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Do you have the right to protect your life- or is it the government’s job?

FLCA Editorial Comment:  Randy Osborne does a great job so please watch, but as you do… Point to seriously ponder for every 2nd amendment supporter. Why are the progressives using k-12 education to indoctrinate our kids? THE ANSWER: is to undermine our individual freedoms including the 2nd amendment! and they are doing a bang up job because many of us…

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Federal Court of Appeals Declines to Reconsider Opinion Striking Down District of Columbia Concealed Carry Ban

BY NRA Federal Court of Appeals Declines to Reconsider Opinion Striking Down District of Columbia Concealed Carry Ban District of Columbia—In the latest victory for the Second Amendment rights of residents of the District of Columbia, the full federal court of appeals that sits in the District declined, on Thursday, to rehear an earlier decision by three judges of that…

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Governor Scott Signs CS/HB 989 K-12 Instructional Materials Bill! Let’s Start Undoing the Anti-Second Amendment Indoctrination of Our Kids!

Second  Amendment Supporters: Our kids are being indoctrinated in our public schools, and being taught that our 2nd Amendment right to self-defense is outdated. They are being taught to support gun control and depend on government to protect them. Well here’s some good news: we have received word that Governor Scott signed our CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials bill into law on Monday, June 26th! Even if you don’t have children in school, CS/HB 989 gives you the legal right to engage your school boards to clean up the textbooks and get rid of the anti-2nd  amendment indoctrination.

Governor Scott signs Burden of Proof(SB128) and Justifiable Use of Force (SB1052)

Florida Action Report! Gov. Rick Scott has SIGNED SB-128 & SB-1052 DATE: June 10, 2017 TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM: Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President Early yesterday evening, Friday, June 9th, Governor Rick Scott SIGNED INTO LAW the two critically important self-defense bills we have been urging him to sign. One, SB-128 Burden of Proof…

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Cowardly Republicans Threaten to Kill the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act in the Senate!

Last month, the House of Representatives fulfilled a campaign promise and passed legislation to get the Department of Veterans Affairs out the disarmament business. For more than a decade, the VA has implemented a program to actively disarm American military veterans. These men and women were trusted to take up arms to defend the United States but the minute they…

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USF and NRA Director Marion Hammer- says “it ain’t over ’till it’s over”

March 8th by Marion Hammer Florida Report: Sen. Anitere Flores Turns on Law-abiding Gun Owners SB-646 Open Carry and SB-616 Courthouse Carry by Sen. Greg Steube were both scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, between 4:00-6:00pm. However, when SB-616, the first of the two bills came up, committee member Sen. Anitere Flores…

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Fourth Circuit misinterprets Supreme Court 2nd Amendment precedent

By Joseph Greenlee, The Federalist Society In Kolbe v. Hogan, the Fourth Circuit, sitting en banc, became the first Federal Circuit Court to hold that so-called “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines” are not protected by the Second Amendment. But the court’s decision resulted from a misinterpretation of Supreme Court precedent. [Full Article]

Florida and the Second Amendment

Despite their insistence, this is not a safety issue for many on the left. They know precisely what they are doing, and intend nothing less than disarming their political opponents…

March 2, 2017 EVENT: Eliminating Federal Law that Requires “Gun Free Zones”

SWFL Citizens Alliance and the Alamo Gun Range are co-hosting an event featuring Larry Pratt, Executive Director Emeritas, Gun Owners of America. Larry will be speaking on “It’s time to Eliminate Federal Law Requiring Gun Free Zones”. When/Where: March 2, 2017 from 5-7PM, at the Alamo Gun Range, 2390 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, Florida

FLCA Team back in Tallahassee to fight for our children and your right to protect your life.

Today begins the Jan 23-26 Committee week in advance of the March 7th, 2017 60-day Florida Legislative Session. More supporters will join us on the 24th and 25th. Wish us success. Our mission is advocate for restoring local control in K-12 Education and preserving your 2nd Amendment rights.– both State Sovereignty Initiatives. Tomorrow and Wednesday we have over 20 individual…

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Sen. Flores and Garcia: Remember the Florida Republican who killed pro-gun bills loses seat, gives hope to 2A advocates

Florida Republican who killed pro-gun bills loses seat, gives hope to 2A advocates A powerful south Florida state senator who repeatedly sidelined popular gun rights legislation lost his seat Tuesday, opening the door for campus carry and open carry in the Sunshine State. Florida State Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, R-Miami, chairs the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and in…

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Critical Message for Those Believing in Liberty from KrisAnne Hall

Dear  supporter of the US Constitution: I don’t know if you are aware of an important Constitutional issue in Kansas, but this is a very horrible Second Amendment attack by the federal government on a veteran and a tyrannical attack on the 10th Amendment and the State of Kansas.   If the feds get away with this, no State will…

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Protect your right to defend yourself and your family.

