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(2017) Oct. 2017 Objectionable Materials Curriculum Report

October 2017 Objectionable Materials Curriculum Report This FLCA Florida curriculum analysis identifies specific objectionable materials found in Florida schools by Citizen Watchdog committees.  The assessment was completed by teams in Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Volusia, Brevard, Marion, Lake and Okaloosa counties. English Language Arts Pornography (violations of 847.012) FL DOE Sunshine Reader List criteria (effectively bans classical literature) Social Studies Reconstructed…

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Affidavits of Testimonies Regarding Objectionable Materials in Curriculum

FLCA supporters have been working tirelessly to advocate in the FL State Legislature for significant changes to the process of what and how Instructional Materials are acquired by our local school districts. Today, the process is essentially a closed process (not in the sunshine) and parents concerns about the objectionable content in many materials are ignored.  Taxpayers and grandparents  without…

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Assessment of SB 864: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education

This Act was signed into law July 2014 relating to instructional materials for k-12. This law has some good features and one trap door, repeated several times. We urge you to use the good features and don’t throw the baby out with bath water. The single bad feature which occurs multiple times in this act is the requirement that School…

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Florida Rep. Marlene O’Toole and Senator John Legg kill Instructional Materials Bill

For Immediate Release, Feb.1, 2016                                                                                           Florida Rep. Marlene O’Toole and Senator John Legg, despite overwhelming support of 21 sponsors and co-sponsors in the legislature and the Florida Coalition of School Board Members, have decided unilaterally to kill Instructional Materials bills SB1018/HB899 without even holding a single hearing. They are abusing their power and bowing to the pressure of publishers and…

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Op Ed: Vital K-12 Education legislation Sidelined by Rep O’Toole and Sen. Legg

Legislative session is about to wrap up, yet vital education legislation has been sidelined by Education Committee Chairs Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole. Here is a quick recap: In July Gov Scott signed into law (FS. 1006.283) the K-12 Curriculum Bill sponsored by Senator Hays(SB 864).  Its purpose was to assign each school board the constitutional responsibility to select and…

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For Immediate Release:Collier County School District and Board defends Pornographic Materials in our Florida Public Schools

For Immediate Release, June 12, 2015 Collier County School District and Board defends Pornographic Materials in our Florida Public Schools For Immediate Release, June 12, 2015 Collier County School District and Board defends Pornography Materials in our Florida Public Schools Two weeks ago, Florida Citizens Alliance reported that The Collier County School District was caught promoting pornographic material on its…

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(2016) Marion County Text Book validation of objectionable materials found in other school districts

Marion County Text Book validation of materials found in other school districts This confirms ” at least some” of books with objectionable obscene material found in Collier, Brevard and Volusia Counties are in Marion Novels in Question: Our school libraries have the following titles: Angela’s Ashes The Women of Brewster Place The Awakening Clockwork Orange The Bluest Eye Beloved The Truth…

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FLCA Press Release: 2017 Instructional Materials companion bills filed in the Florida House and Senate.

For Immediate Release:  2017 Instructional Materials companion bills filed in the Florida House and Senate.   WHAT:  SB 1210 and HB 989 companion bills were filed last week by Sen. Tom Lee and Rep. Byron Donalds. These are “fixit” companion bills to a very “well-intentioned” Senate Bill passed into law in 2014, but not implemented by a single school district. …

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(2016) Lake County review of Objectionable Instructional Materials

Lake County report  

2016 legislative Instructional Materials bill SB 1018/HB899

This is the Executive Summary and the actual Instructional Materials “Fix It “Bill that was filed in both the FL Senate and House by Senator Hays and Rep Pilon. The original law was very well intentioned to return the Constitutional authority to the School Board to be responsible for all curriculum used in their district. It was designed to have…

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Leon educators say ‘instructional materials’ bill not needed

  By Ryan Dailey, Tallahassee Democrat  A bill making its way through the Legislature may soon allow any taxpayer to object to instructional materials in Florida public schools. But some Leon County educators say the legislation is unnecessary. House Bill 989 is being championed by Rep. Byron Donalds, a Republican from Naples, and backed by activists opposed to teachings on…

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“How to” Suggestions for creating and managing a Curriculum Education Watchdog Committee in your county

Start with a small group of like-minded parents, grandparents and interested taxpayers. The effort is best if it is non-partisan, but suggest you try to include several parents with mix of middle and high school students, one homeschool parent, a business person, and at least one clergy/ church elder. Agree on your scope ( I.E. Intent should be to focus…

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847.011 Prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene, lewd, etc., materials

847.011 Prohibition of certain acts in connection with obscene, lewd, etc., materials; penalty.— (1)(a) Except as provided in paragraph (c), any person who knowingly sells, lends, gives away, distributes, transmits, shows, or transmutes, or offers to sell, lend, give away, distribute, transmit, show, or transmute, or has in his or her possession, custody, or control with intent to sell, lend, give away,…

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(2015) Religious Indoctrination in Florida School Districts: Citizens for National Security Report of 25 Florida Textbooks

Religious Indoctrination in Florida School Districts: Citizens for National Security Report of 25 Florida Textbooks Citizens for National Security, a nonprofit,501©(3) Public Charity, has created and extensive 101 page assessment of 25 Florida  K-12 textbooks that specifically outline “egregious errors, glaring omissions, questionable inclusions or political, ethical, cultural and other biases that clearly seek to foster an Islamic agenda” Their…

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CS/SB 864: Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education

Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education; Providing that the district school board has the constitutional duty and responsibility to select and provide adequate instructional materials for all students; providing requirements for a district instructional materials program and district school board rules relating thereto; deleting provisions regarding the adoption of certain instructional materials for mathematics; providing that the act does not…

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Polk schools expect easy transition to new state process for challenging instructional materials

Article by Madison Fantozzi  of the Ledger A new law requiring school districts to hear complaints from residents about instructional materials in schools has received backlash in a handful of counties across the state, but the Polk County School District expects a smooth transition coming into compliance with the regulations. BARTOW — A new law requiring school districts to hear complaints…

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Systemic Problems of Pornography in Public Schools

We Have a Problem If you are against Pornography in our Florida Public Schools, this is a MUST-READ-CAREFULLY post. Two weeks ago, Florida Citizens Alliance reported that the Collier County School District was caught promoting pornographic material on its “Summer Reading List” for grades 6 thru 12. This list had been promoted for several weeks via a PDF file on...

