Leon educators say ‘instructional materials’ bill not needed


By Ryan Dailey, Tallahassee Democrat 

636228614020965709-N0009168677--728773.JPGA bill making its way through the Legislature may soon allow any taxpayer to object to instructional materials in Florida public schools. But some Leon County educators say the legislation is unnecessary.

House Bill 989 is being championed by Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Naples, and backed by activists opposed to teachings on Evolution and climate change. If passed, it could bring change to a number to counties, which have policies stating that only parents have the right to contest instructional material. [Full Article]
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According to Flaugh, textbook manufacturer “monopolies” had taken local interests out of the classroom.

“To state our concern very bluntly, this is about providing our teachers and our school with the ability to teach material that does not violate Florida law.”

Flaugh said HB 989 actually is a “fix-it” bill, amending language from a more primitive 2014 version.

Editorial comment: The establishment is going all out to protect itself and the large publishers who have no incentive to follow FL laws.
Check out Fl Statute 1003.42(2)requiring ‘historical accuracy and and required teaching of Founding Principles and Values”
and Fl Statute 847.011 prohibiting distribution of sexually explicit material.

Then check out this 22 page Objectionable Materials Report that documents the many violations of these two laws by national publishing companies of materials use in Florida. PS be prepared to be shocked.