Separation of Church and State or separation “FROM” Religion

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The REAL application of separation of church and state has never been more important.

The death of this Republic, the loss of Liberty is going to fall at the feet of our churches. Obama is going to force churches who accept government funding to do things contrary to their beliefs. That is NOT the government’s wrong doing, that wrong doing falls on the churches ALONE.

Churches have NO BUSINESS accepting government funding. The Bible is very clear that believers cannot serve 2 masters. Whom you run to for support IS your master. The fact that churches have lost all vision of faith and are running to government to meet their needs tells us these churches believe that God is bankrupt and he needs a government bail out!

Separation of church and state means that government has NO BUSINESS in the church. None. Zero. Period! But what has happened? Not only are churches not kicking the government out they are inviting them in!

So, Pastors, if you are accepting government funding of any kind, if you are advocating for government defined marriage, if you are running to the government to fix your financial problems, or if your sermons are controlled by government 501(c)3 dictates…


YOU have declared your master. You have declared your provider. You have declared your kingdom loyalty. And guess what it is not to God, it is to government. So go ahead, take your due, bow down and lick the hand that has fed you all these years. Then perhaps, you might be humbled enough to repent of your ways, and turn to the One you are supposed to claim as your own.

Time to obey God not men.

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