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Objectives and Alternatives for Objectionable Textbooks

Our objective is twofold: FIRST: To get CCPS to work with textbook publishers to fix errors/omissions. Several years ago Truth in Texas Textbooks (TNT) carefully reviewed 13 social studies books, most of them by Pearson/Prentice, McGraw  Hill and Houghton/Mifflin. They found 1500 errors, key omissions of fact, and bias. According to TNT, Pearson and McGraw Hill fixed 60% of the…

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Resources > Common Core > Laws and Statutes > Additional Materials

This post contains links to Florida’s federal education grants US Congressional ESSA (Every Child Succeeds Act) and other state statutes and articles.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 By Cassidy Syftestad A new Florida law empowers residents to contest objectionable public school curriculum materials in open public hearings. House Bill 989 “authorizes a parent or a county resident to object to the use of a specific instructional material and requires the process provide the parent or resident the opportunity to proffer evidence to the district school…

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Orlando Sentinel acknowledges progress with SB 1210 and HB 989 Instructional Materials bills

Florida residents who view state-approved school textbooks as “too liberal” and some books in school libraries as inappropriate have persuaded state lawmakers to push legislation that would make it easier for them to object to classroom materials they don’t like. “Today, parents are purposely blocked from being involved in their children’s education,” said Hamilton Boone, a Brevard County father who…

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Analysis of Current Florida Statutes that apply to k-12 Instructional Materials

Ed Wilson from Marion County and a member of FLCA’s Advisory Council has done an excellent assessment to identify all current statutes that relate to instruction materials. Here is the link The first 2 pages are a summary and his views on how they have been implemented and the additional pages are the actual language in each of the statutes where…

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Promotional Marketing Materials

Here are a few marketing materials we can order. In addition, we can order yard signs if needed.

Legg & O’Toole Block Hearings on Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education Bills! Sound Off!

Disappointed? Yes. Defeated? NEVER! Senator Legg and Representative Marlene O’Toole refused to allow hearings on SB 1018 and HB 899 (Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education).  They believe they know better about instructional materials for your children and grandchildren. Call and then send them a message. Let them know that we all believe in local control for our schools and...

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Oops! Study Shows Computer Use in School Doesn’t Help Test Scores

In the next Families and Education Levy for Seattle, hundreds of millions of dollars are being earmarked for tech upgrades and computers. Needless to say, this is mostly in anticipation of computer testing but it also sets the stage for the use of computers to teach lessons, replacing teachers with the “blended learning” approach that has become the rage with…

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COMPANION REPORT 50-State Comparison: Civic Education by HUNTER RAILEY, JAN BRENNAN

READ this  companion report to the updated 50-State Comparison: Civic Education Policies provides an overview of state legislation related to civic education. Then Ask yourself ” So why is this happening??”

OUR PLAN IS WORKING! Shout out to local teams making it happen!

A huge SHOUT OUT to FLCA supporters in Polk, Sarasota, Manatee and Flagler County. OUR PLAN IS WORKING! Senator Lee and Rep Donalds are enthusiastically driving companion bills SB1210 and HB 989 Instructional Materials bills! 27 county teams spent the energy to present the concepts of this bill to their legislative meetings before the 2017 Legislative session starts Mar 7th….

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K-12 Instructional Materials Bill Clears Major Hurdle!

The FLCA Instructional Materials bill that is being championed by FL House Representative Byron Donalds just passed its 2nd of 3 committee referrals in the FL House! Only one more before it goes to the House floor!

Governor Scott Signs CS/HB 989 K-12 Instructional Materials Bill! Let’s Start Undoing the Anti-Second Amendment Indoctrination of Our Kids!

Second  Amendment Supporters: Our kids are being indoctrinated in our public schools, and being taught that our 2nd Amendment right to self-defense is outdated. They are being taught to support gun control and depend on government to protect them. Well here’s some good news: we have received word that Governor Scott signed our CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials bill into law on Monday, June 26th! Even if you don’t have children in school, CS/HB 989 gives you the legal right to engage your school boards to clean up the textbooks and get rid of the anti-2nd  amendment indoctrination.

Materials Review Template

This template will help organize your review/feedback related to reviews of text books and other materials.

TOUCHDOWN! Governor Scott Signs CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials Bill! Let’s CELEBRATE!

We have received word that Governor Scott signed our CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials bill into law on Monday, June 26th! Together . . . we can . . . and did . . . make a difference! So CELEBRATE!

Florida Curriculum Bill Deserves Senate Support by Bill Korach

Key Florida Curriculum Bill Deserves Senate Support By Bill Korach This morning I spoke with Keith Flaugh of Florida Citizens Alliance who is supporting House bill HB 989 and its companion in the Senate SB 1210 are now working their way through the legislative process. The Florida Citizens’ Alliance (FLCA) is a coalition of citizens and grassroots groups working together through education,…

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PRESS RELEASE: The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How $594,000 Was Spent On a Bogus Validation Study

For Immediate Release – Sept 1, 2015 The Facts About Florida Standardized Tests and How Florida has Wasted $594,000 for a Bogus Validation Study Executive Summary The Florida Legislative validation study for K-12 Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) mandated by HB 7069 is a sham at every level. The key conclusions from the FSA/AIR final report that repeatedly states the test…

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Redirect: October 2015 Tally Report

ThePulse2016 Report Card: Common Core

Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul lead the pack with A-‘s By Emmett McGroarty on August 19, 2015 Four years ago, Common Core was considered a “done deal,” uncontroversial and approved by Democrats and Republican leaders alike. It had been pushed into 45 states without notice to legislators and parents alike. Today, Common Core and related educational issues of local control of…

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Progress Report on Grassroots Efforts to Stop Common Core and FSA Testing

The Bottom Line: Our Florida legislators and governor have endorsed “state sponsored child abuse”! The Bad and the Ugly The recently-passed HB 7069 bill (which legislators are proclaiming as a fix to the testing issues) is a complete sham and fraud to protect Jeb Bush. Cut through all the rhetoric and look at the fundamentals. How can a bill that…

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Senate’s 2nd Reading of K-12 Instructional Materials Bill CS 1210 on May 2, 2017: Tell Your Senator to Vote YES

Progress continues! K-12 Instructional Materials bill CS 1210 is headed back to the senate floor for “2nd reading”. The bill must pass “second reading” in the full senate to continue forward, and then a “third reading” on Wednesday May 3rd. Contact your senator and tell him/her to vote YES on CS1210!

