sunshine.

Clip 25

Member Donalds challenges Lucarelli by stating it is unacceptable to pass the burden to teachers of identifying and clarifying bias, inaccuracies, etc. in the textbooks.

Clip 26

Member Lichter reminds the board that it is the board’s constitutional responsibility to select the highest quality factually accurate materials.

Clip 27

Member Carter – sets up Superintendent Patton to declare “no factual errors” despite all the evidence presented. At one point, he amazingly challenges the presenters for making summary comments after voting to limit each to 10 minutes!

Clip 28

Chairman Terry acknowledges agreement with some of the issues, but then declares that everyone had a chance to be part of the process (This is FALSE!) and goes on to make a mockery of the whole parental objection process.  He also declares that in 39 years he has never had a parent claim indoctrination. This is worse than not true – we have had many, many parents who have made public comments regarding examples of political and religious indoctrination, extensive pornography, as well as revising history and our founding values.

Clip 29

Superintendent Patton tries to “straighten out some misconceptions” but bungles both:

  1. She tries to declare international human rights emphasis in “Steet Law”  is part of Florida Standards. Donalds corrects her with the facts, but, more importantly, this is one more confirmation that Next Generation FL State Standards (aka Common Core) are very problematic.
  2. Patton tries to defend Policy 2520 stating that committee members were welcome to add alternatives to the process. Not only has Kathy Ryan said this wasn’t allowed but Patton affirms that School Board members were not involved in this “Out of the Sunshine” process.

Clip 30

Superintendent Patton accuses community of being “very lawsuit friendly” and Member Lichter challenges Patton’s claim as unacceptable.

Clip 31

Chairman Terry restates the final proposal the vote to adopt all but one book. He announces Final vote 3-2 to adopt 5 of the objected materials…oops Member Carter actually voted Nay and later claims he misspoke and meant to say Aye.

Clip 32

Superintendent Patton clarifies process for finding a replacement for McGraw Hill’s “Street Law”.

Clip 33

Vote  to rescind Street Law textbook. Vote 5-0 to rescind.