Florida Citizens Alliance supporters say “Thanks” for being willing to listen and seriously engage!

The volunteers pictured: Gary White, Ed Wilson, Pastor Rick Stevens, Andy Dubois, Marie Dubois, Becky Gilbertson, Keith Flaugh, Scott Gilbertson. Not pictured: Terry Shoemaker, Bob Root, Karen Schoen, Robert Windham.

Last week, 13 Florida Citizens Alliance grassroots activists and leaders from 9 counties traveled to Tallahassee for the Jan 9-12 Committee week. All are volunteers and traveled at their own expense. In total, the FLCA team met individually with 43 House and Senate legislators and many more senior aides, including 35 Education committee or sub-committee members and 4 of the senior legislative leadership.  We are urging their support to protect the rights of our children by restoring local control in K-12 education and protecting our right to self-defense.

We want to say “thanks” for the respectful and sincere reception the legislators gave our team!

Please send this letter to the legislators who met with us (they are already pre-selected for you).  Let them know that you appreciate their willingness to listen and engage.  Now, it is time for follow-thru and for real action.

Please consider contributing to our efforts. Running a quality website as well as growing support and awareness are not free. We need your help to cover these costs.

Thank you for your continued support!


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NOTE REGARDING PETITION: Your impact will be greater if you take a few minutes to write your own subject and rewrite some of the email message to be in your own words. Leaders and their staffs tend to pay less attention to emails that are identical copies of what they’ve seen before. But if you take the time to change it (or at least SOME of it), it indicates that you care enough about the issue to spend some time constructing your message.