K-12 Instructional Materials Bills: Nearing the Finish Line!

Thursday afternoon, April 20th, 2017 — the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee passed CS/SB 1210 unanimously, 16-0! Now the bill moves on for a full Senate vote. A short while later the Florida House of Representatives passed CS/HB 989 with a very strong positive vote: YEAS 94, NAYS 25!

Instructional Materials Bill: Headed for Senate Appropriations Committee Vote — Urgent Action Required!

This Senate Appropriations Committee hearing is our bill’s last stop before it goes to the full Senate. It must be approved by this committee to advance for a full Senate vote. You are making a HUGE impact on the progress of these bills!

Instructional Materials Bill Passes Florida Senate!

This Senate Appropriations Committee hearing is our bill’s last stop before it goes to the full Senate. It must be approved by this committee to advance for a full Senate vote. You are making a HUGE impact on the progress of these bills!

PRESS RELEASE: Florida Citizens Alliance joins lawsuit to stop the political indoctrination of Collier students. For Immediate Release, May 31, 2017: Florida Citizens Alliance joins lawsuit to stop the political indoctrination of Collier students. Florida Citizens Alliance has decided, “Enough is enough!”  We are now an active participant along with Collier parents in a lawsuit for an emergency injunction to stop this “flawed” textbook adoption process. This lawsuit was filed today, May 31st ,…

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Instructional Materials Bill PCS 989 Passes Full FL House Education Committee

House Instructional Materials bill PCS 989 that we have all been working so hard for just passed the full Florida House Education committee by a vote of 16 to 2. This was the bill’s final House committee and now will go to the House Floor for a vote!

Instructional Materials Review Index

Click on county name in the table below to go directly to Instructional Material (IM) Reviews for that particular county.  Only counties with IM reviews currently available will be listed.  As more IM reviews are added, more counties will be added as well. To the best of our ability, given information available, we have attempted to use the following conventions...

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2017 ~ Collier Materials Review ~ K-5 ~ History & Social Studies ~ “Florida Social Studies (varied subtitles)” ~ 2013 ~ isbn: various

This series is designed as a consumable. This means that students will be able to write in them, cut out vocabulary foldables and take home the text for homework. For this reason, choosing these texts is expensive and involves reordering books every academic year. If administrators do not want to have the books used as consumables it would be better to find another text suitable to that plan.

UPDATE: K-12 Instructional Materials Bill 989 on Governor Scott’s Desk!

UPDATE: We first published this post and action item in mid-May. The K-12 Instructional Materials bill is now actually and officially on Governor Scott’s desk. Please take a moment to send an email encouraging him to sign, then call his office and do the same.

(2015) “Florida Collections” High school textbook: this is a sample of req’d reading in AP English found in Collier County.

Video by Deirdre Clemons, educator and mother of 10 Florida Collections– by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Published-2013. Below is just a sample of req’d reading in AP English found in Collier County in this book. This collection is full of many, many stories teaching our children they are victims; stories of marital infidelity, promiscuity, masturbation; last thoughts as bullet enters…

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SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME! Action Alert for K-12 Materials Bill: Committee Hearing THIS MONDAY!

We have made progress on moving these bills forward, and have previously asked you to take some action to continue the momentum. Your actions are having an effect! We’d like to thank House bill sponsor Byron Donalds and current co-sponsors.

Progress is good, but we MUST continue the push!

2016 Talking points for urging Co-sponsor for Instructional Materials SB 1018 and companion HB899

Here are the talking points for urging your local State House Rep and State Senator to co-sponsor these very important companion bills. Call today to set up a meeting or,as backup, do a conference call.

9/24/2015 Volusia School Board Requests More Local Control Over Education

9/24/2015  Volusia School Board Requests More Local Control Over Education On Tuesday the Volusia County School Board members unanimously approved a proposed state legislation request titled the “District School Board Educational Innovation and Home Rule Powers Act.” The purpose of the legislation is to extend the same flexibility granted to all charter schools to district school boards. Florida school districts…

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MAJOR PROGRESS: K-12 Instructional Materials Bills Are Filed!

Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) and many of you have been working hard for past 18 months on bills for Florida K-12 Instructional Materials. Your hard work has paid off: companion bills have been filed in the House and Senate! Take action to help ensure passage!

REDIRECT: MAJOR PROGRESS: K-12 Instructional Materials Bills Are Filed!

K-12 Instructional Materials Bills SB 1210 & HB 989: Status Update and Action Required

We have made progress on moving these bills forward, and have previously asked you to take some action to continue the momentum. Your actions are having an effect! We’d like to thank House bill sponsor Byron Donalds and current co-sponsors.

Progress is good, but we MUST continue the push!

Alert! Local Actions to Support Passage of 2017 K-12 Instructional Materials Bills

Our goal is passage in both houses and signed into law by Governor Scott Now that K-12 Instructional Materials bills have been filed in the Florida senate (SB1210) and Florida house (HB989), it's time to get your local representatives involved in supporting them.  The ultimate goal is to get both chambers of the legislature to pass the bills and to...

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REDIRECT: Local Actions To Support Passage Of 2017 K-12 Instructional Materials Bills

New Florida Law Lets Residents Challenge School Textbooks

New Florida Law Lets Residents Challenge School Textbooks by Greg Allen, NPR A new Florida state law allows parents, and any residents, challenge the use of textbooks and instructional materials they find objectionable via an independent hearing. Keith Flaugh is a retired IBM executive living in Naples, Fla., and a man with a mission. He describes it as “getting the…

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Documentation for your county’s 2016/17 Legislative Delegation meeting.

