Letter-to-Editor, Naples Daily News ” School System failing”

School system failing

Letter-writer Bill Korson is right that Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) wants to keep politics out of Collier schools. But what does that mean?

Today, social studies textbooks and novels used in Collier County and Florida are riddled with political and religious indoctrination, revised history, age-inappropriate and sexually-explicit material, and math methodologies that are dumbing our children down.
Fifty percent of our 2.8 million students in Florida cannot read or do math at grade level, yet our proprietary grading system tells parents, taxpayers and businesses that many of our schools are A and B schools because it grades on a curve.

In Florida, we use Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (aka Common Core) and aligned curriculum and high-stakes Florida Standards Assessments testing. Yet just this week, Technocracy News and Trends reported that Bill Gates, who has invested $6 billion in the Common Core standards curriculum and high-stakes testing, is backing away from Common Core: “After admitting to the mess that was made with Common Core State Standards, Gates is moving on with a brand new experiment to reform education in America. Gates, a consummate technocrat, wants to see faster and lasting change in student achievement.”

Establishment progressives would have you believe that FLCA is a political right-wing alliance, but what we are is a nonpartisan coalition that promotes individual liberty and teaching our founding values rather than a system that teaches socialism, government dependency and morality that breaks down traditional Judeo-Christian family values upon which our great country was founded.

It is time to admit the current system is failing our children. It is time for competition in public schools, universal parent choice and teaching knowledge-based skills that dramatically improve student outcomes.

Keith Flaugh, Marco Island