Progress Report on Grassroots Efforts to Stop Common Core and FSA Testing

The Bottom Line:

Our Florida legislators and governor have endorsed “state sponsored child abuse”!

The Bad and the Ugly

The recently-passed HB 7069 bill (which legislators are proclaiming as a fix to the testing issues) is a complete sham and fraud to protect Jeb Bush. Cut through all the rhetoric and look at the fundamentals. How can a bill that perpetuates national unconstitutional Common Core standards, evil curriculum and proprietary FSA tests have any redeeming value? They are willfully destroying the futures of so many Florida children!

The Good

Despite the passage of HB 7069 and the political power behind Common Core/FSA, we have made progress and accomplished some significant things.  Let’s recap some of what we achieved together this cycle:

2014/2015 successes

  1. Florida grassroots voters successfully elected 40 anti-Common Core and anti-FSA school board members in the 2014 cycle.
  2. We wrote a super bill and, against all odds (because of the tenacity and grit of Chris Quackenbush) not only got it into bill writing in both the FL house and senate, but actually got it filed in both houses with 11 cosponsors in the house and 2 co-introducers in the senate.
  3. Large numbers of activist leaders traveled to Tallahassee 5 different times and met with over 100 of our legislators to educate them on the evils of Common Core. As a result, the legislators knew they had to do something! Unfortunately, what they ended up doing was purely cosmetic.
  4. In early April, FLCA sent 55,000 “push robo calls” to super voters in the legislative districts of Rep. Marlene O’Toole, Rep. Manny Diaz, Sen. John Legg, and Sen. Tom Lee.
  5. In April, FLCA sent mass postal letter mailings to the donors of Sen. Don Gaetz, Sen. John Legg, Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen, and Rep. Matt Hudson.
  6. In April, Activists conducted protest rallies at the district offices of Reps. O’Toole, Fitzenhagen, Passidomo, Hudson, Trujillo, as well as Sen. Richter.
  7. FLCA grew its active database from less than 1,000 supporters to 7,500 supporters and delivered thousands of targeted email letters and phone calls to state legislators.

What Now?

The “powers that be” know we are a growing force. We need to aggressively expand our grassroots base to triple or quadruple the number of engaged supporters.

FLCA and grassroots leaders from around the state will be holding “Next Step” workshops during May. One item many of us feel is needed: civil disobedience, including opting out of Common Core via homeschooling!

We are also considering the following:

  • Continuing legislative efforts
  • Creating additional alliances with like-minded groups
  • Creating and making available technical resources to help increase awareness and involvement
  • Taking legal action
  • Focused influencing of candidates in upcoming elections

If you have any thoughts to add as input, please send us an email.

Thanks again for your support.  Don’t lose heart.  We’ve accomplished more than we thought we would, and we’ve caught legislators’ attention.  We must capitalize on whatever momentum we’ve got and push forward.  The future of our children depends on it!