  This post contains the individual links for the talking points and hand out K-12 Education Package Please click on each item and print it! Legislative Delegation Education Talking Points Comparison of your County’s High school grades 2015-16 US News and World Report vs proprietary Florida Grades—30-40 pt gap  (Print single chart for your County) Handout Package for each legislator,…

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Press Release: Florida Senator Alan Hays and Representative Ray Pilon file companion K-12 Curriculum bills:

Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) has been working on both a comprehensive bill to restore local K-12 education control and a focused curriculum bill to fix the loopholes in SB 864, passed in 2014 as FS 1006.283. We are very pleased to report that Senator Alan Hays and Representative Ray Pilon are championing companion bills to fix FS 1006.283 and its loopholes:  SB…

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In Senate floor speech, Bill Nelson takes aim at Rick Scott and GOP’s ‘war on science’

By Rich Perry, Florida Politics FLCA Editorial comment: This law CS/HB 989 has nothing to do with “science deniers”. It does have everything to do with the political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history/founding values and the age in-appropriate  pornography in our public school instructional materials.  Check out the facts in this Objectionable Materials Report.  Bill Nelson took to the floor of…

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State Controlled Child Abuse? We think so!

IT’S OFFICIAL:  Senator Legg and Rep. O’Toole have killed the Sen. Hays/Rep. Pilon "Instructional Materials for K-12 Public Education" bill for this legislative cycle. The Villains are : John Legg Marlene O'Toole Of course we are frustrated and even angry that, despite overwhelming legislative support with 24 sponsors and co-sponsors, these two “elected officials” abuse their power to further abuse...

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(2016) Do our Children and their future matter? We think so!

Project Veritas undercover videos of national textbook publishers. This is the same group that did the Planned Parenthood videos.   This video makes it very clear why school boards need to require indemnification/warranty from the publishers for all purchased textbooks and materials. Today, IT is about the money, not the children and instructional materials publishers, should be required to produce  quality, factual…

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SWFL Citizens Alliance delivers 605 signed petitions to Collier School Board

The Naples Daily News edited my letter to the editor so here is the original submission intact. PS. Action Alert: Letters to the editor and petitions like this are a great way to grow awareness and support for local control in your school district!   It is time to stop this nonsense and started abiding by the Florida Constitution, Article…

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Statute 1003-42 Assessment: Founding Principles and Values

1003.42 Assessment This statute has some really excellent and useful requirements for k-12 instruction in Florida Schools. Pay particular attention to Sections 2a-f requiring that our schools teach our founding principles and values: (a) The history and content of the Declaration of Independence, including national sovereignty, natural law, self-evident truth, equality of all persons, limited government, popular sovereignty, and inalienable rights…

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(2016) Project Veritas undercover videos of national textbook publishers

                                      Have you see the Project Veritas undercover videos of national textbook publishers. This is the same group that did the Planned Parenthood videos.   This video makes it very clear why school boards need to require indemnification/warranty from the publishers for all purchased textbooks and materials. Today, IT is about the money, not the children and instructional materials publishers, should…

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Reuters: Florida lawmakers pass bill making it easier to challenge textbooks

Reuters: Florida lawmakers pass bill making it easier to challenge textbooks By Bernie Woodall Reuters The Florida Senate on Friday narrowly passed a measure that would allow more people to object to textbooks and classroom materials used in public schools, a move opponents warn could result in censorship of controversial topics. The bill lets any resident seek a hearing to have…

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Collier School Grading System Has Become Very Self-Serving

On May 24th local activists encouraged the Collier County Board of County Commissioners to rescind their April 26th CCPS Proud Proclamation. Here are a few problem points with the CCPS Proud Proclamation: “Whereas” clause 9: “Collier County Public School students have increased performance on state tests as evidenced by the percentage of students meeting or exceeding the state average from 33 percent to…

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Top 12 Concerns About Every Student Succeeds Act (S 1177 & HR 5)

Top 12 Concerns About Every Student Succeeds Act (S 1177 & HR 5) The information below is a collaboration between Mary Byrne, EdD of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core, Emmett McGroarty of American Principles Project, Jane Robbins of American Principles Project, Erin Tuttle of Hoosiers Against Common Core, Karen Effrem, MD of Education Liberty Watch and Florida Stop Common Core…

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(2015) Check these books for use FL Schools: Truth in Texas Textbooks

Below is a list/assessment of text books used in Texas. As you will note many are from Pearson, PLC and its subsidiaries ( Pearson now owns 80 + % of all Instructional Materials delivery in the US ( textbooks and on-line lesson plans). Pearson, PLC is a British company whose 3rd and 4th largest shareholders are Islamic based companies or…

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What Do Millions Of Families Experience About Education That Your Children Are Missing Growing Up In?

“It’s people like you and me — not just institutions — that need to reimagine the role of learning in our lives by spending more time following our curiosity, exploring, creating, sharing and experimenting with our ideas. Foster a learning mindset in ourselves and the people we care about to navigate the challenges of 21st century living that require us to be constantly learning, adapting and developing our skills. Re-imagining learning and education in this new era should start with asking some big questions about how we can better harness human potential. We desperately need to help more people develop their innate talents and gifts in the service of the greater good.”

