Instructional Materials Bill PCS 989 Passes Full FL House Education Committee

Because of your continuing support, the news keeps getting BETTER  and BETTER!

House Instructional Materials bill PCS 989 that we have all been working so hard for just passed the full Florida House Education committee by a vote of 16 to 2. This was the bill’s final House committee and now will go to the House Floor for a vote!

The current list of sponsors/co-sponsors: Donalds (sponsor), Ahern; Albritton; Antone; Caldwell; Combee; Eagle; Fine; Fischer; Fitzenhagen; Gruters; McClain; Miller, A.; Pigman; Renner; Rommel; Roth; Santiago; Stone (co-sponsors)


Action #1:  Please use the form at right to send a note of appreciation to bill sponsor Byron Donalds, Quality Subcommittee chair Jake Raburn, Appropriations Subcommittee chair Manny Diaz, and Education Committee chair Michael Belica for their leadership and continuing support.

Action #2: Stay tuned and strengthen our position by calling your House Reps to get them on board to co-sponsor. You can find his or her phone number here.  This bill is getting bipartisan support because it’s focus is our children, so don’t be shy about reaching out to every representative, regardless of party!

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