Objectives and Alternatives for Objectionable Textbooks

Our objective is twofold:

FIRST: To get CCPS to work with textbook publishers to fix errors/omissions.

  • Several years ago Truth in Texas Textbooks (TNT) carefully reviewed 13 social studies books, most of them by Pearson/Prentice, McGraw  Hill and Houghton/Mifflin.
    • They found 1500 errors, key omissions of fact, and bias.
    • According to TNT, Pearson and McGraw Hill fixed 60% of the errors.
  • Right here in Florida, in Palm Beach county, Citizens for National Security (a nonprofit 501c(3) public charity) completed an extensive 101 page assessment of 25 Florida K-12 world history textbooks that specifically identifies “egregious errors, glaring omissions, questionable inclusions, or political, ethical, cultural and other biases that clearly seek to foster an Islamic agenda” . The report contains an assessment of over 200 flawed quotes and errors with detailed documentation as to why the material is flawed. The 2012 study assessed history and geography textbooks used in all 67 Florida counties. It confirmed that over 900 of these Islam-biased textbooks were being used in Florida schools, with 64 of the 67 counties using one or more of them.
    • Citizens for National Security was able to work with several of the publishers, including Pearson, to fix  a significant number of factual errors and glaring omissions.

SECOND:  To encourage CCPS School Board Members to redo the selection process “in the sunshine” and have them include/evaluate credible alternatives such as Hillsdale, Core Knowledge, and Project Freedom).

  • Project Freedom offers an extensive list of recommended text books for every grade.
    • For US History and American Studies, they recommend:
      • Basic History of the United States by Carson: Vol. 1 The Colonial Experience (1607-1774)  ISBN 9781931789097
      • The Beginning of the Republic (1775-1825) ISBN 9781931789103
      • Lives of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence by Lossing ISBN 9780925279453
      • The Law: The Classic Blueprint for a Free Society  ISBN 9780898031751
      • The Boston Massacre: A History with Documents  ISBN 9780415873499
      • Never Before in History by Gary Amos and Richard Gardiner
      • Conceived in Liberty by Murray Rothbard
      • Novus Ordo Seclorum by Forrest McDonald
      • A Religious History of the American People edited by Sidney Ahlstrom
      • Colonial Origins of the American Constitution by Donald Lutz
      • Founding Fathers by M.E. Bradford
  • There are similar lists from Hillsdale and Core Knowledge. Many of these materials are in the public domain and available at at no cost or minimal cost.