(2015) Political Indoctrination: Public School Students at Barron Collier assignment

Climate Change Barron CollierPublic school students at Barron Collier HS students were given the assignment as documented in the provided picture.

“Disruption: A Call to Act on Climate Change” is an improper and unbalanced propaganda video supporting activist causes like a march for climate change (www.peoplesclimate.org is organizing for future marches and events of civil disobedience).


The video attacks the Keystone XL pipeline and encourages its viewers (in this instance, Collier County public school children) to get to work and to get in the street and stand up and say “no more.”  Further, the video promotes the anti-fossil fuel social movement and calls for the globe to “get off fossil fuels now.” By any fair measure, this video tends to indoctrinate and persuade students to a particular point of view.  Further, this video culminates with a demand for action.  You are simply unable to deny that Its viewers were asked to do three (3) things, “here is what you can do right now…. “join the march”  www.peoplesclimate.org (by the way this organization is organizing for future marches and events of civil disobedience), send a message to “Text DISRUPT to 97779”, and “share this video.”


As prior, parent notice was NOT given, parents were simply unaware of what the school did, so the fact that parents did not complain is to be expected and is not surprising.  The call to viewer action against the Keystone XL pipeline and the message to  “get off fossil fuels now” is not acceptable to most parents in Collier County who firmly stand with the Republican Party platform on these issues.  By any fair measure, this is video does not constitute educational rigor.