The three foundational cornerstones of Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) are:

  • Protecting individual rights
  • Standing for the core values of liberty
  • Encouraging self-reliance

This, of course, means that we, as individuals and local communities, need to develop and hone skills to protect and sustain ourselves and our families without a complete dependency on the “nanny state” resulting from overreaching federal and state governments.

We will be significantly expanding this self-reliance concept on our website in the near future, but want to make you aware of this exciting opportunity.

As previously announced, FLCA has forged & strengthened a relationship with sponsor “Life Changes. Be Ready!”

With a mission “To awaken individuals, families, and communities to the need for preparedness through education and training while also providing access to premium products that aid in the pursuit of a lifestyle of self-reliance”, Life Changes. Be Ready! (LCBR) is a recognized leader in educating, encouraging and empowering individuals in a self-reliant lifestyle.

As host to preparedness expos and training events around the country where some of the most renowned survival, off the grid living, and self-reliance experts in America share their expertise LCBR is uncompromising in its passion for inspiring individuals on the journey of preparedness.LCBR’s Summer of Survival (SOS) series which consisted of 25 educational webinars with experts on virtually every area of preparedness and self-reliance was a huge national success and resulted in a known national self-reliance brand.

Today, LCBR continues to host webinars on relevant self-reliance topics and products to ensure it audience is equipped with the best self-reliance/survival education and information needed in the days ahead. You can view and register upcoming webinars by going here . And, the SOS Complete Collection is still available! This is an entire library of survival information and skills that everyone should have on hand. Preparedness is not about just buying gadgets; it is about learning and skills. The SOS Complete Collection gives you both!

LCBR is an excellent source for insider knowledge on living a lifestyle of self-reliance. Know that each step forward on the path of self-reliance is a step away from the entanglements that our government imposes on us. Get going and remember, enjoy your journey.