About Us

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a coalition of citizens and grassroots groups working together through education, outreach and community involvement to advance the ideals and principles of liberty.  We believe these include but are not limited to individual rights, free markets, and limited government.

FLCA Vision

To inspire a rebirth of liberty in Florida.

FLCA Mission Statement

The Florida Citizens’ Alliance, a coalition of citizens and groups, unites to advance the ideals and principles of liberty including, but not limited to, individual rights, free markets and limited government through education, outreach and community involvement.


Most agree that liberty is not “freedom” in that the individual isn’t free to satisfy his every whim or wanton desire at the expense of others. So it makes sense to think about liberty or individual rights as freedom tempered by some form of moral principles and values. We have defined a set of “core values” to guide our efforts.  These core values, along with a firm belief in individual rights as our Founders and the Constitution define them, make up two of the three key elements of the foundation of our alliance. Self-reliance completes the foundation that allows us to work together regardless of political party.

Absolute self-reliance would require total isolation from fellow human beings.  This is neither practical nor desirable.  We can only build true self-reliance through local community.  Therefore, humans must interact, which requires that there be rules for interaction.  To avoid the anarchy of an “every man for himself” scenario, we must embrace the notion of limited but necessary government.  But to prevent any such government from going beyond what is strictly necessary, we must always ask ourselves “What is the role of government in the lives of free citizens?” The answer: the most important single function of government is to secure the rights and freedoms of individual citizens.  The vast majority of governance should be through local governments and sovereign states.   We, the people have a much better chance of influencing government at the local and state levels, so it is critical to ensure that these levels of government retain the power to protect their citizens by limiting the federal government and its ubiquitous overreach of powers.

The combined elements of our foundation are the “lens” through which we view the world. That lens allows us to identify issues that violate the principles represented in that foundation.  We don’t have unlimited resources and therefore cannot address all ills at once.  So we try to select the most critical of these issues, and identify initiatives we can undertake to address them.

Overall, the mission of the Florida Citizens’ Alliance is to provide tools and support for decentralized region-by-region and county-by-county efforts to empower citizens who are interested in preserving their individual liberty to work together within their communities and counties to advance a rebirth of liberty in Florida.