Thank Rep. Donalds for Filing Education Bill HB 827 & Encourage Him to Strengthen It


We’re celebrating success in the first step of the process!

Two weeks ago, Representative Byron Donalds filed K-12 education bill HB 827 to improve the selection of instructional materials by the Florida Department of Education. The conversation has started! We are thankful to Representative Donalds for filing the bill. Here’s a summary of what the bill (as filed) does:

  1. Parents and Residents can recommend alternative materials for both district and state reviewers. Examples could be Hillsdale and Project Freedom history textbooks and classical literature
  2. Allows district school boards to select instructional materials  that are more rigorous that current Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
  3. Moves the adoption process from the FL DOE Commissioner to the State Board of Education to approve materials
  4. Establishes  a process for residents to have access to the materials and provide comments on all materials being considered for adoption

What’s next?

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance has been advocating for reforming the Florida Department of Education instructional materials selection process in two simple, effective ways: materials must meet the requirements of Florida law, and the materials must meet common sense quality criteria.

We want to encourage Representative Donalds to engage the challenge, seize the opportunity and strengthen the bill. We need a bill that improves the evaluation of the content of instructional materials. Here’s what we strongly urge him to add to the bill:

  1. Require the FL DOE Commissioner to “certify” the recommended materials
  2. Follow Florida law
  3. Meet quality criteria
  4. Increase the public access and review process to 45 days from 20 days.


Please use the petition at right to send Representative Donalds a note to thank him for filing the bill, and to let him know you support these simple, but powerful ideas to strengthen it.

FLCA works tirelessly for our children. You can see that we, with your continuing support, are making a difference!  Our leadership team and others have made numerous trips to Tallahassee (all at our own expense) and have had good success in getting our legislation passed. We could be doing so much more with your added support. Please consider making a monetary donation to our efforts. Running a quality website as well as tripling our grassroots support across Florida is not free.

We really, really need your help to cover these costs!

Thank you for your continued support!

“The power and success of grassroots movements is the strength of our collective voice”


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