Florida Gun Owners: Open Carry in Florida CAN HAPPEN, but only if you act quickly. Time for Step 2 in Support of SB140!

Background: Senator Steube, the new FL  Judiciary Chairman, has filed a bill to legalize Open Carry in Florida (SB 140), for the 2017 Legislative Cycle.

On Jan 11th we issued Step 1 of our SB140 (“Open Carry”) action series.  We told you “We are very close to getting Open Carry passed in Florida!”, and we asked you to send a petition letter to TWO (2) “squishy” Republican State Senators (Rene Garcia and Anitere Flores), urging them to support Senator Steube’s SB 140. By our counts over 1,000 of you did this, but with 1.3 million CCW permits in Florida, WE CAN DO BETTER!  We urge you to send the petition now, if you have not already done so, or send it a second time to be emphatic!

Now It’s Time for Step 2!

Starting on Friday January 20th (President Trump’s Inauguration Day), take just 1 minute to make a phone call to Senator Flores and Senator Garcia. Better yet, call each of them at their Tallahasse number and their Miami District Office number! We need to fill up their voice mail boxes/message services!  Here are the phone numbers:

Senator Flores

  • Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5039
  • Miami District Office: (305) 270-6550
Senator Garcia

  • Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5036
  • Miami District Office: (305) 364-3100

Here’s the simple message: “Senator [Garcia  or Flores], we urge you in the strongest terms to VOTE YES in the Judiciary Committee for Open Carry bill SB 140. You have no constitutional or moral right to infringe on my 2nd Amendment right to carry.”  (state your name & county at the end of your call)

NOTE: Don’t be confused. This Open Carry bill only applies to licensed Concealed Carry Weapons permit holders!

We CAN make a difference, but ONLY if we act decisively and in the loudest possible voice.
Don’t leave this up to one man in Washington, DC.
It’s up to each of us!!!

We ask you to also please forward this message to your like-minded friends!

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Thank you for your continued support!