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We have Exciting News and are very proud to announce that we have redesigned our Florida Citizens’ Alliance website to build a broader base for growth, and increase grassroots support for you/our supporters.  Our new site:

  • Better describes our Mission, Action Initiatives and Foundational Principles.
  • Improves our marketing outreach for our two initiatives of K-12 Education Reform (“Common Sense, NOT Common Core”) and 2nd Amendment Preservation.
  • Provides a trusted resource library of information and tools for you to use in your local action groups.
  • Helps you to share your local findings and actions with other groups and activists in Florida.

Regarding K-12  Education reform:

Many of you ask for this. During this past May through July, we traveled the state and held Next Step Workshops  in 9 different locations to create our K-12 Education Reform plans for 2015-16.  You helped us create this 3 pillar action plan for replacing Common Core with local control and also you told us that you need a trusted source of information and action items.

Regarding 2nd Amendment Preservation

We have proposed a simple non-compliance legislative template and continue to work with GOA (Gun Owners of America) and NAGR (National Association for Gun Rights). Our challenge is that we have not yet been successful at finding a Florida House Rep or Florida Senator willing to use the entire U .S. Constitution and  state sovereignty (10th Amendment)  to champion a bill to protect your right to keep and bear arms. Twelve (12) states have passed similar legislation to protect their citizens from federal overreach on the 2nd Amendment. We need your collective voices to YOUR legislators to spur them to action!

We are tirelessly passionate about or goal to eliminate federal overreach, and are equally committed to strengthen our relationship with you and other like-minded organizations across Florida!

We welcome you to explore our new site and provide us with your feedback/continuing thoughts for improving our messaging and tools.

I know you will agree that we are much stronger when we work together and definitely need to find more effective ways to hold elected officials accountable to our constitutional values!

Please use the content and tools on our new website to improve your local outreach!

This is a very comprehensive website with a LOT of information and functionality.  There are still a number of things we plan to do to the website to improve its usability.  Our objective is to provide a website that gives you what you need to participate in the battles.  We would LOVE to hear from you if you have some ideas about how we can improve, or if you have any problems, or if you have any questions about how/where to find something.  So please contact us with your thoughts, ideas & feedback.


The Details:  a high-level look at the new website, it’s sections and some of its functions


The Home Page


A) Main menu:  appears on almost every page and provides access to all main areas of the website.  Some menu tabs have drop-down sub-menus.

B) “Headlines”:  high-priority action items and/or important news items.

C) Current Initiatives:  the initiatives currently being focused on by FLCA (clickable).


Initiative Pages

Each of the initiatives being tracked by FLCA will have its own landing page which serves as a kind of home page for that initiative.  While the sections on each initiative’s landing page may differ slightly, the overall structure of the pages will be very similar.

A) Problem, Solution, Strategy button:  click to access high-level background information about the initiative itself.

B) “Headlines”:  similar to the Headlines section of the home page, this section contains high-priority action items and/or important news items related specifically to the selected initiative.

C) Actions: actions you can take to help make progress in addressing the selected initiative.  While any actions in the Headlines section are current, high-priority actions, this section provides access to all currently-available actions that can be taken for that initiative.  The Actions list may or may not be further divided into action subcategories.

D) News and Resources:  the News section lists articles of interest from various sources that are designed to keep you updated on what’s going on related to the initiative.  the Recently Added Resources section lists the most recent additions to initiative resources (more on Resources below), as well as a button to access all resources for the initiative.



The new version of FLCA’s website focuses a great deal on providing resources that can be used by people who are interested in the FLCA initiatives.  There are a number of ways to access the numerous categories of resources:

  • The main menu has a “Resources” tab which expands to show a drop-down selection of resources for each of FLCA’s major initiatives.
  • Each initiative page shows the most recent additions to the resource library, as well as providing a button to access a list of all resources for the initiative.
  • Accessing any particular resource will display that resource as well as a sidebar which provides navigation through the initiative’s resource library.

All the major resource lists are in a folder/tree format, similar to the format of folders-within-folders on a computer.  For example, this is a portion of the resource list that comes up when you select “Common Sense Not Common Core” from the “Resources” drop-down in the navigation menu:

A) Resource Categories: the list of all resource categories currently available for the initiative.  The naming convention of the categories may change, and we may add, change, delete and/or merge categories over time.

B) Expansion Symbols: if you see a little triangle on a category line, it means there are subcategories within that category.  Even subcategories can have subcategories.  For example:

C) Resource search: Near most of the resource lists, you will also find a search box that searches within the initiatives resources ONLY.

D) Recently Added Resources:  a list of the 5 most recently added resources within the initiative.

NOTE:  some of the categories contain what we would describe as”bulk” posts.  To make this large resource library available to you as quickly as possible, we have chosen to put lists of multiple resources inside a single resource post.  For example:

Over time, we are likely to break these bulk posts up so that there is a single resource per post.  Some of the resource categories have bulk posts AND individual resource posts.

Your Opinion Matters

We welcome and encourage feedback on how we can make the site more useful to you.  If anything seems confusing, if you think we’re missing important categories, if the categories we have are not clear to you, etc. — please let us know.  We’ve designed this website for you, not for us, and we will be constantly seeking to improve website content & organization based on feedback we receive.