2018 FLCA Legislative Update

UPDATED: Feb 9, 2018: added support for HB 909 and SB 1234 in second section below.

In this document we will track what’s going on with legislation associated with our FLCA 2018 Legislative Agenda and it’s 4 main priorities. We will also track several other bills that we’re following. For specific bill details, use the “Legislation” links to the right.

Legislation associated with our 4 main priorities (see agenda link above for more detail on the priorities)

  • Fixing the FL DOE Instructional Materials adoption process.
    • CS/HB 827 (Rep Donalds) has passed its first of two House committee assignments and SB 1644 (Sen Lee) has scheduled for its first of two committee stops next Tuesday, Feb 7th in the full Senate Education Committee.  The bills are not identical.  Each addresses several improvement but we are working with both sponsors to strengthen their bills.
  • “Meet or Exceed Standards” bill
    • These bills were filed by Rep Stone (HB825) and Senator Baxley (SB966). The Chairman of the House Education Committee changed the focus from standards to curriculum and has added the concept to Rep Donalds CS/HB 827 DOE Instructional Materials Bill.  Paraphrasing, this would allow school districts to adopt curriculum the aligns with or is more rigorous than Next Generation Sunshine Standards.
  • Best Practices Financial and Management Systems Accountability.
    • FLCA decided to support Representative Oliva’s broader initiative to improve transparency and financial accountability for all government agencies.  Rep LaRosa  filed  HB 1019 which makes very substantial improvements including school board reporting requirements and requiring the county clerk of courts having oversight for school boards budgets
  • FLCA supports continued expansion of McKay and Gardener Scholarships.
    • Senator Simmons has S 1286 Gardiner Scholarship bill to shore up some of the abuse in the process that FLCA supports.



Here are several other very exciting bills that we strongly support and are following. We encourage Florida residents to follow these bills as well, and to contact their legislators to urge their support (legislative contact links at right).

  • HB 1/SB 1172, Scholarship of Hope by Rep Donalds and Senator Galvano.
    • This is an anti-bulling bill that shifts the control to the parent and victim. FLCA strongly supports these companion bill that will have a profound systemic impact
  • HB 25/SB 1036, Labor Organizations by Rep Plakon and Senator Steube.
    • This bill will have substantive implications for union influence including education unions
  • HJR 1031/SJR194, School Board Term limits.
    • These resolutions if passed by both chambers will appear on the 2018 ballot.
  • HB 909 and SB 1234, Florida Campus Free Speech Bill.
    • Free speech, particularly conservative speech is under attack at campuses across the United States and in Florida. College administrators have banned or strictly limited access of any speaker that does not match up with their far-left views. Last week Florida’s Broward college art professor made a doormat of the American Flag and encouraged students to walk on it. Many of these college whether state schools or private universities, receive substantial government subsidies and benefits. HB 909 and SB 1234 have been proposed to end the higher education trend to muzzle free speech.
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