Affidavits of Testimonies Regarding Objectionable Materials in Curriculum

FLCA supporters have been working tirelessly to advocate in the FL State Legislature for significant changes to the process of what and how Instructional Materials are acquired by our local school districts. Today, the process is essentially a closed process (not in the sunshine) and parents concerns about the objectionable content in many materials are ignored.  Taxpayers and grandparents  without children in public schools have no say whatsoever.

Here are 31 sworn affidavits from parents, grandparents and taxpayers in 10 different counties that tell their personal story of how their concerns with objectionable materials where ignored by their school board.


  1. 17-01-31_Boone_Penny_Brevard.pdf
  2. 17-01-31_Taaffe_Cheryl_Volusia_3.pdf
  3. 17-02-01_Boone_Hamilton_Brevard.pdf
  4. 17-02-02 Cash_Mary_Ellen_Collier.pdf
  5. 17-02-02_Levine_Barbara_Collier.pdf
  6. 17-02-02_Mogil_Michael_Collier.pdf
  7. 17-02-06_Shoemaker_Terrence_Okaloosa.pdf
  8. 17-02-10_Daniel_Lynda_Martin.pdf
  9. 17-02-10_Honeycutt_Alice_Jean_Okaloosa.pdf
  10. 17-02-13_Cintron_Esther_Bonnie_Miami_Dade.pdf
  11. 17-03-15_Valenta_Robert_Lee.pdf
  12. Alison_Rampersad 1_Palm_Beach_county.pdf
  13. David_Bolduc_Collier.pdf
  14. Deirde_Clemons_1_Collier.pdf
  15. Deirdre_Clemons_2_Collier.pdf
  16. Deirdre_Clemons_4_Collier.pdf
  17. Deirdre_Clemons_5_Collier.pdf
  18. Dierdre_Clemons_3_Collier.pdf
  19. Doug_Lewis_1_Collier.pdf
  20. Doyle_Joe_1_Collier.pdf
  21. Doyle_Sandy_1_Collier.pdf
  22. Ed_Wilson_1_Marion.pdf
  23. Jerry_Rutherford_1_Collier.pdf
  24. Keith_Flaugh_1_Collier.pdf
  25. Lamarre.Notargiacomo_Indian_River.pdf
  26. Lee_Dixon_1_Collier.pdf
  27. Peter_Piro_1_Collier.pdf
  28. sue-sommers-columbia.pdf
  29. Yvonne-Isecke_1_Collier.pdf