UPDATE: K-12 Instructional Materials Bill 989 on Governor Scott’s Desk!

UPDATE: We first published this post and action item in mid-May. The bill is now actually and officially on Governor Scott’s desk. Please take a moment to send an email encouraging him to sign, then call his office and do the same.

It’s fourth down with five seconds to go.  We’re on the one yard line with a chance to score the winning touchdown.  We hand off to running back Governor Scott who takes the ball and…

Well, that’s the part we don’t quite know yet.  How will the game end?

With your strong support, we have been working on this bill for 2 years.  You, the Florida House, and the Florida Senate have gotten us here.  Now it’s time for Governor Scott to score a win for the kids of Florida by signing this bill into law!  It’s the final handoff, the last play of the game.

As a reminder, the purpose of CS 989 is to empower parents and local community members to have a productive “welcoming” seat at the table in determining the textbooks and online materials used in our public schools.  Here are the key components of CS 989 sponsored in the House by Rep. Byron Donalds and in the Senate by Senator Tom Lee.


Send an encouraging message to Governor Rick Scott and ask others to do the same.  Use the petition at right to send him an email today!

Then take a moment to CALL the governor’s office and deliver the same message. The use of phone calls in recent efforts has proven to be very effective, so please take this additional important step. The governor’s phone number is 850-488-7146.

FLCA works tirelessly for our children. You can see that we, with your continuing support, are making a difference!  Our leadership team and others have made multtiple trips to Tallahassee (all at our own expense). We could be doing so much more with your added support. Please consider making a monetary donation to our efforts. Running a quality website as well as tripling our grassroots support across Florida is not free.

We really, really need your help to cover these costs!

Thank you for your continued support!

“The power and success of grassroots movements is the strength of our collective voice”


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