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After admitting to the mess it made with Common Core State Standards, Gates is moving on with a brand new experiment to reform education in America. Gates, a consummate Technocrat, wants “to see faster and lasting change in student achievement.” The globalist meddling continues! Don’t take your eye off this ball!

Bill Gates

Current Status: The Collier School Board had 30 days from the date of our filing (8/12) to file their appeal details. Their due date corresponded to the arrival of Hurricane Irma. The courts were closed as a result of the hurricane, and we have not heard anything from them at this point.


We are at the critical next step with this appeal to the FL 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals and need to raise an additional $5-6k immediately! We have exhausted the $17.1k donations to-date. 


Status of the Collier County Lawsuit: July 12, 2017 (current action): Florida Citizens Alliance and 3 Collier Parents filed an appeal in Florida 2nd Court of Appeal.

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Collier School Board Lawsuit

We are fighting adoption of textbooks that are indoctrinating our Collier County children, but these textbooks are on the Florida Department of Education “approved” list, so they are likely to be used in your county’s public schools as well.

Please, help us fund this effort!

#FF0000 Raised 18,560 $ towards the 40,000 $ target.

You can make a donation here.

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Because of you, Governor Scott signed into law the Stand Your Ground “Burden of Proof” SB 128 Immunity bill and the “Justifiable Use of Force” SB 1052 bill. Your actions have borne fruit, and we will continue to fight for your Second Amendment rights. There is much work ahead. Stick with us and stay tuned!

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99% of all Florida textbooks are supplied by Pearson, McGraw-Hill and Houghton. What’s in your school? These video clips highlight just SOME of the problems with these materials. Use the arrows to navigate through the clips.

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Flores Declares War on Gun Rights

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