2016 legislative Instructional Materials bill SB 1018/HB899

This is the Executive Summary and the actual Instructional Materials “Fix It “Bill that was filed in both the FL Senate and House by Senator Hays and Rep Pilon. The original law was very well intentioned to return the Constitutional authority to the School Board to be responsible for all curriculum used in their district. It was designed to have each school board, in the sunshine, hold public hearings to allow community members to raise objections to text books and materials that contained inappropriate materials.  This Fix It bill closed the loop holes in the original SB 864 passed and signed in 2014. These loopholes watered the law down so much that not one of the 67 Counties implanted the law.

With a lot of hard work from our entire grassroots we were able to get 25 Sponsors and Co-sponsors for this bill in the 2016 legislative cycle. The real genius of the Fix It bill was the legal authority it would have given parents and taxpayers to litigate if School Boards still purchased factually in correct material or material that violated existing Florida laws covering our founding principles and sexually explicit materials. Check out this Myth Buster that debunked the notion of frivolous lawsuit.

Also, included here, is an updated 2016 11 page report of political and religious indoctrination, revisionist history, Pornography and destructive math pedagogy throughout our k-2 instructional materials used in Florida.

FLCA leadership and local grassroots teams are actively reaching out to all FL Legislators to successfully pass this bill this 2017 cycle. We need you to respectively remind each of them that 2.7 million Florida students, our children and grandchildren, need their aggressive leadership to save their future as productive citizens of our great state.