Systemic Problems of Pornography in Public Schools

We Have a Problem

If you are against Pornography in our Florida Public Schools, this is a MUST-READ-CAREFULLY post.

Two weeks ago, Florida Citizens Alliance reported that the Collier County School District was caught promoting pornographic material on its “Summer Reading List” for grades 6 thru 12. This list had been promoted for several weeks via a PDF file on their trusted CCPS website to parents and students. Concerned citizens, led by Parents ROCK (a local watchdog group), held a press conference, inviting all the local newspaper and TV reporters. A CCPS spokesman agreed it was pornographic, but claimed this was a one-off occurrence. The school district took down their summer list and replaced it with the “FL State” recommended summer reading list.

Problem is, no one knows how many parents or students downloaded the previous summer reading list recommendations, yet CCPS chose NOT to send a warning to all parents.  Here is a link to an excerpt from just one of the several obscene books on the list (WARNING:  graphic content – open with caution). This book was recommended for 6th-8th graders, so for children as young as 11 years old.

Five (5) days later, Collier citizens and Parents ROCK reported that these books are in the media centers for all Collier high schools and even some middle schools (again, open with caution). This is not a complete list, but it shows that many obscene books are in the Collier school media centers.  Clearly, these books are pornography purchased at taxpayer expense. They are also clear evidence of a systemic break down in the trust which parents have placed in the Collier County School District. The spokesman for the CCPS district (and now even some of the CCPS school board members) are defending having this content in the media centers!

On June 9th, many parents and community members attended the Collier County School Board meeting.  Several, who believe that Common Core is good, and removing these materials is censorship, spoke in support of keeping them available for our children to read. However, many parents and community members who believe our children should be legally and morally protected from this filth also spoke, and were recorded on video.

Watch This Video

In the video, there is a fascinating exchange between Chairwoman K. Curatulo and board lawyer Jon Fishbane.  Chair Curatulo refused to approve reading some of this content into the public record and then Fishbane overruled her on First Amendment grounds.  Chair Curatulo first ruled that the reading of this graphic material in a school board meeting was inappropriate, yet now she and the district are defending this pornographic material as being appropriate for access by middle and high school students! This is a usurpation of parental controls over what their children are subjected to in our government schools—all at taxpayer expense. Parents can no longer trust that CCPS has the best interests of their children at heart!

Furthermore, how can we be sure that these materials are not in ALL Florida public schools, or used in online lesson plans throughout the state?  These materials are typical of Common Core. Now that 80% of all instructional materials across the USA are provided by Pearson, PLC (which received $350 million in funding from the US Department of Education to make all Pearson materials Common Core compliant),  it is almost certain that these materials have already crept into most, if not ALL of our Florida public schools!

Parents, grandparents and taxpayers:  we ask you to do your own homework. Read the books your children are reading.

Actions You Can Take

We urged you two weeks ago to investigate the “Summer Media List” your  school district is using. Now, the really important question is “What materials are in the media centers for each middle and high school?”  You cannot simply ask the question, because most officials are in denial!

It is long past the time to trust blindly—you must verify!  Organize a small 2 or 3 person team of local citizens to form a watchdog citizens’ action committee and do your own investigation! Here is a simple methodology that you can use to find out if your school districts have the same or similar materials.  You may actually have to visit the media centers and look through the index to find the books.

If you find these books or other pornography, send a letter to your school board, but also call a press conference to advise parents and taxpayers to read the books their children are reading. They can NOT just read the preface or syllabus.

Also, fill in the form at right to send a letter to your school board members, local house & senate representatives, and the governor.  Pressure them to do their jobs as your elected officials to PROTECT your children, not pollute them!

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Your rights as parents and the rights of Florida’s children are in grave danger.
Take a stand.  ACT NOW!

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