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Pest & Stotsky on Common Core Failure

VIDEO: Dr. Duke Pesta and Dr. Sandra Stotsky Dissect Why Common Core Has Failed Every Child

FLCA strongly supports The Hope Scholarship (HB 1 and SB 1172). We urge you to contact House and Senate legislators to support these companion bills.


FLCA Supports the Hope Scholarship Bills

FLCA strongly supports The Hope Scholarship (HB 1 and SB 1172). We urge you to contact House and Senate legislators to support these companion bills.


Thank Rep. Donalds for Filing Education Bill HB 827 & Encourage Him to Strengthen It

Two weeks ago, Representative Byron Donalds filed K-12 education bill HB 827 to improve the selection of instructional materials by the Florida Department of Education. The conversation has started! We are thankful to Representative Donalds for filing the bill. We want to encourage him to engage the challenge, seize the opportunity and strengthen the bill. We need a bill that improves the evaluation of the content of instructional materials.


Status of Collier County Lawsuit

Current Status: The FL Second Court of Appeals denied the CCPS motion to dismiss (see actual order here). This is terrific news! We are a long way from being successful, but this is a game of sudden death and we are still in the game! 

Do you have the right to protect your life- or is it the government’s job?

FLCA Editorial Comment:  Randy Osborne does a great job so please watch, but as you do… Point to seriously ponder for every 2nd amendment supporter. Why are the progressives using k-12 education to indoctrinate our kids? THE ANSWER: is to undermine our individual freedoms including the 2nd amendment! and they are doing a bang up job because many of us…

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K-12 Schools Are Choosing Mediocrity Over Excellence

By Will Fitzhugh Publisher of the Concord Review In the fifties, I think it was, there was a science fiction novel, my copy of which has disappeared, by, I think, Charles Eric Maine, called High Vacuum. The idea was that in teaching cadets in the space program about the dangers of vacuum to their survival in space, it was useful to have…

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PRESS RELEASE: Florida Citizens Alliance responds to APNEWS

MARCO ISLAND, Fla., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A recent Associated Press article grossly mischaracterized the bill the Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) strongly supported and Governor Scott signed into law. The article led readers to believe the FLCA wants to shut down conversation about important issues, ban books and promote a narrow ideology. That is a complete distortion of our aspirations and intentions. This…

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Gift Giving Tuesday- Support Hillsdale College

Message for Larry Arnn, Hillsdale College As I was walked across campus the other day and saw Hillsdale students—including some of my own students—walk to and from class, I was struck by a sudden thought: no one is forcing these kids to attend class. They choose to attend freely, despite the myriad of other things they could be doing instead….

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Bruce Price

K-12: The Math You Need Is Not the Math You Get

Learning school subjects should be like learning anything else in life.  You start at the beginning, proceed step by step, master more difficult aspects, and become skilled.  Isn’t that how we learn to drive a car, build a doghouse, play the piano, surf, or operate a computer?  Of course.  That’s how we humans do it. But our Education Establishment does not…

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Factory-Like Schools Are the Child Labor Crisis of Today

Compulsory schooling was meant to save children from the dangerous conditions of the factory, but these days, “traditional” schooling is easily just as dangerous to children’s well-being. [Full Article] by  Kerry McDonald    

Florida Education Practices Commission Snakebit by ‘Orgasmic Teacher’

Editorial comment: So do you know what is happening in your school district? Based on the sexually explicit material that we have documented in many Florida districts, you can no longer trust your school district on blind faith! Florida Education Practices Commission Snakebit by ‘Orgasmic Teacher’

Saving K-12 explains what went wrong in our public schools and how we fix them.

Saving K-12 (to be published November 17) explains what went wrong in our public schools and how we fix them. If you want our public schools to be much improved,this book is for you. There are 65 articles divided into 10 thematic sections dealing with such issues as: culture wars; illiteracy; math skills; the acquisition of knowledge; failure of common core; dysfunctional theories and methods in…

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Letter-to-Editor, Naples Daily News ” School System failing”

School system failing Letter-writer Bill Korson is right that Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) wants to keep politics out of Collier schools. But what does that mean? Today, social studies textbooks and novels used in Collier County and Florida are riddled with political and religious indoctrination, revised history, age-inappropriate and sexually-explicit material, and math methodologies that are dumbing our children down….

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Education Establishment Fails America Academically, Morally and Civically

By Bill Korach www.thereportcard.org The Education Establishment refers to the long-term administrators, teacher’s unions and tenure system in K-12 public schools and higher education that has been eating away at America for the past 60 years. Declines in America’s academic accomplishments in K-12 can be directly traced to the founding of the teacher’s unions and the U.S. Department of Education in…

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Stop Pushing Your Kids Into “Safe Spaces”

From kindergarten through college, schooling is stunting their growth. by  Dan Sanchez For human potential, few things are more dangerous than a “safe space.” A flourishing life requires what Nassim Taleb calls “antifragility”: the adaptive capacity to self-improve in response to challenge and adversity. When young people are artificially insulated from the trials of life, they are deprived of the opportunity…

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We Believe Our Children’s Future is Worth the Intensive Effort to Save it!

Too many parents, grandparents, educators and church leaders have been relegated to the educational sidelines, because Florida’s law has limited their involvement and school officials have shunned their participation. Consequently, we have a progressive political agenda driving K-12 education in Florida. Children have limited opportunity to learn the ideals and principles of liberty, individual rights, free markets, limited government, and…

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Bill Gates

Gates Foundation Acknowledges Common Core Problems, Pledges $1.7 Billion To Continue Meddling in Education

After admitting to the mess it made with Common Core State Standards, Gates is moving on with a brand new experiment to reform education in America. Gates, a consummate Technocrat, wants “to see faster and lasting change in student achievement.” The globalist meddling continues! Don’t take your eye off this ball!


SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 By Cassidy Syftestad A new Florida law empowers residents to contest objectionable public school curriculum materials in open public hearings. House Bill 989 “authorizes a parent or a county resident to object to the use of a specific instructional material and requires the process provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school…

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House pitches allowing bullied students to transfer

By Jim Saunders / The News Service of Florida Posted Oct 11, 2017 at 4:31 PM TALLAHASSEE — House Republican leaders Wednesday outlined a proposal that would allow students who are bullied or suffer violence to transfer to other public schools or to receive money to attend private schools. Speaker Richard Corcoran, R-Land O’ Lakes, and his top lieutenants on education issues announced the proposal…

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Hear Speaker Richard Corcoran Oct. 17, 2017: Florida’s Blueprint for Freedom Tour

Speaker Richard Corcoran continues to be a real champion of education reform and our 2nd Amendment God-given rights–issues FLCA works very hard to advance. Speaker Corcoran was a strong supporter of Rep. Byron Donalds’ Instructional Materials HB 989 and the driving force behind the transformational education bill HB 7069. Join Americans for Prosperity and hear Speaker Corcoran first hand as part of “Florida’s Blueprint for Freedom Tour”. Light food & refreshments provided.

Is Education Policy Economic Policy?

Who is education for: the individual or the State? In this article Ms Ealy makes some really valid and thought provoking statements.


September 28, 2017 Status of Collier Lawsuit

Current Status: The Collier School Board had 30 days from the date of our filing (8/12) to file their appeal details. Their due date corresponded to the arrival of Hurricane Irma. The courts were closed as a result of the hurricane, and we have not heard anything from them at this point.

A sweeping education reform bill opposed by some school districts.  Why? 

“Teacher unions and others regard charter schools as a threat. They’re willing to settle for public schools that are failing,” Representative Jim Boyd said. “He stressed that “every charter school is sanctioned by their local School Board” and can be closed by that board if it does not meet required standards.” House Bill 7069, was passed in the 2017 Session….

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Liberal Socialism” is Another False Utopia

By Richard Ebling Very often bad and failed ideas do not die, they simply reappear during periods of supposed social and political crisis in slightly different intellectual garb, and offer “solutions” that would merely help to bring about some of the very types of crises for which they once again claim to have the answers. Socialism in its various “progressive”…

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What are your children reading this Fall?

Editorial comment: Here is an outstanding 10 minute video by Dierdre Clemons (mother of 10) www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnLoK9St4XQ


Why do you Propagandize School Test Scores?

  FLCA Editorial Comment: This is Collier County, but don’t be so fast to dismiss it. Across Florida, 50% of our public school students can not read or do math at grade level, Yet you are likely being told your children and grandchildren are going to good schools. You can check out your school’s grades at this link. OUR FLORIDA…

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Fifty Florida schools apply for ‘Schools of Hope’ grant

 Terrific news! Schools of Hope is a key element of HB 7069 passed this year and signed into law by Governor Scott. Finally some hope and a serious effort to help the students in our failing schools! Florida Charter School Alliance


Live Interview Fox 35 Orlando: Florida’s new textbook law

Bob Frier of FOX 35 interviews Keith Flaugh about Florida’s new Textbook law that encourages parents and all residents of each county to review the instructional materials used in our public schools. Many of these materials are riddled with political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, distortion of our founding values and pornography that will shock you. The new law is CS 989.

