2017 ~ Collier Textbook Review ~ grade: UNK ~ History & Social Studies ~ “Understanding Economics 18th” ~ 2018 ~ isbn 780076681402

Title: Understanding Economics 18th (2018)
Author: Gary E. Clayton, PhD
ISBN: 978-0-07-668140-2

The CCPS Instructional Materials Review Committee for Social Studies—Economics rationale for selecting this book appears to be based upon ease of navigation, layout, options to simplify reading levels, ELL support, and other process issues. There is no reference to compliance with the requirements set forth in SB 864 and FS 1003.42 included as part of the review rubric. The committee was comprised of 2 Teachers, 1 Academic Coach, 1 Administrator, 1 Community Member, and 1 Parent; there were no students or school board members listed.