Saving K-12 explains what went wrong in our public schools and how we fix them.

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Saving K-12 (to be published November 17) explains what went wrong in our public schools and how we fix them.

If you want our public schools to be much improved,this book is for you.

There are 65 articles divided into 10 thematic sections dealing with such issues as:

culture wars; illiteracy; math skills; the acquisition of knowledge; failure of common core; dysfunctional theories and methods in the classroom; the guilt of our education elite; the inadequate response of our community leaders; and suggestions for repairing the damage.

Perhaps the most important message conveyed by this book is that the public should not trust the skills or good intentions of our Education Establishment. They are ideologues, perhaps best described as socialists or collectivists. They are not primarily focused on children, education, or this country. They are interested in transforming the country by tinkering with what public schools do.

 If you want better schools, you have to understand the methods used to cripple them, and then be part of eliminating all these ugly gimmicks. This book is presented as “a citizen’s guide to improving public education.”