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VOTE INFORMED! (Pulling It All Together)

In this section, we provide you with the voter guide and most recent/complete video recording of the candidate forum for each of the key positions we’re tracking. Additional relevant information can be found in the other sections on this page as well.

If you were unable to attend the forum, you can watch the recorded video below. To compare candidates’ positions to your own positions and to each others’, review the Voting Guide (also linked below). The voter guide below shows responses to key questions from candidfate David Gee.  The othe 2 candidates (Marlene O’Toole and Dennis…

Additional Voter Guides from FSCCC Emphasizing Common Core & Related Issues for Races in This County

Constitutional Survey Results

This subjective survey was created in concert with Constitutional Attorney KrisAnne Hall.  It has 2 key purposes: To document each candidate’s knowledge and values regarding our founding principles To encourage every voter to reassess your own knowledge of our founding principles and if you are lacking in your knowledge, do some homework The survey completed…

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