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Patti CohenSeveral months ago Florida Citizens’ Alliance proudly announced the addition of a new, major contributor to FLCA website content.

Patti Cohen is FLCA’s expert on educational alternatives and options.  Patti’s wealth of knowledge and experience makes her an invaluable source of information and ideas — not only to FLCA, but to anyone who wants to know more about educational options and alternatives. Even if you plan to keep your children in government schooling, there are options you should be aware of.  Educate yourselves to ensure a better education for your children!

Check out Patti’s suggestions and contact her here.

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Common Sense, Not Common Core!

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Potentially Dangerous Comments from Secretary of Education John King A recent article in The New American highlights some unsettling remarks about homeschooling from Obama’s controversial Education Secretary, pro-Common Core activist John King.…
Florida parents are being forced to resort to lawsuits to protect their children! And we, the taxpayers are paying for both ends of the resulting lawsuit. THIS IS HUGE!! Read details…

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Open Carry and Campus Carry died in the 2016 Florida Senate The villains are Senate President Andy Gardner and Judiciary Chair Diaz de la Portilla, but the other 38 senators…
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Common Sense, not Common Core!

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