Prof lets students choose own grades for ‘stress reduction’

A University of Georgia professor has adopted a “stress reduction policy” that will allow students to select their own grades if they “feel unduly stressed” by the ones they earned. Similarly, students who feel stressed by “group dynamics” are allowed to walk away from their groups without explanation, and will only be graded on “non-group work.” The professor acknowledges that…

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Our lawyers have filed our Collier Lawsuit appeal and will finalize supporting documentation by Aug. 10th. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We are at the critical next step with this appeal to the FL 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and need to raise an additional $5-6k immediately! We have exhausted the $17.1k donations to-date. 


What’s wrong with Common Core – Let’s Count the Ways!

by Palm Beach Activists Chuck and Cathy Harvey Who developed Common Core’s standards? Three private organizations in Washington DC: the National Governors Association (NGA), the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and Achieve, Inc.—all funded for this purpose by a fourth private organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. [1] Due to the financial crises 2008/2009, all of the…

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Milton Friedman Was Right to Call Them “ Government Schools”

By Kerry McDonald via FEE.org Today is Milton Friedman’s birthday. He was the 1976 Nobel-prize winning economist who promoted free-market ideals and limited government. The Economist called him “the most influential economist of the second half of the 20th century… possibly of all of it.” He died in 2006, but one of his lasting legacies is EdChoice, formerly the Friedman Foundation for Educational…

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Is School Indoctrinating Kids with Far Left Thought?

Is School Indoctrinating Kids with Far Left Thought?

New Florida Law Lets Residents Challenge School Textbooks

New Florida Law Lets Residents Challenge School Textbooks by Greg Allen, NPR A new Florida state law allows parents, and any residents, challenge the use of textbooks and instructional materials they find objectionable via an independent hearing. Keith Flaugh is a retired IBM executive living in Naples, Fla., and a man with a mission. He describes it as “getting the…

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    TALLAHASSEE, FL – Senator Dorothy Hukill (R-Port Orange) and Senator Travis Hutson (R-St. Augustine) have requested a study of the controversial district cost differential (DCD) used in Florida’s K-12 education funding formula. The DCD is used to incorporate cost of living differences between districts to offset personnel costs, which are some of the largest budget items school districts must…

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Steve Jobs Wanted to Break Up the Education Monopoly

By Joe Kent at FEE.org Steve Jobs said in a 1995 interview, “The unions are the worst thing that ever happened in education.” Jobs spoke with Computerworld’s Daniel Morrow in a 1995 interview, which covered a wide range of topics, but frequently delved into Jobs’s views on the American education system. As he said, “I’d like the people teaching my…

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In Senate floor speech, Bill Nelson takes aim at Rick Scott and GOP’s ‘war on science’

By Rich Perry, Florida Politics FLCA Editorial comment: This law CS/HB 989 has nothing to do with “science deniers”. It does have everything to do with the political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history/founding values and the age in-appropriate  pornography in our public school instructional materials.  Check out the facts in this Objectionable Materials Report.  Bill Nelson took to the floor of…

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Polk schools expect easy transition to new state process for challenging instructional materials

Article by Madison Fantozzi  of the Ledger A new law requiring school districts to hear complaints from residents about instructional materials in schools has received backlash in a handful of counties across the state, but the Polk County School District expects a smooth transition coming into compliance with the regulations. BARTOW — A new law requiring school districts to hear complaints…

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Our David And Goliath Fight To Protect Florida’s Children From Indoctrination Continues Via Appeal

Status of the Collier County Lawsuit: July 12, 2017 (current action): Florida Citizens Alliance and 3 Collier Parents filed an appeal in Florida 2nd Court of Appeal.

If you want to stop the indoctrination of our children, Sign up here!

Invitation to make a difference- We proved it when Gov. Scott signed our HB989. But this is only the beginning! This is your invitation to get certified in k-12 Textbook adoption assessment hosted by Truth in Textbooks ( previously Truth in Texas Textbooks). Sign up for this certification on-line training starting August 1, 2017. To be accepted, YOU must complete…

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Charter School Rejects Common Core and Ranks #1  

The Newman Report by Alex Newman freedomproject.com/the-newman-report/253-charter-school-rejects-common-core-and-ranks-1 Teaching phonics is crucial to teaching reading when dealing with a phonetic writing system such as the one used in the English language. Memorizing so-called “sight words,” by contrast, is mental poison, or Thalidomide for the brain as my friend and colleague Dr. Sam Blumenfeld used to say. As if more evidence was…

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TOUCHDOWN! Governor Scott Signs CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials Bill! Let’s CELEBRATE!

We have received word that Governor Scott signed our CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials bill into law on Monday, June 26th! Together . . . we can . . . and did . . . make a difference! So CELEBRATE!

SWFL Residents Please Read And Share. News Media Bias Is Unacceptable!

On June 12, NDN published Beth Povlow’s commentary “Collier textbook opposition, a curious agenda”. Her commentary contained many errors, distortions, half-truths and omissions – just like the textbooks she defends. Unfortunately, NDN decided not to publish our rebuttal to Ms. Povlow’s distorted and factually-inaccurate commentary. Was this collusion? You decide.

June 22 Update on Our David and Goliath Fight to Protect Our Children from Indoctrination

The frustrating news is that on June 13, Collier Circuit Court Judge Shenko denied our emergency injunction. The good news is he actually improved our odds by refusing to let our side present its evidence and then basing his ruling on the faulty school board’s summary brief. We will press forward! We have a clear strategy, which will be unveiled as the case plays out. Stay tuned!

Textbook Review Videos (Only) from June 1, 2017 CCPS Special Hearing

These video clips show objections to 6 of the textbooks that have been approved for use by the Collier County School Board.

Why Drugging Kids for ADHD is a Risky Trend

Dr. Leonard Sax is known for making unusual statements regarding raising children. The reason his comments are so unusual? They’re simple common sense, a trait often lacking in modern culture. Dr. Sax’s latest (non-politically correct) statements were made in an interview with C.M. Rubin for the Huffington Post when he raised questions about the intense drug regimen American kids are subjected to, often under the guise of…

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The purpose of Education by Hillsdale College


Thank Governor Scott for Signing Transformational K-12 Education Reform Bill CS/HB 7069

GOOD NEWS! GOVERNOR SCOTT SIGNS TRANSFORMATIONAL K-12 EDUCATION REFORM BILL CS/HB 7069! Send a message to Governor Rick Scott to thank him for his leadership anc courage in signing this important bill.

Judge Shenko Denies Motion for Temporary Injunction in Collier Textbook Case; Children Endure the Consequences

As many of you are aware, Florida Citizens’ Alliance and three Collier County parents filed suit against the Collier school board on May 31, 2017. On June 6, we [plaintiffs] filed a Motion for Temporary Injunction to halt the Collier School Board from approving on June 13th the six-million-dollar purchase of textbooks reviewed and approved out of the sunshine. The hearing on the injunction was held June 12, 2017 and on June 13, 2017 Collier Circuit Court Judge James R. Shenko denied the request. Help us continue this fight!

Governor Scott signs Religious Liberties Act into Law!

 Forwarding Christian Family Coalition posting FLORIDA- On Friday, June 9th Governor Scott signed SB-436, the Florida Student and School Personnel Religious Liberties Act (FSASPRLA), a bill to prohibit discrimination against students, school personnel and parents based on their religious viewpoint or expression. For example, teachers will now be able to pray with students before and/or after school in settings such…

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Collier Textbook Adoption Lawsuit Proceeds: First Hearing Scheduled for Monday June 12, 2017 (Your Help Still Needed)

The upcoming June 12th hearing is the next step in the textbook adoption lawsuit, filed May 31st against the Collier County School Board. It will focus on a “Motion for Temporary Injunction” to stop the Collier School Board from spending $6 million for books selected by the flawed textbook adoption process.

Video Clips from June 1, 2017 CCPS Special Hearing

These video clips from the Collier County Public Schools "Special Hearing" meeting on June 1, 2017 show clearly that CCPS is NOT interested in community and parental input, nor are they interested in following Florida law. Clip 1 Chairman Terry violates 1st amendment Freedom of speech rights of Collier citizens--Changes rules  to “limit public comment only to the 6 objectionable...

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Overview of Lawsuit Against Collier County School Board

Florida Citizens Alliance has decided, “Enough is enough!” We are now an active participant along with Collier parents in a lawsuit for an emergency injunction to stop this “flawed” textbook adoption process. This lawsuit was filed today, May 31st , 2017 in The Circuit Court for the 20th Judicial Circuit in and for Collier County. The Collier County School Board (CCPS) has violated Florida Sunshine Law and ignored at least four Florida statutes.