Please forward to your FL Legislators Dear Legislator Here are a few points to share with other legislators. What is more dangerous: a gun or a car? Why would you treat them differently? Did you know that more crimes are committed by police than by concealed weapon permit holders? Did you know that virtually all mass shootings occur in “gun-free”…

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Maybe Florida’s Legislators mean business this year for real education reform– Watch and demand they do!

January 9-11  thirteen (13) activists with Florida Citizens Alliance (9 different counties) spent 2 days in the FL Capitol fighting for our children and rights to protect both their futures and  their lives. We met individually with 43 House and Senate Legislators. For this first trip we had a laser focus on all k-12 Education  Committee members and 20+ 2nd…

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Our Inalienable Right to Self-Defense

By Lewis Wagoner: Ask yourself 3 questions and then read this terrific article           Question 1: Do you have the RIGHT to protect your life or your family’s life when threatened with deadly force? Question 2: Where does this Right come from? Question 3: Do you have the RIGHT to take my right of self-defense away?

Florida Citizens Alliance advance team in Tallahassee for first Senate Committee week

Tuesday and Wednesday  of this week , FLCA had a team in Tallahassee to meet with Key Senators to sponsor  K-12 Restore Local Control Instruction Material Bill,  proposed Comprehensive Education Reform Bill and a 2nd Amendment Preservation bill. Our advance team met with several senators and aides this week including  Senator Debbie Mayfield, Senator Dennis Baxley, and senior aides for Senator Tom…

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The Journal of American Medical Association disgraces itself by publishing a fatally flawed study of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law.

On Monday, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a paper on American self-defense law so fundamentally flawed that it is hard to view its publication as anything other than an act of propaganda. The paper’s title describes its purported purpose: “Evaluating the Impact of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Self-defense Law on Homicide and Suicide by Firearm”…

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Picture of KrisAnne Hall

VIDEO: Nov 16 and 17th 2016 KrisAnne Hall Appearances

KrisAnne Hall (Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host) made two appearances in Naples, FL recently, and we were fortunate enough to procure a video recording of each presentation (videos embedded below). Wisdom and truth all in one amazing package! Everyone who has heard KrisAnne before knows what an exciting and inspiring educator she is! She truly brings the words of our…

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2016 Outcome of gun control ballot initiatives in 4 states

The battle is just beginning. The Trump Election is a plus, but the war to take away your 2nd Amendment rights is FAR< FAR from over. Here is a brief synopsis of the outcome of  tighter gun control measures that appeared as ballot initiatives in 4 states – Nevada, CA, Maine and Washington State.  California’s outcome is “shocking” and one…

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Gun Sales at Record Level In October: A Healthy Thing for America

  The FBI’s background check system for gun sales processed more than 2.3 million checks in October, setting an all-time record for the month. It’s a healthy sign! It means not all Americans are clueless about the growing dangers of our own government with respect to individual rights and historic Constitutional freedoms. Gun ownership is also a literal check on the…

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The answer is simple. Your state legislators must use their State Sovereignty Powers.

Sign this petition and send it to all your friends to do the same! We learn something every day!  Fantasy in play…or is ?  Ca is working pretty hard to put guns ..and ammunition …out of reach …of just about everyone….and not only in California.  Four more states have been targeted with ballot initiatives to to expand background checks –…

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Oregon standoff defendants acquitted; feds literally tase Ammon Bundy’s lawyer at courthouse

 But this is HUGE! “A victory for “the people” today in the Bundy trial over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation. All seven were acquitted and found not guilty on ALL charges. But, Judge Anna Brown denied the release of Ammon and Ryan Bundy. Ammon Bundy’s attorney Marcus Mumford was tackled to the floor and tased in court after arguing…

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American Thnker: “The Coming National Gun Ban – and How the States Can Resist”

By Michael Filozof The law of averages predicts that at some time in the future, perhaps as soon as 2017, the Democratic Party will once again control the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress. When that happens, the next Democratic president — be it Hillary Clinton or someone else — will sign into law a sweeping, foreign-style gun…

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True or False? The Founding Fathers Did Know About Repeating Rifles Before the Bill of Rights Was Drafted

The Founding Fathers Did Know About Repeating Rifles Before the Bill of Rights Was Drafted Gun control advocates often claim that the Founding Fathers couldn’t have conceived of repeating rifles when they drafted the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. The history of Joseph Belton, an inventor and gunsmith from Philadelphia, and his correspondence with the Continental Congress proves otherwise. [Full Article]

