Assessment of SB 864: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education

This Act was signed into law July 2014 relating to instructional materials for k-12.

This law has some good features and one trap door, repeated several times. We urge you to use the good features and don’t throw the baby out with bath water.

The single bad feature which occurs multiple times in this act is the requirement that School superintendents certify each year that the materials being used are common core compliant but it also requires that all instructional material be certified as accurate. Most common core materials are full of distortions, rewritten history, etc. so you still have serious grounds to challenge materials.

The good parts:

Sec 1 and 1.a1: the district school board has the constitutional duty and responsibility to select and provide adequate instructional materials .not the superintendent

Sec 1.a2-3. The school board must establish a transparent process for parents to review all materials and a formal process to resolve issues

Sec 2a –Specifies that schools board may choose to implement its own instructional materials program- This can be huge because Hillsdale and other homeschool classical literature curriculum can be adopted

Sec 2. 2 a.5- requires establishment of a process that certifies accuracy of all instructional material. Again most Pearson PLC curriculum is full of distortions which your local citizen committee can find and report

Sec 2.2.11- Requires all instructional materials be made available for review by parents

Sec 2.3. 7- Again, Requires school district shall make available upon request for public inspection copies of all instructional materials

Sec 6. Revalidates FS 1003.42 regarding founding values and principles