Feb 2, 2016: A Open Letter to Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole from Janet McDonald, Flagler School Board

Feb 2, 2016: A Open Letter to Senator Legg and Representative O’Toole from Janet McDonald, Flagler School Board With a record number of cosponsors for SB 1018 and HB899 and a 5 year chorus from parents, teachers, community members and students requesting local decision making to correct inappropriate materials and pedagogy that is embedded in the common core/Florida Standards curriculum/materials/testing…

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(2015) NEAP reports only 26% of FL students proficient in Math

Parent letter regarding Florida National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only 26 percent of eight graders scored at the proficient or advanced levels in math Dear School Board, As you know, under Florida law you are responsible for the adoption and approval of the District’s math curriculum and instructional materials.   You should also know that  math scores for Florida’s eighth…

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1003.42 – Required instruction

1003.42 Required instruction.— (1) Each district school board shall provide all courses required for middle grades promotion, high school graduation, and appropriate instruction designed to ensure that students meet State Board of Education adopted standards in the following subject areas: reading and other language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, health and physical education, and the arts. The state board must…

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(2015) Parent letters: Requesting specific answers to documented Curriculum issues with APUSH

From: Douglas Lewis [] Sent: Friday, December 18, 2015 4:51 PM To: Aune, Peggy (Margaret) Subject: Re: AP US History Course   Thank you for your e-mail today. However, kindly provide answers to the following questions given the widely-reported defects in the US AP curriculum:   As fifty-five (55) distinguished scholars (who published an open letter on June 2, 2015) are…

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Common Core Train Wreck

With FLCA URL (click to access full-size image): “Common Core is much more than just standards”.  It is a train wreck made up of these 4 parts: – The “engine” is the next iteration of Race to the Top and No Child Left behind on steroids. The standards treat every child as just a cog in the machine. These standards…

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PRESS RELEASE: Florida Citizens Alliance responds to APNEWS

MARCO ISLAND, Fla., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — A recent Associated Press article grossly mischaracterized the bill the Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) strongly supported and Governor Scott signed into law. The article led readers to believe the FLCA wants to shut down conversation about important issues, ban books and promote a narrow ideology. That is a complete distortion of our aspirations and intentions. This…

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Recap of FLCA trip to Tallahassee this past week.

Recap of Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) trip to Tallahassee this past week.   For those not aware, the Florida Legislature is in the Committee Week process now. Since this is not an election year, they had their first committee week in Sept. and are meeting 3 weeks in Oct, several weeks  in November and again in December. The actual session…

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Florida Bogus FSA Validity study with supporting documentation

This posting contains supporting documents for the attempt by the Florida Legislature to cover its tracks and legal exposure for subjecting 2.7 million Florida Students to the high stakes FSA/AIR tests given in 2015. The tests where purchased from AIR ( American Institute for Research) for $230+ million Dollars.

Charter School Rejects Common Core and Ranks #1  

The Newman Report by Alex Newman Teaching phonics is crucial to teaching reading when dealing with a phonetic writing system such as the one used in the English language. Memorizing so-called “sight words,” by contrast, is mental poison, or Thalidomide for the brain as my friend and colleague Dr. Sam Blumenfeld used to say. As if more evidence was…

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If Parents Knew What Their Children Were Reading, They Wouldn’t Like It!

If parents knew what their children were reading, they wouldn’t like it! The question, “What should students read in school?” has a simple answer which has stood the test of time… Demand less “twaddle” and insist on one classic book choice at a time! A classic is a popular book, song, work of art or useful tool that is philosophical and evokes universal understanding. As a result of seeing directly into the universal truth that is born through spending time growing up in a world of classics we see our own genius and therefore cultivate what our service in the world will be.

Truth in Textbooks Project

We are working toward a building a string relationship with “Truth in Textbooks” to utilize their process  and training to make us more productive in Review Instructional Materials in Florida school districts. TNT focuses primarily on Socials Studies. The have agreed in principle to train 40-50 reviewers, starting with their on-line course and real life workshop. Their next class begins…

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Judge Shenko Denies Motion for Temporary Injunction in Collier Textbook Case; Children Endure the Consequences

As many of you are aware, Florida Citizens’ Alliance and three Collier County parents filed suit against the Collier school board on May 31, 2017. On June 6, we [plaintiffs] filed a Motion for Temporary Injunction to halt the Collier School Board from approving on June 13th the six-million-dollar purchase of textbooks reviewed and approved out of the sunshine. The hearing on the injunction was held June 12, 2017 and on June 13, 2017 Collier Circuit Court Judge James R. Shenko denied the request. Help us continue this fight!

Take ownership of your children’s Future… Opt Out!

OPT OUT can meaning opting out of high stakes testing or opting out of government indoctrination. You decide but don’t opt-in to the destruction of your child’s future! We encourage every Parent/Grandparent/Guardian who is paying attention to home school or work with other parents to create a Coop/Umbrella school. Alert: many of the Private and Christian Schools have been co-opted…

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Naples Daily News-Brent Batten: Activists look to change “buy” the book procedures

Naples Daily News-Brent Batten: Activists look to change “buy” the book procedures   What started in Collier County as a disagreement over the way public school textbooks are selected has grown into an issue to be taken up by the Florida Legislature. Bills in the state House and Senate would change the way school districts select classroom material, increasing parental…

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(2015) “Out of Many”, an AP US History textbook Review by Lee County

Here’s a textbook review Chris Quackenbush just completed on Out of Many, an AP US History textbook in use in Lee County. Since most of the school districts buy off the same lists and most of these materials are now produced by Pearson, PLC the odds are very high this book is in your schools. In Addition, Here is a…

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Live Interview Fox 35 Orlando: Florida’s new textbook law

Bob Frier of FOX 35 interviews Keith Flaugh about Florida’s new Textbook law that encourages parents and all residents of each county to review the instructional materials used in our public schools. Many of these materials are riddled with political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, distortion of our founding values and pornography that will shock you. The new law is CS 989.

National media weighs in: “Bill Would Let Floridians Challenge Inappropriate School Material”

Written by  Alex Newman, The New American  Despite legal prohibitions on providing obscene material to minors, public schools in Florida have been using apparently illegal materials including stories for “literature” involving prostitution, lesbianism, gang rape, marital infidelity, masturbation, masochism, abortion, and more. In Florida school districts where materials were examined by parents and activists, there were more than 60 books with hard or soft…

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(2016) Florida School Board Votes to purchase this Biased AP History book- What is your School Board doing?

Recently Martin County School Board (4:1) voted to purchase this AP History book despite full knowledge of its bias and objectionable content.  Here is a link to a fantastic assessment done by local  Martin County Activists  What is your school board doing? Start a Watch Dog group in our county and share examples with concerned activists across the state. We…

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Florida’s Testing Obsession: Threats, Lies, and the Emotional Toll.

