Senator Flores: Champion for Moms Demand Action

This Will Make Your Blood Boil!

During the 2016 election cycle, Senator Anitere Flores (R – 39th District) avidly courted the NRA for their endorsement, touting her support for the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners, and succeeded in getting an A+ rating for her efforts.

That makes her statements last Tuesday at the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing so incomprehensible.  Senator Flores announced she does NOT support any of the major gun rights reform bills pending in the legislature, including Open Carry and Campus Carry, and further stated her intention to block all such measures in order to prevent them from having a floor vote, where they stand a good chance of passing.  In an abuse of her committee position, she has literally assumed a dictatorial role over the remaining gun rights legislation on the agenda, and declared SHE will not allow them to pass.

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Senator Flores says she is just representing her constituents.   Flores is not representing her constituents, she has instead chosen to represent the will of the out-of-state, Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action anti-gun group.   During the hearing, you can hear her thanking them for coming, and asking them to continue to attend future hearings.  You can also see her posing in a “victory photo” here with Moms Demand’s Michelle Gajda, who calls Flores “Our new champion!”

Moms Demand has been actively pushing anti-gun legislation throughout the country, and while it’s bad enough that Senator Flores has betrayed her promises to the citizens of Florida, perhaps her most egregious step was her announced intent to block all further gun reform legislation pending in the senate.

Take Action!

Senator Flores has chosen which side she is fighting for, but she should not be allowed to unilaterally disenfranchise the citizens of Florida by negating your Senators and Representatives duty to represent you!  Please take a few minutes to join us in fighting back against Moms Demand and their new champion.  Use the petition form at right send a message to your state representatives and senators, asking them how they feel about having Senator Flores usurp their right and duty to represent their constituents.

We Need Your Help!

You can also help us take action. We are looking to fund a series of actions that include robo calls to her constituents, an aggressive mass social media campaign and local advertising effort. We need to raise $4-5 k in the next few days for this to be effective. Please help with a donation of $100 or more, but any amount will be much appreciated and used exclusively for implementing our action plan.

“The power and success of grassroots movements is the strength of our collective voice”

Please consider contributing to our efforts. Running a quality website as well as growing support and awareness are not free. We need your help to cover these costs.

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