PRESS RELEASE: Florida Citizens Alliance joins lawsuit to stop the political indoctrination of Collier students.

www.FloridaCitizensAlliance.com For Immediate Release, May 31, 2017: Florida Citizens Alliance joins lawsuit to stop the political indoctrination of Collier students. Florida Citizens Alliance has decided, “Enough is enough!”  We are now an active participant along with Collier parents in a lawsuit for an emergency injunction to stop this “flawed” textbook adoption process. This lawsuit was filed today, May 31st ,…

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Anti-American Agenda Pushed in Florida Schools –right here in Collier County

Anti-American Agenda Pushed in Florida Schools by Alex Newman Top officials with the Collier County School District in Florida are being accused by local parents, activists, and lawyers of using shady tactics to push an extreme anti-American agenda and even racism and bigotry into local schools. From lawlessly packing textbook-selection committees with extreme activists, to selecting biased textbooks that celebrate…

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June 1, 2017 Collier County School Board Meeting: Update & Recap

The meeting is over. Video clips from the Collier County Public Schools “Special Hearing” on June 1, 2017 show clearly that CCPS is NOT interested in community and parental input, nor are they interested in following Florida law.

Florida Education Reform Bill 7069- explained!

HB 7069  has become a controversial bill. During the legislative session many individual bills were proposed and working their way thru the committee process.  HB 7069 is  what they call a “conforming bill and it essentially swept up many of piece parts of the individual bills and made it a part of the overall budget bill that was passed and…

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Trump Budget Reported to Use Title I, Research Aid to Push Choice

President Donald Trump’s full education budget proposal for fiscal 2018 would make notable cuts to the U.S. Department of Education, and leverage existing programs for disadvantaged students and K-12 innovation to promote school choice, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Trump’s full education funding blueprint would cut $9.2 billion, or 13.6 percent, from the Education Department’s current $68 billion budget, said the report,…

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Instructional Materials Bill Passes Florida Senate!

This Senate Appropriations Committee hearing is our bill’s last stop before it goes to the full Senate. It must be approved by this committee to advance for a full Senate vote. You are making a HUGE impact on the progress of these bills!

Orlando Sentinel acknowledges progress with SB 1210 and HB 989 Instructional Materials bills

Florida residents who view state-approved school textbooks as “too liberal” and some books in school libraries as inappropriate have persuaded state lawmakers to push legislation that would make it easier for them to object to classroom materials they don’t like. “Today, parents are purposely blocked from being involved in their children’s education,” said Hamilton Boone, a Brevard County father who…

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K-12 Instructional Materials Bills: Nearing the Finish Line!

Thursday afternoon, April 20th, 2017 — the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee passed CS/SB 1210 unanimously, 16-0! Now the bill moves on for a full Senate vote. A short while later the Florida House of Representatives passed CS/HB 989 with a very strong positive vote: YEAS 94, NAYS 25!

No Joke: MIT Publishes ‘Communism For Kids’

“Lovable little revolutionaries” CN Paul Bois The once prestigious MIT has taken the old adage “get ’em while they’re young” heart have published a colorful little children’s book titled Communism for Kids that says absolutely nothing about the millions of people that wicked ideology murdered in cold blood. Though MIT Press, the publishing house, typically deals in matters in matters of art, philosophy, and…

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K-12 Instructional Materials Bill Clears Major Hurdle!

The FLCA Instructional Materials bill that is being championed by FL House Representative Byron Donalds just passed its 2nd of 3 committee referrals in the FL House! Only one more before it goes to the House floor!

Follow-Up Alert! SB 926 Testing Bill Back in Committee by Dr Karen Effrem

Follow-Up Alert! SB 926 Testing Bill Back in Committee After Your Great Work Tabled It! Please email and/or call the Senate Education Committee first thing Monday morning (4/3) & support the 4 amendments below & oppose 1 (For details, please see our amendment fact sheet). It is very important that some of these amendments pass, otherwise this bill will harm students,…

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Because of You, We’re Still In the Game!

  This is the outcome from yesterday’s hearing. Senators’ aides told us they were flooded with calls.  YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE — AGAIN!! You can watch the hearings for our bills on the following videos: House PCS for 989* starts at 1:59:20 Senate SB 1210 starts at 0:32:20 >>> IMPORTANT <<< Stay tuned and engaged. YOU hit a home run,…

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_Post written by C. Hamilton Boone at March 19, 2017 7:57 pm_________________ Parents ROCK Brevard, (Right Of Choice for Kids) is a volunteer group consisting of parents, grandparents, relatives and citizens. ROCK’s focus is having parent centered decisions once again key in all educational issues, especially teaching materials and policies.   Many parents and citizens are exasperated by many aspects of their school district…

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National media weighs in: “Bill Would Let Floridians Challenge Inappropriate School Material”

Written by  Alex Newman, The New American  Despite legal prohibitions on providing obscene material to minors, public schools in Florida have been using apparently illegal materials including stories for “literature” involving prostitution, lesbianism, gang rape, marital infidelity, masturbation, masochism, abortion, and more. In Florida school districts where materials were examined by parents and activists, there were more than 60 books with hard or soft…

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Trump’s Education Budget Offers Good News for Parents

March 17, 2017 by Karen R. Effrem, MD In last week’s column, I mentioned four things that President Donald Trump could do to keep his education promises. One had to do with the budget: 3.) Cut the Federal Education Budget Considering that there are so many invasive, ineffective, expensive, over-reaching, privacy-robbing federal education programs that include related social emotional standards tied to Common Core,…

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Have you ever wondered what lobbyists do behind closed doors: NOW WE KNOW?

Have you ever wondered what lobbyists do behind closed doors: now we know!   Letter: Ask legislators to limit Florida lobbyists Dennis McDonald Flagler County FL Dear Historic City News editor: This year our new Speaker of the Florida House Richard Corcoran brought in on his own initiative, the ability for Floridians to gain eye witness to the inner sanctum…

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Florida Curriculum Bill Deserves Senate Support by Bill Korach

Key Florida Curriculum Bill Deserves Senate Support By Bill Korach This morning I spoke with Keith Flaugh of Florida Citizens Alliance who is supporting House bill HB 989 and its companion in the Senate SB 1210 are now working their way through the legislative process. The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a coalition of citizens and grassroots groups working together through education,…

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Leon educators say ‘instructional materials’ bill not needed

  By Ryan Dailey, Tallahassee Democrat  A bill making its way through the Legislature may soon allow any taxpayer to object to instructional materials in Florida public schools. But some Leon County educators say the legislation is unnecessary. House Bill 989 is being championed by Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Naples, and backed by activists opposed to teachings on…

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Local Fake News?- you decide:Teaching of evolution, climate change at stake in Byron Donalds’ bill

The title has no relevance to the companion bills filled in the FL House and Senate  for Instructional Materials bills HB989 and SB1210: “Teaching of evolution, climate change at stake in Byron Donalds’ bill” but here  it is for you to decide! It’s been more than three years since a school board meeting in Volusia County was cancelled after a…

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Charter vs. public schools: Will state fund construction or is local tax hike coming?

  By Tampa Bay Times TALLAHASSEE — A complicated and controversial measure to change how Florida’s 4,300 public schools get taxpayer money for construction and maintenance projects is limping through the Florida Senate, advancing even as lawmakers agree it needs a lot more work before it might become law. Senators behind the measure (SB 376) envision the final bill would…

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OUR PLAN IS WORKING! Shout out to local teams making it happen!

A huge SHOUT OUT to FLCA supporters in Polk, Sarasota, Manatee and Flagler County. OUR PLAN IS WORKING! Senator Lee and Rep Donalds are enthusiastically driving companion bills SB1210 and HB 989 Instructional Materials bills! 27 county teams spent the energy to present the concepts of this bill to their legislative meetings before the 2017 Legislative session starts Mar 7th….

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FLCA Press Release: 2017 Instructional Materials companion bills filed in the Florida House and Senate.

For Immediate Release:  2017 Instructional Materials companion bills filed in the Florida House and Senate.   WHAT:  SB 1210 and HB 989 companion bills were filed last week by Sen. Tom Lee and Rep. Byron Donalds. These are “fixit” companion bills to a very “well-intentioned” Senate Bill passed into law in 2014, but not implemented by a single school district. …

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WSJ article by Bill Mattox of James Madison Institute

A Gamble Helped Black Students Thrive On the similarities between Betsy DeVos and another education philanthropist. By WILLIAM MATTOX Feb. 14, 2017 6:46 p.m. ET Tallahassee, Fla. Something curious happened at a Black History Month program held at Florida A&M University last week. (full article)

DeVos Confirmed: Everything They Said about Her Is False by James Agresti

Editorial Comment: whether you support the DeVos appointment or not, this is a worthwhile read.     Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education, but just barely. In the course of the hearings, outrageous claims were made about her views. Most originated from the public school industry itself, which is clinging to old forms for dear life. The…

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Celebrated Teacher Explains Why Schools Don’t Produce Well-Educated Minds

In recent years, a number of Americans have been awakening to the realization that today’s children are not receiving a high-quality education. The nation’s test scores in everything from reading to science are evidence of that.   But while many Americans now recognize what a good education is not, many are unsure exactly what it is. [Full Article]

Prager University- offers you a chance to take the pledge for supporting School Choice

School choice that is true competition for parents and their children is fantastic. There are several pitfalls to avoid. Point to ponder:The Feds have defined k-12 education as National Higher Standards, the monopolist Pearson curriculum, high stakes testing and student profiling from pre-k thru 4 years into the work force. It certainly appears they intend for this to be implemented regardless…

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CRONYISM: Big Business Still Has No Idea Why Americans Don’t Like It Or Common Core

Fortune magazine has no idea what capitalism means, even though it’s at the heart of why huge majorities of Americans distrust big business. Fortune has put together a Common Core article package that headlines its New Year’s Day issue. They clearly spent a lot of time on it. Too bad, then, that after all that reporting they, like their CEO and philanthropist interview…

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In Tallahassee, fighting for you, your children and grandchildren to stop the socialist indoctrination!

