“How to” Suggestions for creating and managing a Curriculum Education Watchdog Committee in your county

  • Start with a small group of like-minded parents, grandparents and interested taxpayers. The effort is best if it is non-partisan, but suggest you try to include several parents with mix of middle and high school students, one homeschool parent, a business person, and at least one clergy/ church elder.
  • Agree on your scope ( I.E. Intent should be to focus on text books and on line materials). Today in most school districts, teacher use more than 50% on-line materials that are made available via FL DOE or Local School District approved and “paid for Services.
    b. Understand that Pearson, PLC now owns more than 80% of all instructional materials delivered in US Public Schools. Pearson has been given a US Federal grant of $350 million to align their curriculum to Common Core. [4 page summary of Pearson non-compliance issues with other states]
  • Carefully read HB 864 and FS 1003.42. Both become excellent points of reference evaluate the process your School District should be using (864) and the factual content required by FL Statute.
  • Meet with your superintendent and find out who is responsible for selecting instructional materials for the various grade levels. Make a written request for textbooks and on-line materials. Suggest you start by picking a middle school and highs school level and request ELA, History and Social Sciences and Math materials.
  • You may want to review the methodology that Truth in Texas Textbooks uses. Here is a sample form to use as reference.
  • Create a repository of Text book and online reviews — in fact, send them to us and we will post to our resource library so others can use.

NOW, what do you do after you have reviewed a number of text books and on line materials?

  • Prepare short (2-3 minutes) summaries of the materials and have different people read them into the Record at School Board meetings.
  • Write letters to the editor on what and why the material is not in compliance with FL Statute.
  • Reach out to veters groups to help them understand that what they fought for is being systemically destroyed by revisionist history.
  • Reach out to church leaders to help them understand how evil much of the revisionist content is. The History and literature Common Core uses teaches that nothing is true and everything is permissive. Example: FL 6th grade world History books teach we came from apes as a statement of fact rather than teaching the Theory of Evolution as a theory.
  • IF you find really explosive and flagrant material (grossly revisionist or sexually explicit)
    • Write a letter to your School Board and Superintendent demanding the material be removed.
    • Call a press conference and use the media to make more parents and grandparents aware they need to be paying close attention to what their children are reading and doing in class
    • If necessary, file formal complaints. Don’t be afraid to engage your local legislators in the debate — but be careful what you are asking for. We want local control, not for legislators to usurp control!

Keep at it – this is not a simple effort. As you find bad materials use them to engage more parents, Veterans groups, business people, etc. to bring more pressure on your school board to get rid of offending materials.