2016 Accomplishment Highlights

The following is a list of some of FLCA’s accomplishments in 2016:

  • We expanded our reach:  we now have over 8,000 “K-12 local control of education” activists and 20,000 “2nd Amendment preservation” activists in our databases, as well as over 80 grassroots groups.
  • FLCA education curriculum bills were filed in both houses which amassed 25 sponsors/co-sponsors.
  • FLCA leaders testified before Florida elected officials in Tallahassee to show strong support for “Open Carry” and “Campus Carry” bills.
  • Submitted the Second Amendment Preservation Act.  Though it did not pass, we identified that the issue is within the Florida Senate and will help us sharpen our strategy for 2017.
  • We added a new member to our leadership team: Patti Cohen mentors parents on alternative choices to public schools, including home schools, umbrella schools, etc.
  • We created and regularly distributed dozens of easy-to-use-and-share “Action Alerts” to allow our database members to have a voice in the Florida House & Senate.
  • We made a $15,000 investment in website expansion and improvement, with specific emphasis on creating a valuable resource library for county “watchdog” teams.
  • We grew our number of county watchdog teams from 2 to 7.
  • We developed and executed a proven process for vetting  local candidates based on issues & constitutional principles.  We held 12 Collier/Lee county candidate forums, and 7 other counties used our issue/constitutional surveys.
  • Over 20 local county teams participated in post-election “Legislative Delegation Hearings”.