Thank Governor Scott for Signing Transformational K-12 Education Reform Bill CS/HB 7069


GOOD NEWS! Governor Scott signs transformational K-12 education reform bill CS/HB 7069

During the legislative session many individual bills were proposed and worked their way thru the committee process.  CS/HB 7069 is  what they call a “conforming bill”.  It essentially swept up many important pieces of individual education-related bills and made them part of the overall budget bill. We at Florida Citizens Alliance believe there are many elements of CS/HB 7069 which will help improve the Florida education system. Here is the Senate Education Committee Summary of CS/HB 7069 for those who want a more extensive view of the contents.  This short video does a good job of explaining the bill:

Thank you to all supporters of Florida Citizens Alliance who joined us in support of this bill. It isn’t perfect, but it takes a transformational step toward school choice, competition and innovation in our public schools. It is only a first step and we will all need to be very watchful of how the Feds and others try to manipulate “choice” to drive national standards, Common Core/Pearson Curriculum, high stakes testing and student data mining. They still want one flavor of ice cream for all students whether in public traditional schools, charter schools, private schools or even home schools!


Please use the petition at right to send a note of appreciation to Governor Scott, Speaker Corcoran, and President Negron for providing the leadership and having the courage to stand up to the unions and establishment protectors of  Florida’s “Status Quo” K-12 Education System.

FLCA works tirelessly for our children. You can see that we, with your continuing support, are making a difference!  Our leadership team and others have made 8 trips to Tallahassee (all at our own expense) and now have instructional bills HB989 passed on the FL house floor, with CS 1210 moving towards passage on the senate floor. We could be doing so much more with your added support. Please consider making a monetary donation to our efforts. Running a quality website as well as tripling our grassroots support across Florida is not free.

We really, really need your help to cover these costs!

Thank you for your continued support!

“The power and success of grassroots movements is the strength of our collective voice”


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