Your FLCA team at work in Tallahassee fighting for the future of our 2.7M Florida students. Call your local legislators and ” tell them to support local control of curriculum and school choice!

Florida Citizens Alliance team arrives in Tallahassee to fight for our children’s future

Florida Citizens Alliance advance team arrives in Tallahassee. Tomorrow and Wednesday we will be joined by 11 more activists and will meet individually with 42 Fl Legislators. We will be advocating for k-12 local control in education and protecting our 2nd Amendment! Wish us luck!

How Establishment Republicans Anchored States to Common Core from Breitbart


Florida Citizens Alliance advance team in Tallahassee for first Senate Committee week

Tuesday and Wednesday  of this week , FLCA had a team in Tallahassee to meet with Key Senators to sponsor  K-12 Restore Local Control Instruction Material Bill,  proposed Comprehensive Education Reform Bill and a 2nd Amendment Preservation bill. Our advance team met with several senators and aides this week including  Senator Debbie Mayfield, Senator Dennis Baxley, and senior aides for Senator Tom…

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Betsy & Jeb’s High Standards Snake Oil Sale by Dr. Karen Effrem

Betsy & Jeb’s High Standards Snake Oil Sale December 2, 2016 By Dr. Karen Effrem President-elect Donald Trump has selected Michigan billionaire; Republican mega-donor, and school choice advocate Betsy DeVos as his Secretary of Education. The corporate, big government Republican establishment, such as Jeb Bush, his Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE), Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, as well as groups that have…

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How 18-25 Year Olds Voted

Speak Out! How 18-25 Year Olds Voted in the 2016 Election is FRIGHTENING!

We must wake up and realize our liberty is being sacrificed via the indoctrination of our children… This is how 18-25 year olds voted in the 2016 election. Young Americans have been indoctrinated by the Left in schools, universities and by the media. (Image source: Prager University) It has been said that “Freedom is never more than one generation away from...

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Millennials Agree With Marx More Than the Bible, Study Finds

Editorial Comment  by Greg Harper, Collier Salt and Light Council “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and whom it is aimed.” Joseph Stalin The progressives (collectivists) have understood and applied this principle for decades. They have been indoctrinating through public schools and institutions of higher learning for years with great success I…

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Federal Judge Upholds Injunction Against Obama’s Transgender School Policy

Source: Western Journalism by Scott Mason October 21, 2016 at 10:59am A federal judge has stopped President Obama’s policy forcing public schools to allow students claiming to be transgender into bathrooms that do not correspond with the gender on their birth certificates. U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor rejected the Obama administration’s request to lift an injunction against the Department of Education’s transgender…

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Letter to Lee County Superintendent regarding in-school sexual content – What’s going in your school?

Editorial Comment: After extensive inspection we have found that what exists in one school district is most often in all FL school districts because they all buy from the same source: monopolist Pearson PLC, a British company that now owns over 80% of all K-12 instructionial material delivery in the US. Here is our detailed findings. Kudos to Deborah Z….

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(2016) Florida School Board Votes to purchase this Biased AP History book- What is your School Board doing?

Recently Martin County School Board (4:1) voted to purchase this AP History book despite full knowledge of its bias and objectionable content.  Here is a link to a fantastic assessment done by local  Martin County Activists  What is your school board doing? Start a Watch Dog group in our county and share examples with concerned activists across the state. We…

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Lee County School Board Debate Live TV Broadcast on October 3, 2016

SWFL Citizens’ Alliance Invites you to a LIVE television event: MONDAY, OCTOBER 3 | 7:30PM We trust them to care for our children. We trust them to spend one billion of our dollars.  And we get to choose the people we trust on the Lee County School Board. The Southwest Florida Citizens’ Alliance and CTN-10 invite you to tune in for a Lee County School…

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Ruling from 3rd grade Retention Lawsuit- appeals pending

Posted from Dr Karen Effrem’s Florida Stop Common Core website Third Grade Retention Lawsuit – The judge ruled on the lawsuit we mentioned in our last newsletter. The Florida Department of Education and six counties were sharply criticized for not properly implementing the law. Judge Karen Gievers upheld that students without reading deficiency could not be held back solely for…

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Florida Judge blasts state, local schools in 3rd-grade retention case

A partial victory but “The Saga” continues– when will the STATE including the courts figure out that parents rights TRUMP the Statists—no pun intended. Judge blasts state, local schools in 3rd-grade retention case A Judge Friday sharply criticized state and Central Florida school leaders for failing to follow the law when they barred from fourth grade some youngsters who’d refused…

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BREAKING NEWS:State judge weighs third-grade policy after contentious hearing

By BRANDON LARRABEE THE NEWS SERVICE OF FLORIDA THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, August 22, 2016……….A state judge is weighing a decision that could shake Florida’s education-accountability system following a marathon hearing Monday in Tallahassee. After nearly nine hours of testimony and arguments, Leon County Circuit Judge Karen Gievers wrapped up a hearing on state and local policies for allowing students to…

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Testing company fined $4.8 million for 2015 problems in Florida, Department of Education reveals

More than sixteen months after Florida’s highly publicized computer testing problems, vendor fined $4.8 million by the state as provided for in law. The state Department of Education issued a statement late Friday explaining that it had withheld the amount from payments to the company over time. The sides settled on the terms after the company successfully provided 2016 tests,…

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Florida Collier School Board Race becomes state-wide effort to buy the election

Naples Daily News Brent Batten: Campaign finance class in session It can be difficult to drum up interest in school board races. Two years ago, for example, about 18 percent of eligible voters participated in votes for three board seats. But this year, with two more seats coming open, interest is at an unprecedented level. It is, at least, if…

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Florida Parents Sue to Make 180 Days Count

The parents, part of the “opt out” movement opposed to high-stakes testing, are furious. They are convinced school districts are not following state law and are instead retaliating against families who refused to take part in the Florida Standards Assessments. They did so as an act of civil disobedience to protest what they view as the state’s over-reliance on an…

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National Standards Expert Sandra Stotsky Comes to SWFL

Reposted August 9th: July 18th  Sandra Stotsky, responsible for the “Massachusetts Miracle” leading the state of MA to be number one in most Nationally normed test results, was the featured speaker at a “From Collier to College” Seminar for parents, teachers, School Board and administrators.  She also spent most of the last two days meeting with Lee County Superintendent Greg…

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Listen/Watch this Mom! She has a message for every parent and grandparent!

Scary!! PARENTS MUST WATCH!!! ~~Did you give birth to your children to have them become “capital of the state?” When you want to know how invasive Common Core teaching is, take a listen. This testing as you will see is targeted to “Collapse their [a child’s] cognitive framework.” It’s not an English course anymore, it’s become a philosophy course. It’s…

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A rose by any other name …

“Rebranding” is exactly how state departments and boards of education are dealing with Common Core in the face of strong parent and teacher opposition to the federally backed standards. By changing the names of the standards or tests that measure such standards, but keeping the standards aligned with Common Core, policymakers have duped many unsuspecting stakeholders into believing their concerns…

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Study: Character Education in Mass. Charter Public Schools Improving Academic Results, Social Behavior

At a time when the priorities in K-12 education have skewed towards STEM courses and academic achievement scores, two new papers from Pioneer Institute highlight how teaching character education in schools can benefit students even beyond the classroom, but can be challenging to implement effectively. (Full Article)

When Government Schools Weren’t Nearly So Bad

First, the public schools in those days — I attended high school between 1957 and 1961 — were pretty much local in their management, control, and operation. No doubt they had to adhere to some state guidelines, yet they were largely free to provide the kind of schooling that their local “customers” found to be valuable (including a great deal…

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State Membership in Common Core Test Consortia Down By 62 Percent

Common Core Test Consortia Down By 62 Percent “They did not reach out to parents, teachers and state lawmakers,” Shane Vander Hart notes at Truth in American Education. “This was done intentionally however because there is no way they would have gotten as many states to sign on with the standards and assessment consortia if they went about adoption in…

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Is it becoming too hard to fail? Schools are shifting toward no-zero grading policies

School districts in the Washington area and across the country are adopting grading practices that make it more difficult for students to flunk classes, that give students opportunities to retake exams or turn in late work, and that discourage or prohibit teachers from giving out zeroes. The policies have stirred debates about the purpose of issuing academic grades and whether…

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What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades

Does handwriting matter? Not very much, according to many educators. The Common Core standards, which have been adopted in most states, call for teaching legible writing, but only in kindergarten and first grade. After that, the emphasis quickly shifts to proficiency on the keyboard. But psychologists and neuroscientists say it is far too soon to declare handwriting a relic of…

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Grade Inflation Eats Away at the Meaning of College

Every so often, the issue of grade inflation makes the headlines, and we are reminded that grades are being debased continuously. That happened in late March when the two academics who have most assiduously studied grade inflation — Stuart Rojstaczer and Christopher Healy — provided fresh evidence on their site GradeInflation.com that grade inflation continues. The authors state, “After 30…

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Teachers Have Mixed Feelings on Common-Core Math, Survey Says

A recent survey from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute shows teachers have varied feelings about Common Core math. According to the survey, a whopping 85 percent of teachers surveyed agree that parents don’t understand the new way math is being taught, so the reinforcement of learning math in the home is declining. In addition, findings from the survey include that just…

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Where does your Florida School Board stand? It’s up to us to give them courage to fight Fed Overreach!

