Gates Foundation Acknowledges Common Core Problems, Pledges $1.7 Billion To Continue Meddling in Education


After admitting to the mess that was made with Common Core State Standards, Gates is moving on with a brand new experiment to reform education in America. Gates, a consummate Technocrat, wants “to see faster and lasting change in student achievement.”

Marking a new chapter in education philanthropy, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will step back from its traditional education reform agenda to instead invest close to $1.7 billion over the next five years on new initiatives that include a focus on building networks of schools.

“Education is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging areas we invest in as a foundation,” Bill Gates is expected to say Thursday during a speech at the Council of the Great City Schools’ annual conference in Cleveland, according to prepared remarks. “But I’m excited about the shift in our work and the focus on partnering with networks of schools.”

FLCA Editorial Comment: Here we go again! When will Bill Gates just embrace universal parental choice and the principles of market competition? You are right to be very skeptical of this elitist meddling in our children’s education. We all know K-12 education is completely failing our nation’s youth. After 10 years of promoting and funding Common Core, Gates prophesied in 2012 that “It will be great if our education stuff works, but that we won’t know for probably a decade.” 

The progressives and elitists predictably change the game every few years to serve their own globalist agenda. DON’T BE FOOLED! Gates has NOT given up on Common Core! The article states “Of the Common Core standards, he will say ‘more needs to be done to fully realize their potential.'” Common Core was and still is a bad idea. Even Gates’ team admits that Common Core implementation was a mess. Now Gates has even MORE plans for messing with the educational system, and his money will open doors. Not everything he’s proposing is 100% bad. But with a track record that includes huge support for Common Core, we must redouble our efforts to convince state legislators and Florida’s 67 school districts to aggressively support  innovation, competition and universal parental choice. Call your state representative and senator today, and talk to your local school boards, urging them to support our FLCA Legislative Agenda.

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