(2016) Collier Textbook review by Greg Harper: World History Ancient Civilizations

world HistoryAuthor: Holt DcDougal

Publisher: Houghton Miffin Harcourt

Title: World History Ancient Civilizations

Year: 2013


Page Text-Quote Problem Issue
29 Dr. Donald Johanson discovered the fossil remains of Lucy a human ancestor. Factual

Error or Half Truth

Dr. Charles Oxnard completed one of the most sophisticated computer analyzes of australopithecine, “Lucy” fossils ever undertaken, and concluded that the australopithecines have nothing to do with the ancestry of man whatsoever.  They are simply an extinct form of ape (Fossils, Teeth and Sex: new Perspectives on Human Evolution, University of Washington Press 1987).
30 & 31 Text describes various hominids aged from 200,000 yrs to 3 million years. Carbon 14 dating is discussed is not effective with samples older than 50,000 years. Factual

Error or Half Truth

Method for dating fossil remains 200,000 to 3 million years old not identified?  Implication of introducing carbon dating is to show dating methods, but it doesn’t relate to the age statements made in this section of the textbook.
44 Write the following statement for students, the school district’s budget will be cut by $300,000.  Discuss their questions and concerns.  Tell them it isn’t really happening. Viewpoint

Bias & Irrelevant to the Subject

Contained in a sidebar labeled “critical thinking”.  What is this topic doing in a world history class?  It appears to be a springboard for progressive activism.
93 In a “did you know” sidebar. Pharaoh Akhenaton (1350BC) was the first known person to create a religion based on a single God Factual

Error or Half Truth

According to the Bible, Abraham (2000BC) worshiped the one true God.  According to the Bible, Moses, a descendent of Abraham led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt in the mid-15th Century BC and predates this pharaoh by over 100 years.  There is new archeological research that indicates that dating methodology for the Egyptian Kingdoms is in need of revision.  It is more likely that Pharaoh Akhenaton learned monotheism from the Hebrews.  There are over 3 billion people who believe this to be true.  Abraham and Moses don’t even get an honorable mention.



Author: Miller & Levine

Publisher: Miller & Levine?

Title: Biology (9th Grade)

Year: In use 2015



Page Text-Quote Problem Issue
465 THINK ABOUT IT.  “Darwin’s theory depended on assumptions that involved many scientific fields.  Scientists in some fields, including geology, physics, paleontology, chemistry and embryology, did not have the technology or understanding to test Darwin’s assumptions during his lifetime.  And other fields, like genetics and molecular biology, didn’t exist yet!  In the 150 years since Darwin published On the Origin of Species, discoveries in all these fields have served as independent tests that could have supported or refuted Darwin’s work.  Astonishingly, every scientific test has supported Darwin’s basic ideas about evolution.” Viewpoint bias & False Statement This textbook states that independent tests verify Darwin’s evolution theory.  However, there is much controversy regarding this theory.  For instance paleontology actually refutes Darwin’s theory in a very critical way.  The fossil record actually demonstrates the sudden appearance of diverse organisms without any evidence of predecessor organisms.  Here is what a leading Paleontologist had to say, DR. STEPHEN J. GOULD, HARVARD, “The Cambrian Explosion occurred in a geological moment, and we have reason to think that all major anatomical designs may have made their evolutionary appearance at that time. … Contrary to Darwin’s expectation that new data would reveal gradualistic continuity with slow and steady expansion, all major discoveries of the past century have only heightened the massiveness and geological abruptness of this formative event…” Nature, Vol.377, 26 10/95, p.682  Even Darwin knew of this problem when he wrote in Origin of Species, “…innumerable transitional forms must have existed but why do we not find them embedded in countless numbers in the crust of the earth? …why is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely graduated organic chain, and this perhaps is the greatest objection which can be urged against my theory”.  The evidence from Paleontology refutes Darwin’s theory.  And finally from Dr. Mark Ridley, Oxford, “…a lot of people just do not know what evidence the theory of evolution stands upon. They think that the main evidence is the gradual descent of one species from another in the fossil record. …In any case, no real evolutionist, whether gradualist or punctuationist, uses the fossil record as evidence in favour of the theory of evolution as opposed to special creation.” New Scientist, June, 1981, p.831


How about embryology (Recapituation)?  A contemporary of Darwin, Dr. Ernst Haeckel a German biologist, put forth a theory that embryo development follows the same sequence as the sequence of its evolutionary descent.  That its embryonic development recapitulates its evolutionary development.  Haeckel had drawings that showed a comparison of embryos at different stages of development from different animals.  The inference being that the similarity of embryos at early stages of development indicated common ancestry.  Only problem was that the good doctor fudged the drawings to get the desired result.  Dr. Ashley Montagu, “The theory of recapitulation was destroyed in 1921 by Professor Walter Garstang in a famous paper. Since then no respectable biologist has ever used the theory of recapitulation, because it was utterly unsound, created by a Nazi-like preacher named Haeckel.” Montagu-Gish Prinston Debate, 4/12/1980  “EMBRYONIC FRAUD LIVES ON,” “Although Haeckel confessed…and was convicted of fraud at the University of Jena, the drawings persist.” New Scientist, p.23, 9/6/97  Yes, the fraud of embryology lives on as evidenced in this textbook.


Astonishingly, every scientific test has supported Darwin’s basic ideas about evolution.” Wrong, I can provide scientific evidence in each of the referenced disciplines that will demonstrate significant controversy among scientists relative to Darwin’s theory.