This Ohio School District wants to Protect the Privacy of Its Students, but the Government Won’t Allow it! Despite what the Obama Administration seems to think, America still operates on the understanding that the dignity, privacy, and safety interests of students are safeguarded by providing separate private areas, such as locker rooms, shower facilities, and restrooms, for male and female…

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American THinker: “A Liberal Magazine Just Spilled the Beans about K-12 Education” By Bruce Deitrick Price

Welcome to the math world our children live in!   A Liberal Magazine Just Spilled the Beans about K-12 Education This upscale progressive magazine ran a super-long, super-detailed article titled “The Math Revolution.”  It basically wanted to proclaim the happy news that extraordinary things are  taking place in American education. [Full Article] goo.gl/qw676j

Are you protecting your children?

It’s high stakes testing time again here in Florida for our public school children. You ask “What’s wrong with Florida Standardized Assessment (FSA)?” Simple answer: it’s “State Sponsored Child Abuse”- oh but that’s inflammatory. “Public schools don’t abuse our kids”. Really, examine the facts: FSA is a Utah-based American Institute for Research high stakes test that received a bogus validation…

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Florida’s Testing Obsession: Threats, Lies, and the Emotional Toll.

Florida’s Testing Obsession: Threats, Lies, and the Emotional Toll.       The end of March put testing season in Florida into full swing and that means Stress with a capital “S.” Many of Florida parents have dealt with the stresses associated with their own children’s state testing. We tell them “it’s only a test” or “do your best.” Some children…

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Public Education Is Superior and Must Be Protected from Competition. “Really?”

Opponents of School Choice Can’t Make Up Their Minds   Public schools, according to the authors, tend to outperform private rivals on a variety of metrics. Such groups as the National Education Association teachers’ union have used this research to make a case against “privatization.” (The book’s research has been criticized in some quarters for using flawed research methods, and other data show that private schools tend to…

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(2016) OPEN LETTER TO FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL RE: Pornography in our public schools

OPEN LETTER TO FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL Pam Bondi 2/16/2016 Dear Madam Attorney General, “You wouldn’t be such a tease if you were being properly f*****.”  This quote is from the Beautiful Bastard, a 2015 summer reading list recommended for Collier, Lee and Marion County Public School children, beginning with 6th graders. Because the school districts select summer reading material from the same list,…

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Florida Legislature: Summary of k-12 Education Bills in 2016

Below are the “education bill assessments” for 2016 in the Florida Legislature as of 2.15.2016. It includes our FLCA recommendations and also positions by the Florida Coalition of School Board Members and Americans for Prosperity for your consideration. Here are the links for Phone numbers for the Senate and the House. Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) strongly supported Hays SB1018/Pilon HB899….

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Foundation For Economic Education:Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink by B.K. Marcus

Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink The Not-So-Hidden Agenda of Public Education by B.K. Marcus Homeschooled students are, in fact, more socially resilient and flexible than their conventionally schooled peers — but what if the “socialization” question is code for a very different agenda? “But what about socialization?” We who educate our children outside the school system confront an exhausting…

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Attorney Doug Lewis’ Open Letter to Florida Legislators: Are you connecting the dots?

“If we want to retain our freedom and prosperity, then we must educate our children that the purpose of government is to secure liberty, not provide free lunches.”

Op Ed: Vital K-12 Education legislation Sidelined by Rep O’Toole and Sen. Legg

Legislative session is about to wrap up, yet vital education legislation has been sidelined by Education Committee Chairs Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole. Here is a quick recap: In July Gov Scott signed into law (FS. 1006.283) the K-12 Curriculum Bill sponsored by Senator Hays(SB 864).  Its purpose was to assign each school board the constitutional responsibility to select and…

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Feb 2, 2016: A Open Letter to Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole from Janet McDonald, Flagler School Board

Feb 2, 2016: A Open Letter to Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole from Janet McDonald, Flagler School Board With a record number of cosponsors for SB 1018 and HB899 and a 5 year chorus from parents, teachers, community members and students requesting local decision making to correct inappropriate materials and pedagogy that is embedded in the common core/Florida Standards curriculum/materials/testing…

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PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSES $1.3 BILLION BID-RIGGING SCANDAL Video.   Editorial Comment: This is the 4th in a series of Project Veritas  videos regarding corruption with the National Textbook companies and Common Core.  Pearson, PLC has been buying up its competitors and is now the “Big Dog” controlling over 80% of all Textbook and on-line k-12 instructional materials in the US….

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Breitbart New Guide to the GOP 2016 Candidates: Common Core

The federal government’s “Common Core State Standards” education overhaul has provoked a huge wave of parental activism in children’s education like no other U.S. education policy issue has in the last half-century. [Full Article] Editorial Comment: More and more parents and grandparents are waking up! Are you?    

Florida Citizens Alliance Assessment/Position for the Gaetz Student Assessment Bill, SB 1360.

January 22, 2016 Florida Citizens Alliance Assessment/Position for the Gaetz Student Assessment Bill, SB 1360. We do not support this bill for the following major reasons: The bill provides for alternative Assessments for Districts and Parents to use a concordant alternative computer based test to FSA. A) It still leaves FSA in play which is a disaster on every front….

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The third video of our Common Core undercover series was released today. You can watch it here!


Short Video: Economist Milton Friedman taught Donahue a lesson when Phil attempted to equate greed with capitalism…

Action:  Parents and grandparents– ask your children to explain the difference and which is better for their future? You will likely be shocked! A great teaching moment for you and our children: Socialism vs Capitalism  


K-12 Textbook executive “ Its never about the kids. Its always about the money”   see for yourself  Video

School Textbook sales leader says Common Core is ‘All about the Money’

Conservative muckraker group Project Veritas caught a textbook sales executive and a New York teacher talking about Common Core standards. ‘I hate kids,’ confessed the textbook sales leader. ‘I’m in it to sell books. Don’t even kid yourself for a heartbeat’ Hidden camera video shows teacher hammering the program as a ‘bulls**t’ system designed ‘to sell more books’ ‘Oh my…

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FairTest              National Center for Fair & Open Testing for further information Bob Schaeffer  (239) 395-6773 mobile  (239) 699-0468 for immediate release, Wednesday, January 6, 2016 STATE BOARD OF ED. SCHOOL GRADING DEBATE DEMONSTRATES FLORIDA TESTING POLICY IS DRIVEN BY POLITICS AND IDEOLOGY, NOT EDUCATIONAL EVIDENCE OR CHILDREN’S NEEDS Today’s State Board of Education debate demonstrated once again that “many high-stakes…

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Call Congress at 202-224-3121 to stop S227 SETRA,psych profiling & data mining bill!

Call Congress at 202-224-3121 to stop S227 SETRA, the ‪#‎FedEd psych profiling & data mining bill! Demand the removal of psych profiling language and don’t let it be passed w/o a recorded vote!   The Florida Stop Common Core Coalition It’s baaack! S 227 SETRA, the federal psych profiling/data mining bill we stopped in February was rammed through the US Senate &…

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Oops! Study Shows Computer Use in School Doesn’t Help Test Scores

In the next Families and Education Levy for Seattle, hundreds of millions of dollars are being earmarked for tech upgrades and computers. Needless to say, this is mostly in anticipation of computer testing but it also sets the stage for the use of computers to teach lessons, replacing teachers with the “blended learning” approach that has become the rage with…

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ThePulse2016 Report Card: Common Core

Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul lead the pack with A-‘s By Emmett McGroarty on August 19, 2015 Four years ago, Common Core was considered a “done deal,” uncontroversial and approved by Democrats and Republican leaders alike. It had been pushed into 45 states without notice to legislators and parents alike. Today, Common Core and related educational issues of local control of…

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By Sandra Stotsky:How State Departments of Education Have Deliberately Deceived Parents about Common Core: Does the End Justify the Means?

