Prager University- offers you a chance to take the pledge for supporting School Choice

School choice that is true competition for parents and their children is fantastic. There are several pitfalls to avoid.

Point to ponder:The Feds have defined k-12 education as National Higher Standards, the monopolist Pearson curriculum, high stakes testing and student profiling from pre-k thru 4 years into the work force. It certainly appears they intend for this to be implemented regardless of whether you home school,private school, charter school or public school. THIS IS NOT CHOICE!

Too many politicians have latched on the the notion of CHOICE, but if you listen closely they still have a nanny state mentality when it comes to implementation!!


The devil is always in the detail and controlled by he who provides the money. When the government  provides the money they will dictate the terms.

Watch Prager University video and take the pledge because competition is terrific , but only if it is truly competition. Homeschoolers and Private schools must not take government money.