Florida’s Testing Obsession: Threats, Lies, and the Emotional Toll.       The end of March put testing season in Florida into full swing and that means Stress with a capital “S.” Many of Florida parents have dealt with the stresses associated with their own children’s state testing. We tell them “it’s only a test” or “do your best.” Some children…

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Check out these 3 recent “Letters to the Editor” in Naples Daily News regarding Collier Public Schools

Election foils by Sandy Doyle Are Collier School Board candidates Erick Carter and Stephanie Lucarelli being used as foils? Melhor Leonor’s Naples Daily News report on Southwest Florida Citizens Alliance’s School Board forum on Marco Island included a very interesting comment: “The seats appearing on voters’ ballots later this year are currently held by board members Kathleen Curatolo and Julie…

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SCOTUS is NOT the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution, the STATES hold that power!

This entry is part 10 of 11 in the series Constitutional Insights

The Supreme Court of the United States is NOT the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution, the STATES hold that power. How does it make any sense that part of the federal government holds the authority to determine the power of the whole? It makes NO SENSE and as a matter of fact James Madison has told us that in no…

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(2016) Common Core Math by its designer(Zimba) and by Dr James Milgram (math stds. expert)

Common Core math does not prepare a student for STEM colleges or Careers Jason Zimba interacts with Dr. Sandra Stotsky:     Two videos with James Milgram talking about the effects of Common Core: The US is already ranked in the mid-twenties internally with the average student at an 8th grade level. In Florida, the FL DOE just released…

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Open Letter to Collier County Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Tax Payers

Facts are facts! Blind trust is never a good thing. Last year the Collier County School System did a press release tooting its horn that 3 Collier high schools ranked in the top 1000 high schools in the US, based on the annual US News and World Report of the top 2500 high schools. [Click here for full letter and supporting statistics]

School choice scores another legal win in Florida

  School choice scores another legal win in Florida By TRAVIS PILLOW On DECEMBER 8, 2015 School choice supporters won a legal victory in Florida Monday, as they knocked down some of the arguments in a wide-ranging lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the state’s education system. In a bench ruling, Leon County Circuit Judge George Reynolds rebuffed a constitutional challenge of the state’s tax credit…

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Opt Out by Home Schooling! Take back responsibility for your child’s education!

Home schooling occurs when parents take charge of their children’s education — organizing subjects, teaching lessons or arranging for tutors, evaluating progress, and supervising social contacts. Full-time home schooling as a replacement for classroom education is legal in all fifty states, and home schooled children consistently score very highly on standardized tests and other measures of academic performance. Home schooling…

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FLCA Supporters

Supporting Organizations Agenda 21 Alamo Gun Range Alliance for Religious Freedom America Is My Name American Coalition 4 Property Rights Bear Witness Central and Affiliates Campaign for Liberty Celebration GOP Christian Family Coalition Constitution Party of Florida Constitution Project, Inc. Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) Deland 912 Dyslexia, Learning and Support Group FL East Side Tea Party Eastern…

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Home-schooled Students Increase as Concerns over Common Core Remain

Home-schooled Students Increase as Concerns over Common Core Remain By Justin Petrisek  |  Catholic Education Daily,  The Cardinal Newman Society The latest studies show that an increasing number of students are being homeschooled by their parents in order to avoid Common Core, which is found even in many Catholic schools. There is no question that the link is there and…

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Guest Commentary just published in Naples Daily News ( this is my submission to avoid complication on copy-right)

Guest Commentary just published in Naples Daily News ( this is my submission to avoid complication on copy-right) What’s going on in your county?     Most of the general public does NOT understand the impact of proprietary K-12 tests (FCAT, now FSA) and how the state and district grading system deceives parents, business employers and especially new residents. This…

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Florida’s Accountability System is Called into Question

Parents, students, teachers, administrators and other educational leaders across the state have been questioning the validity and benefit of our educational accountability system for years. The high-stakes system uses standardized test scores to evaluate students, teachers and schools, leading to important decisions such as retention, graduation, and even teacher and administrator pay. In May 2015, based on public concern about…

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3rd Grade Parents v. Florida Department of Education

A number of courageous parents have refused all further testing for purposes of promotion. They are demanding that their children be promoted based on the work they did all year long, evidenced by satisfactory report cards or actual portfolios of their children’s work – a more authentic assessment than any single test could possibly be.

What is the role of education, Twenty-First-Century Learning and where does Social Engineering play a role?

What is the role of education? Today there are two main schools of thought. One uses the “factory- conveyor belt” model promoted by John Dewey who is known as the Father of American Education and the other is traditional, equal opportunity, self-directed learning aka: Classical, Classical Liberal Arts, child-directed or Leadership Education. The one size fits all, educational Common Core creation has been decades in the making and is a direct response to the efforts of those social engineers who only adopted the structural model of what John Dewey taught and disregarded the rest.

Trump Budget Reported to Use Title I, Research Aid to Push Choice

President Donald Trump’s full education budget proposal for fiscal 2018 would make notable cuts to the U.S. Department of Education, and leverage existing programs for disadvantaged students and K-12 innovation to promote school choice, the Washington Post reported Wednesday. Trump’s full education funding blueprint would cut $9.2 billion, or 13.6 percent, from the Education Department’s current $68 billion budget, said the report,…

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(2016) OPEN LETTER TO FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL RE: Pornography in our public schools

OPEN LETTER TO FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL Pam Bondi 2/16/2016 Dear Madam Attorney General, “You wouldn’t be such a tease if you were being properly f*****.”  This quote is from the Beautiful Bastard, a 2015 summer reading list recommended for Collier, Lee and Marion County Public School children, beginning with 6th graders. Because the school districts select summer reading material from the same list,…

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Governor Scott signs Burden of Proof(SB128) and Justifiable Use of Force (SB1052)

Florida Action Report! Gov. Rick Scott has SIGNED SB-128 & SB-1052 DATE: June 10, 2017 TO: USF & NRA Members and Friends FROM: Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President Early yesterday evening, Friday, June 9th, Governor Rick Scott SIGNED INTO LAW the two critically important self-defense bills we have been urging him to sign. One, SB-128 Burden of Proof…

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What’s wrong with Common Core – Let’s Count the Ways!

by Palm Beach Activists Chuck and Cathy Harvey Who developed Common Core’s standards? Three private organizations in Washington DC: the National Governors Association (NGA), the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), and Achieve, Inc.—all funded for this purpose by a fourth private organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. [1] Due to the financial crises 2008/2009, all of the…

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K-12 Schools Are Choosing Mediocrity Over Excellence

By Will Fitzhugh Publisher of the Concord Review In the fifties, I think it was, there was a science fiction novel, my copy of which has disappeared, by, I think, Charles Eric Maine, called High Vacuum. The idea was that in teaching cadets in the space program about the dangers of vacuum to their survival in space, it was useful to have…

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Now she is my kind of teacher!!!!

