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PRESS RELEASE: The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How $594,000 Was Spent On a Bogus Validation Study

For Immediate Release – Sept 1, 2015 The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How Florida has Wasted $594,000 for a Bogus Validation Study Executive Summary The Florida Legislative validation study for K-12 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) mandated by HB 7069 is a sham at every level. The key conclusions from the FSA/AIR final report that repeatedly states the test…

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9.12 Grassroots Summit plus Poll on Presidential Hopefuls

The 9.12 Grassroots Summit is Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT) in Kissimmee, Florida (near Orlando) On Saturday, September 12, join FreedomWorks members from around the country for the 9.12 Grassroots Summit, hosted by Andrew Wilkow. Together with Glenn Beck; GOP Presidential candidates; Congressmen Ted Yoho, Ron DeSantis, Mark Meadows and other members of Congress;…

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Systemic Problems of Pornography in Public Schools

We Have a Problem If you are against Pornography in our Florida Public Schools, this is a MUST-READ-CAREFULLY post. Two weeks ago, Florida Citizens Alliance reported that the Collier County School District was caught promoting pornographic material on its “Summer Reading List” for grades 6 thru 12. This list had been promoted for several weeks via a PDF file on...

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Blind Trust with the Future of Our Children?

OPT OUT NOW and demand an end to Common Core and High Stakes Testing! FSA/AIR* High-Stakes Tests are a SECRET Black Box   *AIR (American Institute of Research) claims to be “One of the world’s largest behavioral and social science research and evaluation organizations” (AKA SOCIAL RE-ENGINEERING) Want to know who can NEVER see what’s inside the SECRET Black Box?...

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No Porn No Indoctrination

MailChimp Browser Link: Grassroots Next Step Common Core workshops

School Boards Opt Out & Nightmare on Monroe Street

This “share link” was accidentally used in two of our mailings.  So, if you’re looking for “Opt Out of FSA, High Stakes Testing & Common Core”, click here. If you’re looking for “Nightmare on Monroe Street”, click here. We apologize for any confusion.

Tell School Boards to Opt Out of FSA, High Stakes Testing & Common Core

We saw some encouraging progress & victories in 2014/2015 and should take a moment to appreciate the ground we’ve gained.  Despite these accomplishments, our state legislature completely missed the mark with their education bill, HB7069, now signed into law by Governor Scott. Some specifics of HB7069: They left the flawed standards in place so we are still teaching our children...

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Progress Report on Grassroots Efforts to Stop Common Core and FSA Testing

The Bottom Line: Our Florida legislators and governor have endorsed “state sponsored child abuse”! The Bad and the Ugly The recently-passed HB 7069 bill (which legislators are proclaiming as a fix to the testing issues) is a complete sham and fraud to protect Jeb Bush. Cut through all the rhetoric and look at the fundamentals. How can a bill that…

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Governor Scott Throws Kids & Families Under the Common Core Bus

Governor Scott has signed the pro-Common Core and pro-high-stakes testing bill (CS/HB 7069).  Obviously this is NOT what we wanted to happen, but it doesn’t mean we’re giving up.  We will be analyzing our efforts and strategizing our next moves in the coming weeks.  This isn’t over yet! Stay tuned!!  Subscribe to the FLCA mailing list to get all the…

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