Constitutional Insights

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The Founding of a Nation on Ideas

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In 1787 the American experiment in self-government was in danger. The country had been founded just 11 years earlier based on ideas that had never before served as principles to guide a nation. In 1776 The Declaration of Independence summarized these ideas. The principles revolved around beliefs in the inalienable rights of the individual, the equality of all men before…

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This week’s Point to Ponder: Are We a Democracy?

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When we understand what a Constitutional Republic really is we become aware of our own responsibilities. We need to know WHY our framers chose a Constitutional Republic. So let me take a shot at explaining. Our framers knew that they wanted to preserve Liberty. They wanted to choose a form of government that would support the Rights of the people…

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Constitutional Insights (introduction to this weekly series)

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Question: Is the U.S. Constitution relevant today? Some argue that it cannot possibly be relevant because our founders could never have foreseen the complex, interconnected world we live in. In addition, some claim it was created by fallible men, and therefore must be imperfect. Others argue that it affirms absolute principles and values that have been time tested through hundreds…

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