Dec 24, 2015 by Sandra Stotsky EducationViews Contributor Sandra Stotsky – In December 2015, the West Virginia board of education adopted supposedly new standards for the state in a vote publicized as a rejection of Common Core’s standards.www.wvgazettemail.com/news/20151217/state-school-board-oks-changes-to-common-core-standardsEarlier, parent and attorney David Delk had commented: “It is disappointing that the West Virginia Department of Education cannot be honest with parents…

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Naples Daily News-Brent Batten: Activists look to change “buy” the book procedures

Naples Daily News-Brent Batten: Activists look to change “buy” the book procedures   What started in Collier County as a disagreement over the way public school textbooks are selected has grown into an issue to be taken up by the Florida Legislature. Bills in the state House and Senate would change the way school districts select classroom material, increasing parental…

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(2015) NEAP reports only 26% of FL students proficient in Math

Parent letter regarding Florida National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only 26 percent of eight graders scored at the proficient or advanced levels in math Dear School Board, As you know, under Florida law you are responsible for the adoption and approval of the District’s math curriculum and instructional materials.   You should also know that  math scores for Florida’s eighth…

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School choice scores another legal win in Florida

  School choice scores another legal win in Florida By TRAVIS PILLOW On DECEMBER 8, 2015 School choice supporters won a legal victory in Florida Monday, as they knocked down some of the arguments in a wide-ranging lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s education system. In a bench ruling, Leon County Circuit Judge George Reynolds rebuffed a constitutional challenge of the state’s tax credit…

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FLCA Fully supports this ACTION ALERT! From FLORIDA STOP COMMON CORE COALITION  Just before the break, the  ESEA bill passed conference committee. The House is planning a vote on the most consequential education bill in 14 years after a holiday on DECEMBER 2nd or 3rd after a holiday when the language will not even be available until Monday 11/30.  See below…

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Sen Gaetz Letter to Volusia County School Board

Sen Gaetz  makes some interesting points in this letter to Volusia County School Board. While I believe his leadership at the state level has been disastrous and his focus on proprietary school grading even worse, He does have some interesting ideas and perspectives about the local power a School Board currently has.  I don’t think he fully understands ( or…

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Does your child or grandchild go to a private School? IF yes, a must read!

Editorial Comment: must read for all Private school parents. There is much here that applies to all private schools! As the World Turns: More News on Common Core.  Terrific Information on our Catholic Schools – MUST READ!!! For all those who have followed the Curse of Common Core for the past 3 years:       Please take the time…

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Action Alert: GOP Congress Prepares Surrender to Obama on Education

Establishment Republicans in Congress are quietly plotting their next massive surrender to the Obama administration, a “bipartisan” education bill that solidifies federal control of schools and keeps Common Core while entrenching a dizzying array of unconstitutional “education” schemes. Among other measures, the legislation re-authorizes most of two widely criticized and totally unconstitutional federal education statutes known as the Elementary and Secondary Education…

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SWFL Citizens Alliance delivers 605 signed petitions to Collier School Board

The Naples Daily News edited my letter to the editor so here is the original submission intact. PS. Action Alert: Letters to the editor and petitions like this are a great way to grow awareness and support for local control in your school district!   It is time to stop this nonsense and started abiding by the Florida Constitution, Article…

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The astonishing amount of data being collected about your children

Parental concerns about student privacy have been rising in recent years amid the growing use by schools, school districts and states use technology to collect mountains of detailed information on students. Last year, a controversial $100 million student data collection project funded by the Gates Foundation and operated by a specially created nonprofit organization called inBloom was forced to shut…

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THIS IS AN ALL HANDS ON DECK RED ALERT! Congressional education leaders have reached a behind closed doors framework agreement on the rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently called No Child Left Behind (NCLB). According to Education Week, Congress is poised to ram this through quickly at the end of the year while people are distracted…

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Common Core’s Big Test: Tracking 2014-15 Results

The 2014-15 school year marked a big change for many states because they switched to tests that for the first time reflect the Common Core State Standards. Below are the scores from state-mandated mathematics and English/language arts tests given in 2014-15 and in 2013-14 (or the most recent previous year available). [Full Article]

Common Core Fourth Grade Book About Obama Portrays White Voters As Racists

A biography of Barack Obama designed for fourth graders and approved under the new federal Common Core curriculum standards portrays white voters as racists, hell bent on preventing Obama from becoming president. The book in question, entitled “Barack Obama,” is published by Scholastic, and is now being read by elementary school students under the Common Core program, Red Flag News…

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Florida Santa Rosa County: Homeschools Targeted for Termination

HSLDA is considering taking legal action against Santa Rosa County School District in Florida after officials there said they would terminate some families’ homeschool programs and possibly prosecute them for not complying with the county’s demands for private information not required by law. Santa Rosa is the latest example in the Sunshine State of a district harassing homeschooling families with…

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Top Ala. Teacher’s Resignation Sparks Questions on Certification Rules

Former Alabama teacher of the year deemed not qualified to teach in new grade [Full Article] Editorial Comment: The issue is NOT teachers. We need  to eliminate the accountability system that penalizes teachers for factors over which they have no control. Local controls and measurements need to be between each school board and it constituents, focused on unleashing the potential…

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Email From Sandra Stotsky: Subject: From the Proponents of CC. Look at the names in this conference! Why is Education Reform So Important?

Important Email post from Sandra Stotsky: Look at the chapters on reading and writing test items.  FL will have some of those, too. pioneerinstitute.org/news/testing-the-tests-why-mcas-is-better-than-parcc/   In Addition: The email below from the Foundation for Excellence in Education contains a list of politicians and speakers who have DRUNK THE KOOLAID!  These are the ENEMY of our effort to Stop Common Core…

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Common Core Standards Repealed by Arizona Board of Education

The Arizona Board of Education voted 6-2 Monday to repeal the state’s new Common Core standards. Republican School Superintendent Diane Douglas ran on a platform of blowing up Common Core. She had support from many parents in the audience. A Douglas spokesman said the vote does not end Common Core immediately. He said it allows a board committee to move…

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Volusia School Board Requests More Local Control Over Education

On Tuesday the Volusia County School Board members unanimously approved a proposed state legislation​ request titled the “District School Board Educational Innovation and Home Rule Powers Act.” Full Article goo.gl/GC7AW4

Exclusive — Stanley Kurtz: AP US History Battle Worse Than Common Core

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, conservative “culture war” commentator Stanley Kurtz discussed his recent work in reviewing the Advanced Placement U.S. History framework and why he believes this battle is even worse for America than that over the Common Core standards.

SAT Reading Scores Are the Lowest They’ve Been in 40 Years

Coming in with an average SAT reading score of 496, 2012’s graduating seniors have the dubious distinction of having attained the worst reading score since 1972. (For those test-takers of a certain age and test-taking history, “reading” is actually that part we knew as “verbal.”) Regardless of what you call(ed) it, “The average reading score for the Class of 2012…

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Recap of FLCA trip to Tallahassee this past week.

Recap of Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) trip to Tallahassee this past week.   For those not aware, the Florida Legislature is in the Committee Week process now. Since this is not an election year, they had their first committee week in Sept. and are meeting 3 weeks in Oct, several weeks  in November and again in December. The actual session…

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Wow! Must Watch- Florida Speaker Designee acceptance speech

Wow! Must Watch- Florida Speaker Designee acceptance speech       Representative Richard Corcoran will be the next Florida House Speaker in 2016. Slide to 40:00 to begin speech thefloridachannel.org/videos/91615-republican-house-speaker-designation-ceremony-for-representative-richard-corcoran/

If you think Arne Duncan is controversial, meet his successor

If you think Arne Duncan is controversial, meet his successor Now that Education Secretary Arne Duncan has decided to step down in December, the U.S. Department of Education will be headed by John B. King Jr. And if you thought Duncan was controversial, meet his successor. [Full Article] goo.gl/sLPV7D

Common Core emerging as major issue in local 2016 elections

Florida’s version of the Common Core education standards and its high-stakes state testing have already cropped up as election issues in recent legislative races, and their political potency is likely to grow heading into 2016. Voters’ anger over education issues could drive the political debate in some state legislative districts — particularly where there are Republican primaries or open seats,…

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Florida’s Accountability System is Called into Question

Parents, students, teachers, administrators and other educational leaders across the state have been questioning the validity and benefit of our educational accountability system for years. The high-stakes system uses standardized test scores to evaluate students, teachers and schools, leading to important decisions such as retention, graduation, and even teacher and administrator pay. In May 2015, based on public concern about…

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Pam Stewart Releases Cut Score Recommendations for FSA, Nearly Half of 10th Graders Fail ELA Assessment

Nearly half of Florida’s 10th graders would fail the English Language Arts portion of the Florida Standards Assessment this year according to a set of recommended cut scores proposed Monday by Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart. [Read more]

Florida Sees Increase in Homeschooling Thanks to Common Core, Testing

Florida Sees Increase in Homeschooling Thanks to Common Core, Testing SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 BY SHANE VANDER HART   As a homeschooling dad I’ve said before that the ONLY positive I’ve seen with Common Core is how it is prompting more families to homeschool.  I’m not one who believes this is the best option for every family, but if you want to make…

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Why some Florida Board of Education members are upset with the recommendations for FSA test scoring

Posted on September 22, 2015 by Paul Cottle Why are some Florida State Board of Education members convinced that the FSA scoring scales proposed by two panels – one made up of teachers (the “educator panel”) and the other made up of representatives from business and higher education (the “reactor panel”) – are too soft on students? (Reports from the Orlando Sentinel and News Service…

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Over testing, new standards persuade families to switch to home schooling

