About FLCA

Who We Are

Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a grass roots alliance of individuals and groups providing common sense solutions for K-12 education in Florida. We are a non-profit, 501c3 volunteer alliance united by the belief that education is foundational to the preservation of liberty.

What motivates us:

Our establishment education system is failing America’s students academically, civically and morally. Florida children are being indoctrinated in a public-school system that undermines their individual rights and destroys our founding principles and family values.

What We Do:

Through legislative action, factual and unbiased research, county based reform groups and insightful online content, Florida Citizens’ Alliance provides common sense solutions for improving K-12 education in Florida.

What Beliefs Guide Us:

We believe in the potential of every child and work to allow every student the opportunity to succeed. We believe schools should provide students with academic excellence and principled civic awareness.

For students to realize their potential, we believe education reform must be characterized by:

  1. Innovation,
  2. Free market competition and
  3. Parental choice.

These ideals require a foundational emphasis on our nation’s founding principles, individual rights, family values and the US Constitution. A strong foundation helps ensure lasting reform rather than short term gains.