SWFL Residents Please Read And Share. News Media Bias Is Unacceptable!

Does Naples Daily News (NDN) Have A “Curious Bias” In The Textbook Discussion? You Decide!

On June 12, NDN published Beth Povlow’s commentary “Collier textbook opposition, a curious agenda”. Her commentary contained many errors, distortions, half-truths and omissions – just like the textbooks she defends. 

She also directly attacks Florida Citizens Alliance and the parents who courageously presented their findings to the Collier School Board. Here’s one of 6 amazing examples of problems with these textbooks.

On behalf of Florida Citizens’ Alliance, I created a rebuttal to Povlow’s commentary that specifically identified 6 factual errors along with her diatribe against parental and citizen involvement.

Then I posed this simple question: “If efforts are being made to select the best materials, why are the school board, the administration, and the review committees so defensive about community concerns? They should welcome oversight.

Unfortunately, NDN decided not to publish our rebuttal to Ms. Povlow’s distorted and factually-inaccurate commentary. Remember, Povlow specifically attacked Florida Citizens’ Alliance and the courageous parents who stood up to defend the quality of textbooks used to educate Florida’s children and grandchildren.

NDN’s Allen Bartlett attempted to explain his refusal to publish our rebuttal by saying that he has many more commentaries than space.  He said he requests a 3 week notice and suggests pre-approval. Strangely, Povlow’s commentary was published on the same day as the 20th Circuit Court Temporary Injunction Hearing.  The hearing had only been scheduled 4 days earlier, on June 8th. Therefore the earliest Ms. Pavlow could have requested publication of her commentary would have been June 8th. So how did she manage to get it published on June 12th? NDN’s “3 week notice” policy doesn’t seem to have been applied to Ms. Pavlow.

Was this collusion? You decide.

Keith Flaugh, Florida Citizens Alliance