June 22 Update on Our David and Goliath Fight to Protect Our Children from Indoctrination

Florida Citizens’ Alliance and 3 Collier County parents are suing the Collier County School System for buying unacceptable social studies textbooks (details).

The frustrating news is that on June 13, Collier Circuit Court Judge Shenko denied our emergency injunction. The good news is he actually improved our odds by refusing to let our side present its evidence and then basing his ruling on the faulty school board’s summary brief.

We will press forward! We have a clear strategy, which will be unveiled as the case plays out. Stay tuned!

Remember the Bible story of David & Goliath: if David hadn’t enjoined the fight, the outcome was certain. We have enjoined the fight!

Here is a video of one parent’s presentation objecting to one of the textbooks. You can see all the textbook review videos here.

To be very clear, all 6 of these textbooks we are fighting against are on the Florida Dept. of Education approved list. These materials are being adopted in many Florida counties and across the nation’s school districts. Regardless of what county you live in, this case has broad implications for your children and grandchildren.

Please help us continue this important fight.

We do seriously need help

 This is about our children’s future and the future of our Constitutional Republic.

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