Over testing, new standards persuade families to switch to home schooling   Last school year, Florida saw the largest increase in home-schooled students in at least a decade, according to the state Department of Education. More than 58,000 Florida families elected to keep 84,096 students out of school — an increase of more than 7,000 over the previous school year. In…

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Feds Confess Truth About Common Core

Feds Confess Truth About Common Core By Jane Robbins on September 14, 2015           It is a frequent talking point among certain Republican presidential candidates that the Common Core initiative to establish national standards was a state-led effort that was “hijacked” by the U.S. Department of Education (USED). Although this claim helps the candidates rationalize their…

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Action Alert: Today, call FL Sen Legg and tell him to stop FSA/AIR tests

Action Alert: Put our Children FIRST! Tomorrow at 1:30 the FL Senate is reviewing the results of their Bogus Study to validate the new FSA/AIR tests. Click on the green button above and at least read the Executive Summary of our assessment of this Study. Call Senator Legg’s office at 850-487-5017 and tell him to void the FSA/AIR contract and…

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Guest Commentary just published in Naples Daily News ( this is my submission to avoid complication on copy-right)

Guest Commentary just published in Naples Daily News ( this is my submission to avoid complication on copy-right) What’s going on in your county?     Most of the general public does NOT understand the impact of proprietary K-12 tests (FCAT, now FSA) and how the state and district grading system deceives parents, business employers and especially new residents. This…

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U.S. Communities Targeted for “Blue Zone” Social Engineering

U.S. Communities Targeted for “Blue Zone” Social Engineering         In government schools across America in communities being targeted to become “Blue Zones,” children may soon be chanting “Hara Hachi Bu” before eating their lunch — at least between the data-mining and intrusive scoring to determine “progress” in their physical, mental, and spiritual “well being.” The Japanese phrase,…

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PRESS RELEASE: The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How $594,000 Was Spent On a Bogus Validation Study

For Immediate Release – Sept 1, 2015 The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How Florida has Wasted $594,000 for a Bogus Validation Study Executive Summary The Florida Legislative validation study for K-12 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) mandated by HB 7069 is a sham at every level. The key conclusions from the FSA/AIR final report that repeatedly states the test…

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ACT results: Florida’s class of 2015 not ready for college

ACT results: Florida’s class of 2015 not ready for college   TALLAHASSEE — Nearly 40 percent of Florida’s 2015 high school graduates who took the ACT failed to meet all four of the test’s performance benchmarks predicting success in college. According to data released by the organization that develops the ACT, 130,798 students, or 79 percent of the state’s class…

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9.12 Grassroots Summit plus Poll on Presidential Hopefuls

The 9.12 Grassroots Summit is Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT) in Kissimmee, Florida (near Orlando) On Saturday, September 12, join FreedomWorks members from around the country for the 9.12 Grassroots Summit, hosted by Andrew Wilkow. Together with Glenn Beck; GOP Presidential candidates; Congressmen Ted Yoho, Ron DeSantis, Mark Meadows and other members of Congress;…

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Action Alert:Are Blue Zones being mandated in your County School Districts?

Are Blue Zones being mandated in your County School Districts?             Action Alert: Should Blue Zones be mandated in Collier County Schools (or any FL county)? A BIG thank you goes out to both Erika Donalds and Kelly Lichter for slowing down this school Blue Zones initiative and giving teachers, parents, students, booster clubs, etc….

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Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents

Obama’s “Community Schools” Aim to Replace Parents   Lawmakers and the Obama administration are plotting to unconstitutionally commandeer local schools and turn them into “full-service community schools” — government centers that will usurp vast new responsibilities over children that have traditionally been handled by parents and families. Under the plan, adopted in the Senate last month as part of a massive…

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The 9.12 Grassroots Summit is happening in Orlando, Florida.

  The 9.12 Grassroots Summit is happening in Orlando, Florida. Order your Tickets here. www.eventbrite.com/e/912-grassroots-summit-brought-to-you-by-freedomworks-tickets-17610201587?aff=floridacitizensalliance   Our nation is at a crossroads, and it’s more important than ever that we come together, and work to take our country back. Get your tickets now at 912summit.com! Florida Citizens Alliance will have a table to promote our Education Initiative: “Local control to…

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Red Flags on the Road to ESEA Rewrite -replaces No Child Left Behind

Red Flags on the Road to ESEA Rewrite   “The pundits told us it would never happen—that Republicans and Democrats will never agree on a way to replace No Child Left Behind.”           So said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., just hours before the U.S. Senate did just that—passing its own version of an Elementary and…

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Home-schooled Students Increase as Concerns over Common Core Remain

Home-schooled Students Increase as Concerns over Common Core Remain By Justin Petrisek  |  Catholic Education Daily,  The Cardinal Newman Society The latest studies show that an increasing number of students are being homeschooled by their parents in order to avoid Common Core, which is found even in many Catholic schools. There is no question that the link is there and…

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Senate Rejects Amendments on Portability, Opt-Outs, LGBT Protections

Senate Rejects Amendments on Portability, Opt-Outs, LGBT Protections     The U.S. Senate continued its work Tuesday on a bill to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, working swiftly under a deadline imposed by the Majority Leader that requires debate to come to a close Wednesday morning. [full article]   goo.gl/BFJMKi

Action Alert: Tell your US Senator to vote no!

  ** Action Alert! **    The U.S. Senate is voting this week on S.1177 – “Every Child Achieves Act” They will be voting on amendments to the bill and may vote on the entire bill on Tuesday 7/14  or Wednesday as well. Tell your U.S. Senators from Florida to vote NO!  Last week, by a vote of 218 to…

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Hacking Away at the Pearson Octopus by Alan Singer, Huffington Post

Hacking Away at the Pearson Octopus by Alan Singer, Huffington Post     In many ways the for-profit edu-corporations and their not-for-profit allies resemble a giant octopus with tentacles reaching into every facet of public education in the United States. I am reminded of the book The Octopus (1901) by Frank Norris that detailed the way railroads at the start of the…

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David Coleman Drives College Board Into The Ground

David Coleman Drives College Board Into The Ground       It seems like the College Board is imploding under David Coleman’s tenure.  Since Coleman’s tenure with the College Board began they have been faced with one controversy after another that is largely of Coleman’s making. They are currently facing a three class action lawsuits which probably has nothing to…

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Invitation to attend a Miami Area grassroots “Next Steps Stop Common Core” Workshop: July 8

Invitation to attend a Miami Area grassroots “Next Steps Stop Common Core” workshop     Date/Time:  Wednesday, July 8, 5 PM- 7:30 PM 2 hour workshop plus a 30 min, Complementary Wine tasting social RSVP requested : info@floridacitizensalliance.com Miami (Pinecrest Total Wine Ed Center) , 8851 SW 136th Street ,Miami, FL 33176 ,Phone: 305-971-7615  Threefold Purpose: Review grassroots actions and progress from 2014/2015 cycle…

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Questor Marketing Research Advises Pearson Investors to SELL

  Questor Marketing Research Advises Pearson Investors to SELL … PEARSON [LON:PSON], the media group that owns The Financial Times newspaper, has taken a big gamble on the education sector, while a slowdown in the US has left the shares looking overvalued. … …The increased testing of children is also coming under scrutiny in North America. The standard test for…

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Ohio dumps the PARCC Common Core tests after woeful first year

Ohio dumps the PARCC Common Core tests after woeful first year     COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio became the latest state to pull out of the PARCC Common Core testing consortium tonight after months of angry complaints about the new online tests having too many technology glitches and of eating up far too much learning time for students.[Full Article] Editorial Comment: So the next big…

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For Immediate Release:Collier County School District and Board defends Pornographic Materials in our Florida Public Schools

For Immediate Release, June 12, 2015 Collier County School District and Board defends Pornographic Materials in our Florida Public Schools For Immediate Release, June 12, 2015 Collier County School District and Board defends Pornography Materials in our Florida Public Schools Two weeks ago, Florida Citizens Alliance reported that The Collier County School District was caught promoting pornographic material on its…

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Must-pass algebra exam has far-reaching ramifications

Must-pass algebra exam has far-reaching ramifications School is out, but across Florida more than 200,000 students anxiously await the result of the linchpin in their high school graduation portfolio: a passing score on the Algebra 1 end-of-course exam. In most years, the score by law weighs heavily in the course grade, but even this year when that law has been…

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Exclusive: Uncommon costs

Exclusive: Uncommon costs By: Claude Solnik April 23, 2015 19 Comments More than 80,000 students on Long Island and twice that number state-wide gathered in auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries and classrooms for three days last week – neither to take tests nor to learn something new. Meanwhile, others toiled over lengthy tests designed to evaluate teachers more than the students taking them. They…

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College Board's Reckless Spin on U.S. History

College Board’s Reckless Spin on U.S. History         Fifty-five distinguished scholars published an open letter this morning protesting the one-sided and politicized curriculum framework introduced last year by the College Board to prepare high school students for the Advanced Placement Exam in U.S. history. The scholars assert that the College Board’s framework exposes the teaching of American history to “a grave…

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Florida gets one bid to review its testing validity

Florida gets one bid to review its testing validity   The panel asked to choose a firm to review the validity of Florida’s new testing systemdoesn’t appear to have much work to do when it meets Friday. Only one group has submitted a bid to do the work. A partnership of Utah-based Alpine Testing Solutions and Washington, D.C.-based edCount LLC proposed to do the evaluation for $594,310….