Facts are a Pesky Thing: Banning “Assault Weapons” Will Not Save Lives

Banning “Assault Weapons” Will Not Save Lives Last weekend, America regrettably witnessed one of the deadliest mass shootings in the country’s history at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in which 49 people were murdered and over 50 injured. The atrocity was carried out by a fanatic who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, using a civilian semi-automatic rifle, the Sig…

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Latest Data from the FBI: Homicides by Rifles

Latest Data from the FBI: Homicides by people using Rifles The latest data from the FBI (2014) shows that ALL types of rifles were only confirmed to have been used to commit 248 homicides, down from 351 in 2009. Also compare that to the total number of all homicides recorded by the FBI (11,961) and that means that ANY sort…

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6 Things To Know About Tying Gun Sales To A Watch List

Americans must resist calls from the Left and the Right to curtail individual freedoms in reaction to the atrocity at Orlando gay nightclub Pulse. Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton is urging us to “get back to the spirit of 9/12.” Democrats on Capitol Hill are reviving their defeated gun sales watch list, and they’ve got an enthusiastic ally in Republican Party…

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Appeals court: People have no right to carry concealed weapons in Public

  Appeals court: People have no right to carry concealed weapons in Public Last Updated Jun 9, 2016 5:56 PM EDT SAN FRANCISCO — Dealing a blow to gun supporters, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday that Americans do not have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons in public. In a dispute that could ultimately wind up before the Supreme…

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Disabled Navy Vet Left ‘Devastated’ After All of His Guns Are Confiscated — and He Still Can’t ‘Believe’ Why

Disabled Navy Vet Left ‘Devastated’ After All of His Guns Are Confiscated — and He Still Can’t ‘Believe’ Why       A disabled U.S. Navy veteran in Glendale, Arizona, is “devastated” after he says police confiscated 28 of his guns, valued at over $25,000, after a neighbor made “false” allegations that he threatened him. Credit: AP Rick Bailey, a…

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Do you have the right to protect your life and your family’s? — Hilary says NO!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=IoQf9A57tgI&app=desktop If you believe in your God-given right to self-defense this is an ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH and then share it with everyone in your network!


SHOCK: COURT DELIVERS MASSIVE SECOND AMENDMENT RULING… THIS IS VERY BAD A court in Connecticut ruled Wednesday that a suit against the company that manufactured the gun used in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting could go forward despite a 2005 federal law prohibiting such suits. According to the Washington Examiner, the families of the victims filed suit against the…

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Gun Owners of America Backs Cruz: ‘Rubio Owes Cruz an Apology’ on Gun Control Statements

Gun Owners of America Backs Cruz: ‘Rubio Owes Cruz an Apology’ on Gun Control Statements   When Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was a local commissioner in Florida in 1999, he voted to ban guns from local parks. Now, politicians make mistakes. And honest politicians “fess up” and move on. Rubio’s problem is that, when Senator Ted Cruz called attention to Rubio’s anti-gun…

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Sheriff Palmer in Oregon declares he is a Constitutional Sherif- will yours?

Not sure why Sheriff Palmer sent this to VP Biden? He should have sent it to President Obama and every US congressman. That said, declaring he will stand up to protect his citizens from an overreaching federal government is huge. Here in  Florida, Florida Citizens Alliance has  worked tirelessly for the past 3 years to get Florida Legislators to do…

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BREAKING: Court Issues Landmark Ruling on Second Amendment

Yesterday a federal appeals court cast doubt on the constitutionality of Maryland’s “assault weapon” ban, concluding that the law imposes a “substantial burden” on the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms and should therefore be subject to “strict scrutiny.” The decision, by a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit, sends the…

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A Florida bill to be entitled Second Amendment Preservation-12 states have already done this

  A Florida bill to be entitled Second Amendment Preservation Editorial Comment: This bill was put into both the House and Senate bill drafting, but we could not get legislators in either House to to stand up and use all of the US Constitution to protect your God-given right to protect you and your family from federal overreach! Bill Summary:…

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BREAKING: Idaho governor signs emergency legislation nullifying future federal gun laws

BREAKING: Idaho governor signs emergency legislation nullifying future federal gun laws BOISE, March 21, 2014 – On Thursday, Idaho Governor Butch Otter (R) signed a bill, which would effectively nullify future federal gun laws, by prohibiting state enforcement of any future federal act relating to personal firearms, a firearm accessories or ammunition. S1332 passed the house by a vote of 68-0 and…

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Do your rights matter? The power is in your hands!

IF you do nothing else tonight or tomorrow- watch this and reflect! www.youtube.com/watch?v=T424sWq1SkE

Obama overreaches his Constitutional authority- only your states can stop this using the 10th Amendment!

