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We have begun gathering and organizing Instructional Materials (IM) reviews for various counties.  As time goes on, more reviews and more counties will be added.

Statewide Priority Actions & Info

This is an extremely important event here in Collier County, but also for any Florida county in the future. If you’re in Southwest Florida, we need you at this meeting! The “Collier County Dems” organization has put out a call to all “Collier Democrats”, urging them to be at this meeting. THIS IS NOT A PARTISAN ISSUE. IT IS ABOUT OUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE, following FLORIDA LAWS and adopting FACTUAL, UNBIASED TEXTBOOKS that are not used to indoctrinate our children. We need a large turnout and your collective voice to adopt ONLY the highest quality textbooks!

Send a message to Governor Rick Scott to tell him it is long past time to break the establishment’s strangle-hold on our struggling k-12 education system, and put our kids and teachers first! The success of his JOBS program depends on it… and so do our children!” Urge him to sign CS/HB 7069 today!

With your strong support, we have been working on this K-12 Instructional Materials bill for 2 years. You, the Florida House, and the Florida Senate have gotten us here. Now it’s time for Governor Scott to score a win for the kids of Florida by signing this bill into law! It’s the final handoff, the last play of the game.

SB128 (which is awaiting Governor Scott’s signature), provides the remedy to a vexing little exception to the rule of “presumed innocence”, a bedrock principle of American justice since the founding of the nation.

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Introduction to Florida Citizens' Alliance

K-12 Education: House Bill 989 & Senate Bill 1210

Flores Declares War on Gun Rights

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