There is a great lesson here that the students at Little Rock High School will never forget. I would presume also that most students would never have given this a thought. In September of 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a History teacher at Robinson High School in Little Rock , did something not to be forgotten….

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23 Ways Big Government is Hurting the Poor by Daren Bakst

Advocates for big government often equate expanding government with concern for the poor. But reality speaks to the contrary: Expanding government often has very harmful effects on the poor. This reality is precisely what is addressed in a forthcoming special report from The Heritage Foundation, “Big Government Policies That Hurt the Poor and How to Address Them.”  [Full Article]

Resources > Common Core > District Tools > FL County High School Grades 2014-2015

These county reports for 2014-15 are essential to convincing your local legislators there is a disastrous problem with our school system. Each chart demonstrates the huge gap between our failing FL School Districts and the top 20 high schools in FL and the MA top 20 …. best in the nation.

Resources > Common Core > District Tools > FL County High School Grades 2015-2016

These county reports for 2015-16 are essential to convincing your local legislators there is a disastrous problem with our school system. Each of these reports compares the national proficiency results for reading, math and college readiness from the well-respected US NEWS and WORLD REPORT BEST HIGH SCHOOLS (on the left) to the self-serving proprietary Florida grading system.

FL Department of Education K-12 School Grades from FL Proprietary self-serving grading system

The post contains the school grades by county for every FL Public School for past 3 years and the District Grades for 2016.     School Grades 2015-16 School Grades 2014-15 School Grades 2013-14 District Grades for 2016 We have also created a comparison for each county of the high school reading , math proficiency and college readiness scores from…

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USF and NRA Director Marion Hammer- says “it ain’t over ’till it’s over”

March 8th by Marion Hammer Florida Report: Sen. Anitere Flores Turns on Law-abiding Gun Owners SB-646 Open Carry and SB-616 Courthouse Carry by Sen. Greg Steube were both scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, between 4:00-6:00pm. However, when SB-616, the first of the two bills came up, committee member Sen. Anitere Flores…

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RE-Collier School Board Candidate Lucarelli: Does this demonstrate the ethics and financial acumen to be managing Collier School Board’s $1 Billion Budget?

Lucarelli Foreclosure Documentation: Does this demonstrate the ethics and financial acumen to be managing Collier School Board’s $1 Billion Budget? The above link is a foreclosure filing on Stephanie Lucarelli’s current home and primary residence. As you can see from the attached, the complaint alleges that Mrs. Lucarelli and her husband have been living in the million plus home rent/mortgage payment…

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July 13th: Collier Board of County Commission Forum for District 2

There will be table space available to all candidates who can come for handing out materials and to participate in the Meet and Greet. Naples July 13th, 6:30 PM, County Commission Forum for District 2 Covenant Presbyterian Church of Naples, 6926 Trail Blvd, Naples, FL  34108 (Click here for PDF with more details)

(2015) The Religious and Political Indoctrination of our Children- a must watch video

This is an excellent must watch 10 minute video for every parent and grandparent. The Religious and Political indoctrination of our children by Pearson, PLC- a British Company that now controls and delivers over 80% of all k-12 instructional materials in the US.

(2015) Email Letter exchange over Math between Collier Parent and School Board Member – Roy Terry

Email Letter exchange between a Parent in Collier County and a Collier School Board Member, Roy Terry, who is in denial of the facts. In 1992, California implemented new Math standards authored by a man named Phil Daro.  Four years later, California had dropped from the middle of the pack to 49th in the country. So, the California State Board of…

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2017 ~ Collier Textbook Review ~ grade: UNK ~ History & Social Studies ~ “Understanding Economics 18th” ~ 2018 ~ isbn 780076681402

Team/Last Name of Reviewer: Kelly/Doyle
Publisher/Exact Title of Publication/Year Published: McGraw-Hill/Understanding Economics 18th/2018

SWFL Residents Please Read And Share. News Media Bias Is Unacceptable!

On June 12, NDN published Beth Povlow’s commentary “Collier textbook opposition, a curious agenda”. Her commentary contained many errors, distortions, half-truths and omissions – just like the textbooks she defends. Unfortunately, NDN decided not to publish our rebuttal to Ms. Povlow’s distorted and factually-inaccurate commentary. Was this collusion? You decide.

June 22 Update on Our David and Goliath Fight to Protect Our Children from Indoctrination

The frustrating news is that on June 13, Collier Circuit Court Judge Shenko denied our emergency injunction. The good news is he actually improved our odds by refusing to let our side present its evidence and then basing his ruling on the faulty school board’s summary brief. We will press forward! We have a clear strategy, which will be unveiled as the case plays out. Stay tuned!


PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSES $1.3 BILLION BID-RIGGING SCANDAL Video.   Editorial Comment: This is the 4th in a series of Project Veritas  videos regarding corruption with the National Textbook companies and Common Core.  Pearson, PLC has been buying up its competitors and is now the “Big Dog” controlling over 80% of all Textbook and on-line k-12 instructional materials in the US….