Second Amendment Advocates React to News of Obama’s Upcoming Town Hall on ‘Guns in America’ — and They Don’t Hold Back   President Barack Obama, long an advocate of stricter gun control in the U.S., is teaming up with Anderson Cooper for a one-hour live town hall Thursday on gun control at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. CNN characterized…

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Action Alert: It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan

It Only Took This Army Vet 3 Minutes To Destroy Obama’s Gun Control Plan www.youtube.com/watch?v=imw8YGyPgk4  Action: Call your Florida Legislators: Senate President Gardiner and Senate Chair Judiciary and tell them to stop sitting on SB 300 (Open Carry) and SB 68 (College Carry). Demand they allow the up or down vote in the Judiciary Committee. CALL starting tomorrow and every…

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OBAMA TO ANNOUNCE NEW EXECUTIVE ACTION ON GUNS President Barack Obama is expected to announce in the coming days a new executive action with the goal of expanding background checks on gun sales, people familiar with White House planning said. Described as “imminent,” the set of executive actions would fulfill a promise by the President to take further unilateral steps…

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When will your name show up on “THE LIST”?

“No Fly” List” sounds harmless enough but as with all the other government edicts and unconstitutional overreach…. this should concern all of us. Here’s why .. 1) There are unspecified reasons why someone’s name is added to “The List.” In fact, the criterion for determining who is added to the list is totally secret.  Not even Congress knows what it is….

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A message from one of our very own Florida Sheriffs- where does your sheriff stand?

Please take 6 short minutes and watch this now! Here is one of Sheriff Ivey’s lines “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. Go watch the video and see how our Sheriff takes a stand.         Editorial Comment:  This is truly amazing and Sheriff Ivey is…

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Surviving an active shooter– are you prepared?

www.activeshooter.lasd.org/ youtu.be/DFQ-oxhdFjE

Democrats’ devious gun control measure

Congressional Democrats are trying to build support for an effort to bar gun purchases by terror suspects, hoping to take advantage of the same public anxieties about security that gave Republicans a ringing House victory.[Full Article]

Second Amendment: HB 163 (Open Carry) and HB 4001 (Campus Carry) Passed in the House! Now On to Senate Judiciary.

Both HB 163 and HB 4001 passed in their respective committees in the House thanks to your support. Stand by for the next alert for the Companion Senate bills. For additional info on the previous successful actions: HB 163 HB 4001

Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act

Last week, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act, saying the suit from the Brady Campaign was “without merit.”

Legislator Proposes Bill to Hold Gun Sellers Liable for Criminals’ Conduct

Since the shooting incident of two reporters on live TV in Virginia, the push for gun control, a measure that eventually leads to gun confiscation, resurfaced with vigor because the individual who committed the crime passed a background check to obtain a firearm. In response, Sen. Tom Kaine (D-VA) is proposing legislation that would hold “gun sellers” criminally liable for…

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Guns On Campus Bill Coming Up Before Senate Panel

MIAMI (CBSMiami/NSF) – Amid a national focus on campus shootings, a state Senate committee next week will consider a bill that would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to carry firearms at Florida colleges and universities.

Florida House committee approves bill to allow guns at college

A Republican-led House committee in Florida this week approved a measure that could allow students to carry guns and concealed weapons on college campuses — just two months after a shooter injured three people at a Florida State University library.

Gun club, Facebook clash over 'family night' ads

Gun club, Facebook clash over ‘family night’ ads       The owner of a new Osseo gun club is upset that Facebook refuses to advertise a “family night” shooting range promotion, fresh criticism of the social media website that finds itself at the center of the gun-rights issue nationally. [Full Article]    

Ft. Lauderdale: Concerned Veterans for America Event -Saturday, Aug 1, From 5:30 pm to 8:30

Ft. Lauderdale:  Concerned Veterans for America Event -Saturday, Aug 1, From 5:30 pm to 8:30             Hi everyone! We want to let you know about an upcoming event in our area that you DON’T want to miss. The 2015 Concerned Veterans for America  Defend Freedom Tour stop is headed to Fort Lauderdale this Saturday night! Our…

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Nullification 1, Brady Campaign 0: Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act

Nullification 1, Brady Campaign 0: Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Against Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act goo.gl/Mn8ppi Last week, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Kansas Second Amendment Protection Act, saying the suit from the Brady Campaign was “without merit.” The law, signed by Gov. Sam Brownback in 2013, draws a line in the sand on federal…

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Remember to give thanks and Celebrate our Liberty!

Celebrate our LIBERTY!       Enjoy your family time and remember to give thanks to all the veterans, current military and their families  who know that our liberty must be defended every day!