FLCA Core Values

FLCA’s Core Values are:

Economic Freedom

We embrace and value the individual’s creative and productive energies. We seek to enable individual initiative by affirming private property rights, the sanctity of contracts and open, competitive markets.  We resist the inherently restrictive nature of an overbearing government safety net and see it as entrapping; antithetical to self-respect.

Individual Liberty

We affirm the words of the Declaration of Independence that all people “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” It is the purpose of government to secure the rights of the individual.  We respect the individual autonomy of all individuals and their right to use and/or dispose of their property in pursuit of their own aspirations.  We affirm the responsibility of all citizens to respect the rights of others.


We remain inherently optimistic because we believe in the capability of people to manage their own affairs and advance their ideas and ideals.


We call on each other to live lives that reflect the ideals of liberty. Such lives are characterized by morality and righteousness as evidenced by a proper pride of character demonstrated by humility, self-restraint, self-discipline and self-reliance.


We hope to develop a dynamic partnership with all groups seeking to inspire a rebirth of liberty in Southwest Florida. In our role as a coalition, we value working together while supporting and encouraging the initiatives of local groups in their communities.


We commit to each other a conviction to live principled lives characterized by the highest values. We agree that there must be congruence between our words and actions.

Language Matters

We make every attempt to avoid inflammatory labels and code words.