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_Post written by C. Hamilton Boone at March 19, 2017 7:57 pm_________________ Parents ROCK Brevard, (Right Of Choice for Kids) is a volunteer group consisting of parents, grandparents, relatives and citizens. ROCK’s focus is having parent centered decisions once again key in all educational issues, especially teaching materials and policies.   Many parents and citizens are exasperated by many aspects of their school district…

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How to opt out of High stakes tests

These may be some helpful and informative documents if are are considering Opting your child out of Florida’s FSA High Stakes Test.   As you consider the alternatives, we urge you to assess several facts: The FSA has never been validated. The Florida Legislature commissioned a “Bogus Validation Study” in the summer of 2015. Here is a press release and link…

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Updated Summary of Federal ESSA and SEL by Karen Effrem, Education Liberty Watch

Call to action for local County Education Watch dog teams. This is an updated summary by Karen Effrem of issues and false claims for Every Child Succeeds Act, Pre-School Development Grants and the concerns with Social Emotional Learning Standards, Assessments and Programs.

“FL Legislative Petition #1” Contest: Official Rules


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Local Fake News?- you decide:Teaching of evolution, climate change at stake in Byron Donalds’ bill

The title has no relevance to the companion bills filled in the FL House and Senate  for Instructional Materials bills HB989 and SB1210: “Teaching of evolution, climate change at stake in Byron Donalds’ bill” but here  it is for you to decide! It’s been more than three years since a school board meeting in Volusia County was cancelled after a…

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If you want to stop the indoctrination of our children, Sign up here!

Invitation to make a difference- We proved it when Gov. Scott signed our HB989. But this is only the beginning! This is your invitation to get certified in k-12 Textbook adoption assessment hosted by Truth in Textbooks ( previously Truth in Texas Textbooks). Sign up for this certification on-line training starting August 1, 2017. To be accepted, YOU must complete…

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Our David And Goliath Fight To Protect Florida’s Children From Indoctrination Continues Via Appeal

Status of the Collier County Lawsuit: July 12, 2017 (current action): Florida Citizens Alliance and 3 Collier Parents filed an appeal in Florida 2nd Court of Appeal.

Teachers Have Mixed Feelings on Common-Core Math, Survey Says

A recent survey from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute shows teachers have varied feelings about Common Core math. According to the survey, a whopping 85 percent of teachers surveyed agree that parents don’t understand the new way math is being taught, so the reinforcement of learning math in the home is declining. In addition, findings from the survey include that just…

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Resources > Common Core > Experts > Websites And Leaders In Stop Common Core Movement

Here are some terrific links to websites and leaders in the “Stop Common Core” movement, including both national and local Florida experts.

Embrace Change and Create a New Educational Standard

It’s easy for us to suggest that instead of fighting for sustaining a model that is increasingly dysfunctional and counterproductive, why not embrace the change and create a new educational standard? The way children learn is simple, and it’s classical. In child development circles it is common knowledge that it’s ONLY PARENTS who can lead a child into a love of learning paradigm and instill good character development, not the “experts”!

(2015) Parent letter to Collier School Board with specific examples of failed methodologies

Parent letter to Collier School  Board with specific examples of failed methodologies and dramatic downward outcomes in Countries that are using Common Core Math Dear School Board,   As you are aware students, parents and teachers are not happy with your decision to adopt and now to continue with the failed investigations math curriculum and related instructional materials.  See, for…

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(CANCELLED) July 13th: Combined Legislative Forums for Florida House and Senate

Due to Candidate conflicting events and availability, we are canceling the July 13 Legislative Forum for Florida House and Senate at the Covenant Presbyterian Church. In its place — same time and church, we will be hosting a Collier Board of County Commission Forum for District 2. There will be table space available to all candidates who can come for…

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Picture of KrisAnne Hall

VIDEO: Nov 16 and 17th 2016 KrisAnne Hall Appearances

KrisAnne Hall (Constitutional Attorney, Author, Speaker, Radio Host) made two appearances in Naples, FL recently, and we were fortunate enough to procure a video recording of each presentation (videos embedded below). Wisdom and truth all in one amazing package! Everyone who has heard KrisAnne before knows what an exciting and inspiring educator she is! She truly brings the words of our…

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Exclusive: Uncommon costs

Exclusive: Uncommon costs By: Claude Solnik April 23, 2015 19 Comments More than 80,000 students on Long Island and twice that number state-wide gathered in auditoriums, gymnasiums, libraries and classrooms for three days last week – neither to take tests nor to learn something new. Meanwhile, others toiled over lengthy tests designed to evaluate teachers more than the students taking them. They…

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Hear Speaker Richard Corcoran Oct. 17, 2017: Florida’s Blueprint for Freedom Tour

Speaker Richard Corcoran continues to be a real champion of education reform and our 2nd Amendment God-given rights–issues FLCA works very hard to advance. Speaker Corcoran was a strong supporter of Rep. Byron Donalds’ Instructional Materials HB 989 and the driving force behind the transformational education bill HB 7069. Join Americans for Prosperity and hear Speaker Corcoran first hand as part of “Florida’s Blueprint for Freedom Tour”. Light food & refreshments provided.

(2015) Modern World History, 9th grade Teacher Edition Year: 2013 by KOF

Review Template   Author: __Holt McDougal______________________            Publisher:  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing______________________ Publication Title: Modern World History, 9th grade Teacher Edition Year:  _2013____ Reviewer: __Keith Flaugh_– Collier County___________________ Problem: Bias (B), Omission of Fact (OF), Half-Truth (HT), Factual Error (FE)     Page #/Line # Quote/themes Problem Fact & Source 1. First 105 pages Describes the correlation of FL Next Generation…

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Resources > Common Core > Media > Press Release Examples

Here are several examples of Press Releases. We have you something worth while to say to the public use a press release and follow it up with on-air interviews when possible. Also reach out to your local radio shows and build a relationship. Try to get a weekly or frequent invite to be a guest interviewee.

Resources > Common Core > District Tools > School Board And Candidate Analysis


(2015) “The Americans”: multiple authors, Holt and McDougal publishers

The Americans, multiple authors, Holt and McDougal publishers Every Chapter in this book features an American “of the day”. It is told thru the eyes of the featured American and emphasizes the many victims throughout the creation and early history of the US : the victims include women, blacks, Indians, Latinos, poor , etc.  This book highlights that the good…

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