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

  Better Collier County Public Schools COMMITTED TO THE PURSUIT OF WORLD CLASS EDUCATION FOR OUR CHILDREN A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words     U.S. Flag Code states: “During a rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed ALL PRESENT except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over…

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“Education Matters”: Florida is bound and determined to fail third graders no matter what.

“Education Matters”: Florida is bound and determined to fail third graders no matter what.             Below is a letter sent to the district’s teachers from superintendent Vitti ( Duval County) The Insanity Continues! For the casual reader, this may seem appropriate but read on “the state plans to fail the bottom fifth no matter what…

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The Next Generation Science Standards Are Not State-Driven Either

The Next Generation Science Standards Are Not State-Driven Either       Common Core advocates like to claim that their initiative is state-based.  This is an argument that is easily debunked by any reasonable person when you look at the special interests involved and the fact state legislatures were cut out of the process.  Those behind the Next Generation Science…

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Sec. of Education Arne Duncan Letter

To the Attendees at Unesco World Conference on Education and Sustainable development.  www2.ed.gov/about/inits/ed/internationaled/unesco-letter.pdf Editorial comment: OMG- One world Government and elitist sustainability all in ONE! It is time to put the tin foil hat away and realize you are fast becoming a pawn in the elitist cogwheel! Strap on your seat belt. Sec. of Education Arne Duncan Letter: To the…

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Jeb Bush Emailed With Education Secretary About Rick Scott’s Common Core Concerns

Jeb Bush Emailed With Education Secretary About Rick Scott’s Common Core Concerns       goo.gl/ehrSKx When Florida Gov. Rick Scott called Arne Duncan to discuss Common Core, Duncan turned to an unlikely adviser: Jeb Bush.

The great charter school rip-off: Finally, the truth catches up to education “reform” phonies

The great charter school rip-off: Finally, the truth catches up to education “reform” phonies     Last week when former President Bill Clinton meandered onto the topic of charter schools, he mentioned something about an “original bargain” that charters were, according to the reporter for The Huffington Post, “supposed to do a better job of educating students.” [Full Article] Editorial Comment:…

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THE PARENT SPRING + OPT OUT AMERICA FORM   By Anita Hoge and Gen Yvette Sutton April 4, 2015 NewsWithViews.com We are fighting together to keep our country free and protect our children from outside predators. Our Pennsylvania group released a Press Release on November 21, 2014, that explained to the country that the U.S. Department of Education through the National Center…

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Florida schools roundup: STEM majors, school spending, testing & more

Florida schools roundup: STEM majors, school spending, testing & more [Read the whole article] Testing. Three-person panel meets today to begin selecting independent reviewer of state tests. Gradebook. Political Fix Florida. STEM. Black students in Florida are being steered away from the most lucrative college majors, which tend to be in STEM fields. Bridge to Tomorrow. Some Okaloosa students hear from experts whose jobs hinge…

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The Logic of Testing – Common Sense, NOT Common Core by Chris Quackenbush

The Logic of Testing  – Common Sense, NOT Common Core by Chris Quackenbush           Our Florida State and Federal legislators claim we must hold schools accountable for results so that they, the government, can cost justify the expense of education to the taxpayers.  Since 1985, they have increased their emphasis on testing, culminating in No Child Left…

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Florida DOE calls for temporary testing halt amid log-in troubles

Florida DOE calls for temporary testing halt amid log-in troubles             UPDATE: The DOE told districts at 10:44 a.m.: “Pearson has confirmed that the issue with PearsonAccess has been resolved and the site is now up and running normally. Please share this information with users in your district and contact our office if you have further…

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OP Ed, Austin Leahy, Retired,NYS BOCES Dist. Supt. of Schools now living in The Villages

OP Ed, Austin Leahy, Retired, NYS BOCES Dist. Supt. of Schools now living in The Villages , Florida     Why all the flap about the Common Core standards and curriculum currently being introduced in the majority of the nation’s schools? Its development and implementation are eerily reminiscent of a recent Federal rollout that “had to be passed to find…

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Unbelievable surveys given to children in Massachusetts — and schools across America

Unbelievable surveys given to children in Massachusetts — and schools across America   Across Massachusetts – and across America – thousands of schoolchildren are given sexually graphic, psychologically intrusive surveys by the public schools without parents’ knowledge. These surveys also ask youth to reveal their criminal activity, personal family matters, and other intimate issues. [See Detailed Survey] Editorial comment: Do…

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The Common Core Conundrum By JASON BEDRICK, Cato Institute

Cato “Weighs- in” on Common Core     Common Core is either meaningless or antithetical to a free and pluralistic society…..  A fundamental problem with national standards efforts, like Common Core, is that they are attempting to impose a single vision of a proper education on a large and diverse country with differing views. [Read Article]

Feds Panic on Mass Common Core Test Refusals, Threaten Reprisals

Feds Panic on Mass Common Core Test Refusals, Threaten Reprisals   Public resistance to Common Core is exploding across America, and officials are not happy about it….. Perhaps the most outrageous threat so far came from Obama’s education chief, Duncan….. If states don’t do that, then we [the federal government] have an obligation to step in.” [Read Article]

Another West Virginia County Cracks Down on Testing Opt Outs

Another West Virginia County Cracks Down on Testing Opt Outs       A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a county in West Virginia was trying to intimidate students who wanted to opt out of the standardized testing mandated under Common Core standards. Despite assurances from the State Superintendent of Education that there were no consequences to students for opting…

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Poetic Justice: A poetry teacher defending public school students

Poetic Justice A poetry teacher defending public school students Dear Governor Cuomo …. a note from the students who did not opt out of the NYS ELA tests last week. A teacher wrote this little essay and dedicated it to Governor Andrew Cuomo: [Poetic Justice]  

Common Core Education- Op Ed by Deirdre Clemons

Common Core Education- Op Ed by Deirdre Clemons The Common Core is the latest in a string of American education reforms that started in 1903 with The Principles of Teaching Based on Psychology, and continuing up to our most recent experiments of Outcome Based Education, No Child Left Behind, and Common Core Standards (also known as Florida Sunshine State Standards). All of these reforms were…

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Progress Report on Grassroots Efforts to Stop Common Core and FSA Testing

The Bottom Line: Our Florida legislators and governor have endorsed “state sponsored child abuse”! The Bad and the Ugly The recently-passed HB 7069 bill (which legislators are proclaiming as a fix to the testing issues) is a complete sham and fraud to protect Jeb Bush. Cut through all the rhetoric and look at the fundamentals. How can a bill that…

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Teachers right about testing

Teachers right about testing After 20 years of pushing, expanding and replacing standardized tests, the Florida Legislature has taken its first baby step to reverse the trend. Legislators don’t want to make a big deal of it, though, because one might jump to the conclusion that they caused the mess in the first place.   Editorial comment:  The Governor and…

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Discussing FSA Test Content After Testing – Parents Yes, Students No

Discussing FSA Test Content After Testing – Parents Yes, Students No By now, you have probably seen the video of 4th grader Sydney Smoot pointing out flaws in FSA testing to the Hernando County School Board. One of her points in the video (see below) is that students are required to sign a piece of paper that tells students not to…

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Governor Scott Throws Kids & Families Under the Common Core Bus

Governor Scott has signed the pro-Common Core and pro-high-stakes testing bill (CS/HB 7069).  Obviously this is NOT what we wanted to happen, but it doesn’t mean we’re giving up.  We will be analyzing our efforts and strategizing our next moves in the coming weeks.  This isn’t over yet! Stay tuned!!  Subscribe to the FLCA mailing list to get all the…

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Gov. Scott signs into law plan to reduce student tests in Florida

Gov. Scott signs into law plan to reduce student tests in Florida           goo.gl/6QkP8j It is now official- Gov Scott joins the legislature to throw our Florida children and their families under the Common Core/FSA bus!

Collier County parents irate over videos Pine Ridge Middle School teacher is showing

Collier County parents irate over videos Pine Ridge Middle School teacher is showing   goo.gl/GlgQ0f SWFLCA editorial comment: “Is this happening in your school? IF it is, would you know? Some parents ( and Grandparents are paying attention) but far too many  are just trusting the schools to do the right thing ( by who’s definition). This is just one…

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Dear Parents and ALL AMERICANS concerned about America by Deirdre Clemens

Dear Parents and ALL AMERICANS concerned about America by Deidre Clemons       I have taken a series of 3-minute public comments that I presented to the Collier County school board and I have attached each segment separately here for your use. I picked these, in particular, because they tell a story (in order) of the problems of education…

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Florida Republican Senator Rips Bush Foundation With “I’m Over You”

Florida Republican Senator Rips Bush Foundation With “I’m Over You”         Posted on April 3, 2015by Bob Sikes While Lutz republican senator John Legg is justifiably being complemented by many teachers this morning for the improvements to Florida’s test-based accountability system he managed in SB 616, he subtly revealed that Jeb Bush still holds far too much sway over state…

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